Written by Stephen

2 May 2018

Sally had got out of bed to go to the bathroom to clean up, but watching her ample arse disappearing through the door made me feel horny again. I followed her into the bathroom as she was getting a pack of wipes out, which I assumed was to clean up the mess I had made in her pussy. I reached out to slap her arse sharply, which made her squeal and it seemed she was about to turn on me, so I ordered her not to do that as I may need a juicy pussy later if I wanted to fuck her arse.

I was just thinking ‘did I really say that’ when she turned round with a really wicked smile on her face and said “oh you are a very naughty man” and I grabbed hold of her tits to start mauling them roughly. I grabbed her and turned her to face the door, slapping her arse sharply again, and telling, no ordering, her to get back in the bedroom. When we got there, I told Sally I wanted her to suck my cock, although I was slightly surprised when I pushed her to her knees to find that my erection was growing rapidly. She sucked me, I forced my cock into her mouth and made her deep-throat me, I felt slightly guilty when I allowed her up for air and she was practically crying and gasping for breath.

I knew I was just performing a role, like an actor really, so I decided to do it again, this time holding her head even more firmly so I could thrust myself deep into her throat. When I allowed her up for air again, it crossed my mind that I had gone too far, but she wasn’t asking me to stop, so I threw her on the bed and climbed up astride one of her thighs so I could maul her tits. I grabbed hold of the nipples, pinching them sharply so I could waggle her ample tits about, which I found quite fun. She gasped in apparent pain, but I was on a roll, so I carried on with the rough treatment.

Sitting astride her thigh, my knee was forced against her pussy and I could feel her squirming, apparently to increase the friction. I reached down to slip two fingers into her pussy, and found she was so wet, it wasn’t just the remnants of my sperm, she was absolutely creamed with her own juices. I told her I wanted to fuck her arse, it felt slightly strange as I had never tried anal sex even with my wife, so I had no experience to call upon, but I thought I must have sounded very confident, assertive even.

I used some of the lubrication from her cunt to transfer down to her arse, slipping a finger inside to ensure she was well lubricated, before rolling her over onto her front, and climbing astride her thighs. I was quite surprised that Sally was telling me very positively she wanted me in her arse – “yes, that’s right, fuck my bum …… I want it in my arse …… I want your lovely cock in my bum”. I had assumed (not that I had thought too much about it in advance) that it would be easy as I am not that well-endowed, but I seemed to be poking about in the dark and not achieving very much. After a few minutes, Sally told me to get off so she could take charge – very assertive, I thought I was supposed to be the one in charge.

She had me lay on my back, while she climbed astride me, reached behind her to line me up and slowly lowered herself on. It felt a little tight, her sphincter seemed to be resisting my assault, but all of a sudden she seemed to pop open and I was inside her bum. She was determined to get herself fully-impaled and by the time my scrotum was pressed against her arse crack, I was ready to take back the assertive role. I began to gently fuck her arse, steadily picking up the pace until she started to orgasm.

It took quite some time before I started to feel the sap rising, during which Sally was obviously feeling quite uncomfortable, but I carried on, knowing I had to get used to treating her roughly. By the time I spurted my seed inside her anal cavity, Sally seemed almost relieved, but she nonetheless said it had been fantastic. She rolled off and lay beside me gasping for breath, which I assumed signalled she had had enough. I asked her whether I had been rough enough, and she said we could work on that another time.

Sally rolled over to kiss me passionately, she said she had decided when her husband died she would have no need for sex again, but had since realised that life alone could be different, but just as satisfying. She said she had got to nearly 55 years of age to find out what it was like to have a man up her bum and she was amazed she had not tried it before. When I said it was a first for me too, she looked at me open mouthed, and I said perhaps there were other new things we could enjoy together. As we got dressed, Sally said she thought I would need several more lessons on how to be assertive and dominate a woman, which I said I would look forward to.

As I walked home I pondered that slapping Sally about had been something very new to me, and if I’m honest I didn’t really enjoy it, but I had to persevere if I was going to achieve what Jessie wanted from me.