Written by Lipspreader8

2 Jun 2015

Well I was talking to a bloke from this site. Where I invited him to a house I have brought that I am doing up. When he arrived, we both stripped naked and I put on my blindfold then laid back on the bed and waited for him to play with me and have his pleasure.

He started to run his hand up my leg till he got to my cock and started playing with me. Hand then mouth, this went on for about five minutes then it stopped? for about a minute, nothing.

Then his cock was put against my lips, which dually opened to receive him, which he slipped further in my mouth. Then his lips enclosed round my cock his hand gently massage it and his mouth sucking me.

His cock gently pushing inside my mouth, with the weight of his body gently easing himself deeper in my mouth, pulling back slightly then just pressure again just gently repeating gently fucking my mouth.

I couldn't stand it any more and I came at his hands. To my surprize he took his cock from my mouth and came round the other side of the bed and held my cock and wanked himself and me till he came all over my cock and rubbed it all in. I took the blindfold off and couldn't see till my eyes adjusted to the brightness and cleaned myself up, he got dressed and thanked me and left. I went for a nice shower and got dressed.

Thank you if you read this you will know who you are.