Written by primelens

19 Jun 2010

This is a true story, which I have only just discovered. I am so shocked ? Surprised? That the only thing I could think to do was relate the whole thing to S.H. as soon as possible.

Where to start ? Jane and I married as teenagers and have been married for more years than I choose to remember. Jane has weathered much better than myself and people often take her for 10 years younger than she actually is. She is good looking ,dresses smartly and though she has gained a few extra pounds will still turn heads.

Neither of us were sexually experienced when we married and to be honest she was never very adventures sexually.

However once the children had left home and she had more time to herself , with a little encouragement she blossomed sexually and where many men had problems with wives that were loosing interest Jane began to enjoy sex a lot more.

In the bedroom she became much more daring and I was always keen to introduce her to new pleasures most of which she relished.

However there was one area which I was unable to persuade her to partake in and that was to have sex with another man. Try as I might she would not agree.

We talked about the situation and Jane could see that I was very keen for her to go ahead and she came up with a solution. She refused to go ahead with what I suggested but in the bedroom she would recount imaginary tales of her exploits and found that I could hardly contain myself with her confessions. As time went on she became very good, giving lots of detail of her exploits and would often coincide her tale with current goings on in our life. So for instance if we had a visit from a double glazing salesman for a quote, then Jane would soon recount to me how he had taken advantage of her.

A couple of years ago Jane worked in the office of a new local company who specialised in computer soft wear. It employed about 20 staff, it was the dotcom boom, and they were doing very well. For the xmas party they hired a small hotel for the evening, with a lavish dinner and plenty of drink all on the company. To be honest I found the people quite boring and declined to go, which wasn’t a problem as Jane was happy to attend with a girl she worked with who’s husband was unable to go. Some people had been allocated rooms for the night but I agreed to collect both girls at the end of the evening.

On the night Jane was dressed very nice and I dropped them of at the hotel. It did turn out to be a lot latter than I had expected before I received a call to do my taxi bit, in fact it was gone 3am but it was xmas after all.

I have to admit that I was giving her a bit of space but every thing was fine when I collected them.

The following night Jane was very appreciative of my taxi service and recounted a very graphic story which soon had me ready to explode inside her.

Her story was as follows.

Jane and her friend Ann arrived and were soon seated for the meal, Jane found herself seated between the MD Alex and the Finance manager John. The meal was very good and much wine and champagne flowed, Jane is not much of a drinker and was careful not to over do things though she was enjoying the attention of both men. After the meal they all went to another room where there was a disco, at this point Jane found Ann and they were in her words both wallflowers while the youngsters danced the night away. They were not left alone for long however and were soon persuaded to get up and dance. As the evening progressed they were provided with more than enough champagne and enjoying every second. Soon they had lost track of time and Jane lost sight of Ann. She was however the centre of attention for Alex and John. Each took it in turn to dance with her and soon their hands started to stray. As each dance stopped she was given another drink and again led onto the dance floor. By now it was late and some people had left ,both men were quite blatant with their pawing of Jane and though she was enjoying the attention was concerned that others would see and talk about her conduct, so she made her excuses and went looking for the toilets. On finding them she discovered that they were engaged, by now she needed the loo and after asking a member of staff was told that there was another up the stairs and along the landing. Following their directions Jane soon found it.. However when she came out she was confronted by Alex, who had obviously been watching her and had waited for his opportunity.

Alex was soon all over her and, so she tells me, ushered her along the landing, Jane looked around and could see no one watching, Alex squeezed her bum and led her to a door which he soon had open.

Jane found herself in a bedroom, a very luxurious bedroom, she was in her words feeling very naughty, the champagne and attention were beginning to take affect, in truth she was enjoying the situation.

On the table was a bucket of ice with champagne and she was soon furnished with another glass. Alex began to run his hands across her breasts and down over her hips, teasing. Jane began to feel her nipples harden with excitement. Alex ran his hands over her hips and she closed her eyes, slowly his hands raised her dress as he stroked her stocking tops and suspenders, by now she was lost. Alex turned her around and leaned her forward across the bed, she heard a sound behind her but took little notice until she could feel a pair of hands lifting her dress to expose her bottom while at the same time her breasts were being teased by other pair of hands. Opening her eyes she found John on the bed in front of her and she realised that both of them were present. By now she was too far gone and became a willing play thing for them both. Soon they had her stripped to her underwear which was white Basque and stockings they did insist that she keep her high heels on. Her tits were then released from her Basque and John picked a piece of ice from the bucket and played it over her nipples at the same time Alex had removed her panties and was playing with her swollen pussy. John knelt on the bed and offered his cock to her and she didn’t hesitate in taking it in her gorgeous mouth. Then they changed places and Alex’s cock was given the same treatment. They teased and tormented her until she was begging for a cock. Then they laid her across the bed, this was what she was waiting for, but before she knew what was happening her eyes were covered with a blindfold. By now she admitted that she was gagging for it and past caring. Then something was placed in her hand, feeling with both hands she suddenly realised that it was a very large dildo and they wanted her to use it. By now all shame had gone and she eased it into her very wet pussy and began to work it. As she did so her excitement began to rise as she began to respond. Again a cock was at her lips and she sucked it eagerly while her nipples were being teased by another, soon she came for the first time. Her dildo was taken away and she was turned onto her knees as she felt a cock enter her. Before long she climaxed again and felt the cock go limp inside her and it was offered up to her mouth for rejuvenation. Just as she thought she was finished she felt her legs once again being parted and she jumped with fright as she felt a veritable monster waiting for entry as she realised that it mist be Alex and she had not seen his cock. Though she was still excited she was worried that she would be able to accommodate such a member. Slowly she eased her way backwards onto it and bit by bit she accommodated it. Alex started slowly and once she was comfortable he increased his pace until she was almost screaming. She came, in her words like an express train.

Once his cock slipped out she lay back panting, they removed the blindfold and she went to the bathroom to clean up.

When she returned they put her in bed and joined her ,one on either side. She asked for the blindfold again and they took it in turns to bring her to orgasm each one resting while the other played with her. She lost count of the times she came, eventually she drained them both, dressed and phoned for me to pick her and Ann up, I assume Ann had a similar story but do not know the details.

This, along with others has been one of Jane’s best stories for our bedroom fantasies and it never fails to excite me as only she knows how, great storyteller.

We are at present in the middle of moving house and as you will imagine a lot to pack. Jane has been away for a couple of days and said she would finish the loft packing on her return, but being the good husband I decided to do it for her.

One box was pushed away in a dark recess, on recovering it I found it full of papers. Taking it downstairs I began to sort through it and found to my shock, amazement, delight ? That it contained a detailed diary and sets of prints. On examination the diary contained a very detailed description of Jane’s secret sex life including a full account of her xmas party and even more damming a collection of prints which show Jane being undressed in a bedroom, playing with a very large dildo, sucking a pair of cocks and with her impaled on each cock and obviously enjoying every moment.

I am delighted for her that she had such an experience but am at a loss as to what to do now. Do I return them and say nothing, do I confront her, and perhaps more interesting, how many of her other “stories” are based on fact ?