Written by brenda

11 Feb 2007

reading some of the stories on here reminded me of an experience I had with my first boyfriend wayback in 1969, tommy worked in a car plant on merseyside and he was always bringing blue films home, we would watch them and usually end up shagging on the rug in front of the fire, once we went on a works day out to rhyl in north wales we did the usual things had our dinner in a cafe had a few drinks and went on the fair, we walked along the prom and over a small blue bridge into the next town by this time tommy was bursting for a pee , we came across a little toilet block and tommy went in, I sat on a wall outside, tommy came out and told me their was a hole in the wall in the cubicle and a man was wanking in their I

was intriuged and he said he,ll keep a lookout while I go in and have a look, I snuck in, it was smelly and the floor was wet, but I went into the cubicle and locked the door I looked through the hole and the man stood up and stood facing me with his cock sticking out then he started to push his cock through the hole, I didnt know what to do I was just about to open the door and run out when I heard another man come in and I could hear him peeing, by now the mans cock was right through the hole and looked really nice so I got hold of it and started to wank it, just then I heard the man who was peeing leave and a minute later I heard a tap on the door , I let go of the mans cock and I heard tommy whisper for me to open the door , he came in and as soon as he seen the mans cock poking through the hole he knelt down and started to suck it, I was shocked I just stood staring at him next the man started to moan and he shot in tommy,s mouth and he swallowed it , then we both snuck out and made our way back to the coach me still in a state of shock, after that I lost interest in him and we eventually finished and went our seperate ways, I eventually met my hubby and we had 4 wonderfull children but after being introduced to s/h and reading the letters it has made me wonder what it would have been like if id married tommy, as my hubby is boring beyond belief he wont even let me go out with a short skirt on or a low top I feel as though ive missed a wonderfull oppertunity in life as most of us do , kaysara sara, this is a wonderfull site if only I could get my hubby interested in it , brenda.