Written by tittyrub

15 Oct 2007

Our friendship with Alan continued for many years and after that episode we had several equally exciting nights but our problem was that we could never know when these nights were going to happen, if Alan came round and started to get fresh with Anne

Would make sure that nothing sexy was going to happen that night, if I told her Alan was coming round that Saturday and was she going to wear something sexy then again the opposite would happen and she would go off to bed leaving us wondering what we had done, it really did appear that as far as she was concerned if we were expecting sex of any kind then she would make sure it didn’t happen even if she knew deep down she loved the attention.

She was still the same as she had always been after a session, it would never be discussed or talked about and despite various attempts at different approaches myself and Alan were left stumped, even a blatant did you like the way Alan fucked you last night were met with a short ‘yes’ but it would never go any further. To this day she will not discuss things and the frustration of knowing that when turned on I have this sex goddess in my life is terrible, I don’t know whether it is embarrassment or in the cold light of day she regrets that she let down her barriers the previous night and ‘good’ girls should not do that.

Myself and Alan were working together the week after one of the lucky times when we had again been unexpectedly dragged into the bedroom and fucked solid for 4 hours, driving down to London we both talked about Annes’s lack of communication and if there was any way we could get her to talk, telling Alan my theories on what I believe she felt I said that I didn’t think she would ever be able to be open face to face, and that gave me an idea that was to lead to a great night.

“Why don’t you try texting her” I told Alan, well despite his winning ways with women he is a bit naïve and said that I would have to tell him what to say. So we pulled over and I dictated his first text “ God Anne you were great last night, and I just loved sinking my cock into your warm tight pussy”

We both looked at the text and started to have second thoughts when we decided in for a penny in for a pound and pressed send. “Might well have just blown our chances” I said to Alan as we headed back onto the road. We heard nothing for a couple of hours but Anne must have picked up the text during her lunch break as Alan looked up from his phone when it blipped and told me it was from Anne, we both grappled with the phone before Alan said he couldn’t believe it, well tell me then I urged.

“You horny bugger” he read “ Your cock felt lovely in my pussy and it is welcome to dip in again”

“Fucking hell” we said in unison before quickly dictating another message “ I love the way your tongue licks round my helmet before you take me deep into your mouth”.

Almost straight away one came back “Your cock feels great in my mouth, especially while Paul is sucking on my clit”

We could not believe that she was being so disgusting and the mails continued during the day whenever she was on her break, she was not aware we had been working together and so when I got home I never mentioned anything.

“Have you heard from Alan today” she asked

“No” I replied “why”

“Just curious” she said, the mails continued for another couple of weeks Alan e-mailing me with her responses and me prompting his replies, a couple of times she told me she had received a naughty text from Andy but when I asked what he had said she would just say oh its just him being a tease and she couldn’t remember what he had actually wrote.

Alan then had some good fortune as an insurance policy he had paid out and he asked the two of us if we would like to go out with him, hotel and everything paid for to say thank you for the years of providing grub and a bed at weekends, so hotel was booked with luxurious whirlpool bath etc. Due to the past experiences Alan asked if I thought that Anne would play and being honest I replied that if I could answer that I would be a very rich man, why not use the texts to try and make the evening a success I said, so the week before the night out he upped the level of messages to Anne and we eventually settled on taking a more aggressive approach as it did not seem to be putting her off.

The day before the night away Alan with my help sent her a text saying that we would be going for a Chinese meal before going onto a nightclub, he wanted her to wear a wrap around dress and no knickers or bra with hold ups and high heels, she would sit between us at the meal and he would have free access to her during the meal, she would not be allowed to touch in return unless he agreed, at the club she would dance with us in turn and she would again not resist if we fondled her.

This time he received no reply and we truly thought we had blown it, nothing was said to me even when I asked if she had heard anything from Alan as I hadn’t.

We arrived at the hotel and went to our room where we had a message from Alan that he was already there and would meet us in reception at around 8pm, this gave us a few hours free and we got a bottle and chilled before diving into a deep and hot bath, Anne took time to completely shave her pussy, but this was not unusual so I did not think anything of it.

When we got ready Anne tried on a couple of dresses and I just kept quite as I didn’t want her to have any inkling that I knew what Alan had texted, she eventually settled on the wrap around again nothing unexpected as she looked stunning in it, she had on her hold ups and then put her knickers on, “Bugger” I thought that’s it then, when she suddenly turned this way and that in front of the mirror and said “Do you know, I think you can see my knicker line through this dress, I am going to leave them off”

You could have knocked me down with a feather, horny bitch I thought she just wont admit it but this is really turning her on.

We went down to meet Alan and as we approached I gave him a wink and saw him smile. We walked to the restaurant with Anne between laughing and joking with Alan obviously unaware that I had known all along about the texts, the fact she had been so open with him also seemed to give Alan more confidence as he kept telling her how gorgeous she looked, we got to the Chinese and were shown to our table, At any rate, the booth was at the very back of the restaurant tucked away in the corner with bench seats down two sides of the table and a couple of chairs opposite. I noticed immediately that Anne sat in the corner and myself and Alan sat either side of her, didn't dwell upon this though, and set about scanning the menu for something to eat.

Alan leaned across Anne and said to me I fancy fucking your wife tonight, I must have looked stunned as he leant back and the expected explosion of indignation from Anne never came, she just looked at him and said “You never know your luck”

Have you got any knickers on he asked only to be met with “that’s for you to find out” Bloody hell I thought she is going along with this completely, her dress only had one tie and Alan quietly slid his hand between the material while holding the menu with the other as if he didn’t have a care in the world, Anne was holding on to hers with both hands and visibly tensed when Alan just have slipped a finger inside her pussy as I heard a slurp, she must have been absolutely soaking, “Christ Anne” he said “Your wet, do you want my cock or something” she nodded and then he surprised me by saying “No, I want you to tell me you want my cock” She really was in different area now and with Alan still playing with her she turned and said “I want you to fuck me with your big cock”

The dress wrapped from the right and was tied round the waist so her tits were nicely held up, it also afforded the person on her left of a lovely view of her cleavage, “I want to see your tit” Alan again asked “I can’t” she replied “people might see” “I told you” he said “You have to do as I ask tonight” This was something new and he had obviously sent a text I was not aware of.

Anne sat back as if contemplating her next move and then very slowly she reached to her side and just undid the bow, her dress did not move but now with her free hand she took hold of the edge and pulled it out a little revealing her tit to him, I very nearly came on the spot, she quickly pulled the material back as the waiter approached the table.

Try as I might I could not concentrate upon the menu. The waiter came, a young kid of about twenty, and asked whether we were ready to place our order. "Yes," Anne said, and chose sweet and sour. The waiter nodded, scribbling, and eyed Anne's cleavage openly.

I was used to this. Anne had the kind of tits that even women admired. She was always aware of them and usually wore clothes to hide them nut this time she did nothing to conceal them. My eyes, too, dropped to her half covered tits as the waiter eyed them to unable to think, I simply said I'd have what Anne was having. He nodded and left.

I tried to look unfazed, but Anne lifted the scooped neckline of her blouse away and fanned herself as if warm exposing her tit everytime.I reached out to her breasts, unable to restrain myself, but she cocked her head suddenly, as if hearing something and smoothly closed her dress, but not completely, stopping when the waiter appeared the waiter eyed Anne's breasts, and paused momentarily when he discovered her dress blouse was partially open. From my angle, I was not certain just what the waiter could see. But, from the look on his face, a look of open lust, I was certain he saw the side view of one complete, perfectly up tilted breast.

We eat our meal in complete silence although how Alan managed it with one hand I don’t know and Anne was having extreme difficulty as she kept stopping gasping as Alan found her clit again and again and flicked the button bringing her to the brink but never over the top, Alan whispered in her ear and I saw Annes hand disappear under the table, trying the old ’dropped my fork trick’ I looked under the table and saw Annes hand clasped around his cock gently wanking him off, she was nudging my knee with hers and so I slipped my hand under the table as well, her dress was almost completely open to her crutch and I easily found my way between her legs, her pussy was running with juices and with the excellent service we seemed to be getting from the waiter I assume he must have realised what was happening. Anne tried to gain some composure and I think Alan realised that short of fucking her on the table in front of everyone we had better leave the restaurant.

Anne got up a little unsteady and we made our way out to be greeted by a very chirpy waiter asking if we had enjoyed our evening “Oh its only just started” replied Alan.

Once in the nightclub which was only a short distance from the restaurant we went to the bar and ordered double Bacardi’s and cokes and Anne went to the Toilet to freshen up, “Christ Alan” I said “You were taking a risk back there” “Well” he replied “After the texts I thought we would see just how far she is willing to go when asked”

When Anne came back Alan took her hand and steered her onto the dance floor and danced very close ,his hands running up her back and over her backside as they moved, it was lucky the floor was crowded as I am sure what they were doing out there was illegal in a lot of countries?

We continued to drink though the night alternating dancing with a very flustered Anne who was being felt up at every opportunity during the clinches in the dances, at one time Alan suddenly appeared by my side at the bar “Where’s Anne” I said “I told her to dance with that guy over there who has been watching us for the past half an hour” he said

“Now that’s not part of the plan” I said “Don’t worry “he replied “I just told her to wind the guy up and come back if he gets too strong” We sat back and watched Anne dirty dancing with this guy who must have thought all his wishes had come true, she swayed against him and rubbed herself up and down but whenever he tried to get hold of her she moved discretely out of his reach, at last she came back and excitedly said that was fun, but can we please go back to the hotel as if she didn’t get fucked soon then she might have to ask the guy she had just been dancing with, taking this as a somewhat strong hint we left the club and walked back to the hotel, stopping every now and then to push Anne into a doorway and take turns to snog her and keep her clit nicely hot and sensitive.

On the ride in the lift up to ours rooms on the sixth floor we opened Annes dress until she was stood there in just her shoes and hold ups and told her that when the doors opened she was to walk to the room completely naked, I honestly did not think she would do it, but to her eternal credit she took her dress slung it over her shoulders and strolled down the corridor to our room, thank god no one was around although seeing the CCTV cameras in the corridor the next morning we wondered how many times the tape has been seen.

When we got to the room, the shy wife was certainly not present and we were greeted by Anne laying back on the bed legs spread wide gently rubbing her clit, both Alan and myself quickly stripped and rushed to the bed, Anne indicated she wanted me at the top of the bed and no sooner had I got there than she reached out grabbed me by the prick and pulled me towards her taking me straight into her mouth, she sucked me as if she was starving Alan moved between her legs and grabbed her hips and plunged his dick into her dripping cunt in one swift movement.

As Alan began to pound her hot little box, she responded by sucking harder on my cock. The sight of another man

fucking my wife while she swallowed my dick was driving me to the brink in a big hurry. In no time I was shooting a huge load of cum into my darling wife's mouth. She nearly gagged on it as she pulled away to let some of it splash on her face and in her hair.

As my cock stopped spurting, I found a scarf and tied it around her eyes to keep her from seeing him. Soon I could hear that she was reaching an earth shattering orgasm. As she bucked and moaned, Alan sped up his assault on her cunt and soon jammed his cock deep in her, depositing his cum within her pussy. This sight had the desired effect of getting me hard again. I told her to turn around on the bed, and when she did, Alan grabbed her head and placed his wet semi-hard cock at her lips. She surprised me by not hesitating to take him into her mouth and bathed his cock with her tongue.

As I kneeled behind her I could make out their combined juices running down her thighs, and slipped my dick into

her soaking wet snatch. The feeling of her pussy filled with his cum was different to say the least. I began

fucking her for all I was worth. My balls were slapping against her clit with each stroke.I wet my finger with the cum that was oozing out of her hole, and began to lube up her tight virgin ass. Her only response was to moan even louder than she had been. While I continued to ram my cock into her hot pussy, I slowly inserted a finger into her tight ass. It was kind of weird feeling. I could feel my cock with my finger and the other way around. She made no move to stop me as

I fingered her ass while pounding her cunt, while she sucked Alan's dick like a pro.

She had her second and third orgasms before each of us came for the second time. She collapsed on the bed spent and sore. Alan and me fucked her twice more that night until eventually he quietly left.

The meetings with Alan gradually faded and for those of you who have read the other episodes will know I have never been able to get her to talk about our meets, to get her to tell me what she liked or would like in fact anything sexual is a complete no go for discussion, that was the final part of my story, one that I had hoped would have had many more parts but as those of you who have read the previous parts will be aware this was when my wife had a Hysterectomy and Thyroid problems and the resulting combination of HRT and Thyroxine have killed her libido. We have moved to the Midlands recently and I have even tried using my author name and a well known Hot address thats COMmon to set up a meet with a guy or couple that I could introduce as a friend/client like I did once before and see if over a period of time we could re-ignite those flames but it appears most people just want the quick shag scenario where I would value friendship as well. So if anyone can think of how I get a extremely attractive woman to enjoy sex again then please feel free to give advise.