Written by M31F21

9 Jul 2012

Hi this is sometihng we have discussed on a number of occsasions and hope to make it a reality very soon...

As you may have read our Dogging in Clent was a real story and we will be going back hopefuly this week.

However we have discussed my GF meeting a close friend of mine and have mentioned him in the bedrooma and how id like to see her tease me and play with him. How i would like to watch her stroke his cock and give him head while i watch and perhaps video it.

It all started when i sent him a few pictures of her as she is very happy to pose for me in different outfits being only 21 she looks great as a school girl and i have also took pics of her very sexy ones in the Maid outfit and cheerleader outfit which she actually wore the night we wnet to clent.

I sent him a few pics to open the idea of a potential 3some, i then sent her the copied texts i recieved back from him, this excited her more and she became very horny at the idea of a close friend of mine wanking over her pics and at the thought of her filthy messages to me, which by this point i was forwarding onto him.

As the days have gone on it has become more sexual and she keeps liking the idea more and more each day of him joining us. Watching us play and filming us, she loves the idea of leaving the door open so he can watch and then come in.

Today she gave me the best idea of yet, to blidnfold her and tie her to the bed while i tease her go down on her and well im thinking this is the ideal time for him to join us and let him go down on her instead before we each get either side of her, kiss her from both sides play with her nipples and both of us finger her and explore her.

while i know she wants two cocks badly im excited at the idea of seeing her with him. sharing her and maybe spending the night all three of us in bed her in the middle and swapping her over between us all night. I want to have her give me head while he gets behind her and enters his big cock inside her as i watch in the mirror and see her spit roasted for the first time.

Tonight she asked me to arrange for him to come over and im hoping something happens, maybe ill start by kissing her and playing with her in full view and he can join in. He is not in the dark about this by no means we have been planning and plotting for a few days and i have sent him a number of naughty pics and videos of her.

I'll let you know how it goes.

We are intersted in watching other couples too x