Written by Moonbrand

14 May 2015

When my partner Hazel and I first got together some 12 years ago, it surprised a lot of people not least Hazel. For the previous 10 years she had been in a number of lesbian relationships and thought herself a dyed in the wool dyke-even belonging to the Lesbian Avengers for a short while! So falling for a bloke took her - and me - by surprise but we soon got over it. However, I didn't anticipate the interest if would cause with third parties. The main person I refer to here was Kate, a lovely woman who worked for me but she and her husband Andy were also personal friends. When I first introduced them to Hazel over a pub lunch, Kate was intrigued by Hazel's past and asked her loads of questions about her lifestyle; several of which verged on the intimate and personal but Hazel wasn't phased.

A few weeks into our relationship we went to dinner with Kate and Andy. It was an enjoyable evening and much wine was consumed (Except by me as I don't drink) and I was picking up all sorts of signals from Kate. It was no real surprise that as we were leaving and saying our goodbyes, I got a huge wet, french kiss from Kate and immediately afterwards Hazel got the same. There was was a moment where I thought we were all going to climb the stairs there and then but we hesitated and the moment passed. Of course, Hazel and I had a discussion about it in the car on the way home and our conclusion was that at the next opportunity we would try and take things a step further.

Then real life stepped in and we got busy and didn't have any plans to socialise with Kate and Andy in the immediate future. I was busy at work and it wasn't helpful when Kate phoned in sick one day. In fact I got so stressed out that midway through the afternoon I said "Fuck it" and decided to call it a day and finish early. And that might have been that except as I pulled into the car park by our flat, I saw Kate's car parked there. I think I knew immediately what was occurring and I felt my cock harden in an instance. As quickly as I could in that condition, I made my way up to our first floor flat and let myself in as quietly as possible. The front door opened into a hallway and the door to the master bedroom was dead ahead just 5 yards away.

I swear I could smell the sex as I stood there silently in the hall. I could certainly hear it. A rhythmic, sucking and slurping sound accompanied by grunting and panting which I knew wasn't Hazel. I slipped my shoes off and walked softly in my socks to the doorway and peered in. Sure enough, Kate was laying back on our bed, stark naked with her hips propped up on two pillows. Hazel - also naked - was kneeling between her legs facing her. The rhythmic pumping was Hazel's juice coating fingers slamming in and out of Kate's wet cunt. Her labia were engorged and bright red. They clearly hadn't just got started. Hazel had four fingers pushed together to penetrate Kate. Only her thumb remained outside our friend's pussy and that was thumping her clit with every thrust.

The grunts and pants unsurprisingly came from Kate who was sweating profusely and bringing her hips forward to meet Hazel's every thrust. Her eyes were screwed shut so she didn't see me. I stood silently for several minutes watching Hazel slowly build Kate towards her orgasm. But if Kate didn't know I was there, Hazel certainly sensed it because without so much as glancing in my directions I heard her say, "Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get undressed and stick your cock in her mouth?"

Well, if you want to know what my answer was then please ask me to tell you, oh, and do ask about the holiday the four of us had together in Ireland later that same year.