Written by Ted

27 Jan 2011

This happened a couple of years ago, I confess to being a voyeur, have been spying on couples for years on and off, where I live there is a wooded area a few miles away I have used for a long time and know it well, it was summer time lots of cover in the woods and this was a hot day

I got to my favorite place and parked up away from the car park, I waked to where I can see the car park,and waited there was a couple of car dog walkers, as I waited there was another guy I know came over he is like me, we sat there chatting, we have done this together before, and a couple of times we got lucky and watched together, and we have looked after each other when we been excited but thats some els

After an hour, my friend said he have to go, I thought I stay a bit longer,as there has been a couple that gets there later in the afternoon, as time past it didn't look as if I would get lucky,and was going to call it a day, then a car drove in with a guy in it, a short time later in came an other car with a woman in it and parked by the first one

One thing struck me, my wife got a car like that the same color and make, they had parked awkwardly for to see them,if any thing is going happen out side a car it be in the mane wood, so I made my way round knowing they would have to come that way as I got to the trees I cough sight going down a path some way from me, so that would put them ahead of me, by the time I got over they where quite away in front holding hands

The path they where on leads to a clearing that hidden up, so I went another way so I came in from the back and I got there first, so was in position hidden up,the shock I was about to get, I was not at all prepaid for, as they came into view out of the trees, it was my wife, and now I could see it was her boss, I was knocked for six, Brian had a blanket which he put on the ground a few feet away from me, and they both sat on it talking, at first the conversation was whispered, as they seem to relax it got a bit louder I could make most of it out then, Heather was saying its nice to do this out side it a bit naughty, and its safer that going to the house when she don't know where I am working and what I am doing, the penny dropped then she is always asking what I am doing as if she is interested in my work, Brian said its really sexy on a nice hot day like today, so this is not the first time it seems

Heather lays back and Brian leans over and kiss, it a long deep snog as they kiss he is undoing her blouse, he sits up and try to undo her bra which clips in front, in the end she undo it, her large breasts are released, as I watch he sucks each nipple in turn till they stand out stiff, I know how sensitive they are, as she moans, he sits back up, and I

can see her skirt is pulled up to almost her waist,he has a hand between her thighs rubbing over her panties crotch, she lets out little murmurous as she enjoy it,as I look on Heather lifts her bum up and he tugs down her pants, his hand gos back to finger her pussy,she bend her knees and part them, so his got full access,as he gets faster she seem to lift, I can hear her say oh god yes yes, she is arched right up now and gasp out loud she has cum on his fingers

She push him on to his back undoing his shirt and tugging at his flies and pulling his toruses down he kicks them off,he has boxes on which come up to his waist almost there is quite a bulge in them she runs her hand over the outline, my second shock of the day was to come, she is massaging what ever is inside, she take the waistband and pulls them off

I see his cock for the first time, my god it lays over his pelvic and looks as if it gos past his bellybutton, it me that gasp this time, the bloody this is huge,not only long but really fat as well, she puts a hand on it her fingers hardly und it, she rolls the foreskin back it got a even bigger head like a mushroom, Heather gets to her knees with her back to me, I can see her arms moving then her head gos down and bobs up and down his getting a blow job, how the fuck she got that in her mouth I don't know, as she kneel there his hand comes between her thighs, I can see him finger her,they are like that a while

He wants to mount her, she lays on her back as he gets in position between her legs, he in one hand sorter waving it about, I am thinking she never take that,its like his fiddling with her and the end,he is then still, her knees are bent, they move apart as they do he seems to push, there is a groin, I hear her say Christ Brian, oh god, his body is over heres, I can hear his getting up her by the noise she making, her legs have come up into the air and are out stretched, he is in tight between her thighs, and there is no movement he is laying on her,he must of got it right in her they kiss locked together

His bum rise a little then drop back,as they kiss, there lips parted and Heather says that is so fucking big, his not given her a full stock only a few little jerks up to now

He is saying your are so tight, his hand are under her shoulders as his bum come up into the air, then he shoves him self down, as Heather groans, he gives her two or three long deep strokes, he picks up his tempo, she starts to whimper as his rhythm gets faster, as he fucks she try to get her legs round him, but in the end drops her feet flat on the ground and tries to buck under him meeting and taken his thrust,accepting his meat deep in her belly, her tits are wobbling like jelly's, as she get fucked, her nipples are like bullets, she is getting quite vocal as well, she scream as she climax he makes her cum twice, they fuck like that for over ten minutes may be longer, it got to the point he is slamming into her as hard as he can, she seem helpless under him, there are all sorts of animal noises as he furiously fuck her, he stops pushing into her she gasps, he is grunting and twitching on top of her till he finish emptying his balls deep inside her

They lay together for a short time both panting, I can see the sweat on his back, he rolls off her his big dick floppy semi hard still twice the size of mine, I have to slip away before they spot me