Written by merrydale

1 Aug 2014

I entered the bedroom as we had arranged, I had to be late, she was in he purple bra, stockings with suspenders, he was naked her hand was wrapped around his cock busy stroking. Seeing me she broke the kiss and told me to get undressed and returned her tongue to his mouth.

I did as she asked and stood watching whilst wanking my cock. By this time her bra was off and his hands and mouth were all over her tits. She sank back on the bed, he eased her thong out of the way and put his mouth to her pussy,I moved next to her head and she began giving me her mouth and tongue.

He moved up and kissed her so she would taste her pussy on his mouth.She told us to kneel either side of her head and took a cock in each hand and sucked us one at a time and then took both heads in her mouth at once.M lovely wife told me to lie back on the bed whilst she knelt over me sucking me, with her arse in the air I watched as he moved behind her and sank his cock deep into her cunt and fucked her hard and long.I saw as his body tensed and he shot his hot cum into her.This was too much for me and I shot my own cum far and wide.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, thanks