Written by lucky old man

23 Jun 2011

Some time back I told you about my next door neighbour Lyn and her friend. I had been fucking my neighbour for a few years and she spilt the beans to her friend who then called round and insisted that I fucked her too. Lyn found out and we ended up in a 3sum and with the girls playing with each other as well. Well the situation has carried on since on an irregular basis but on Tuesday things changed again. Lyn and her friend and their spouses are in Cyprus on holiday but Lyn's son (19) and daughter (22) are looking after the house. Well June the daughter knocked at my house at 11am yesterday to say she had left her keys in the house and her brother was not due home until 7pm so she was locked out and could she stay in ours until he got home. I said yes of course and so we started chatting. After a while she said she had a problem with her mother and could I advise her and so I said i would try. Apparently she had overheard her mother talking on the phone to her friend and it was obvious that her mother was having sex with another man and her friend was involved as well. I tried to look astonished but I started to get a hard on. At this point I would point out that June is about 5'3" slim with a pretty face and small tits (just like her mum!.)I asked if she was sure and that maybe her mum was just joking. No she said I know it is true because her mums friend has form for that kind of thing!! Then she said it is you that is fucking my mum is'nt it? I was stunned and was lost for words. She said I do not mind as my Dad is a boring old fart and I am glad that mum is having some fun. I shruuged my shoulders and said "I do not know what to say". At that she stood up and said she was feeling randy and maybe I could show her what made her mum so happy. I started to stammer but she started taking off her top and she was bra less and slid down her skirt and she was pantie less!! My hard on started to hurt me as it struggled in my jeans. "I know you want me you dirty old goat " she said as she undid my belt and dropped my jeans. She starte sucking my cock and I thought I was going to cum there and then but I raised her head and pushed her down on the rug and started eating and fingering her pussy. She started to suck me again but my concentration was on her cunt and the sucing was pleasant but not likely to make me cum. She did cum and was moaning with delight. I then got her to kneel whilst I fingered her cunt and started rimming her. I gently probed her arse with a finger that was wet from her cunt juices. Her bum hole gradually eased and I was fingering both holes at once which she was loving. I putb loads of spit on my cock and pushed it gently at her bum hole. Now this is where guys like me with 6" slim cocks score because yes it is quite big for a bum hole but not too big that it cannot be taken quite quickly and therefore does not hurt that much before the in and out strokes start in ernest. So it proved and I fucked her arse until I came as her arse cheeks gripped my cock. Once I came I carried on until I started to shrink and finally fell out. I then turned her over and made her suck my cock. She was trying to call me a dirty bastard but literally choked on her words. I put us into a 69 and she reacted to my eating her swollen cunt and fingering her arse again. I eventually came a bit more and we swopped cum orally. WE continued to play with each other whilst I told her about what her mum and her friend and I got up to. After a while she asked me to fuck her cunt from behind and to finger her arse at the same time. I obliged and came again. I licked out her cunt and we swopped juices again. I was spent and told her I would need time to recover and she laughed and said well I am seeing some friends later so I will go home and get changed. I said and your keys? Oh I lied I just wanted to see what my mum was raving about. I burst out laughing and just said I hope I passed the test. Oh I dont know about that she said I will have to try again later this week. I just smiled and said anytime.