Written by Moonbrand

15 May 2015

I'm glad you enjoyed the first part of my reminiscences from a few years back. I shall continue them now.

You will recall I had returned home from work early to find my employee and friend Kate - who had phoned in sick that day - being royally finger-fucked by my former lesbian partner Hazel. Actually finger-fucked isn't an apt description as she was moments away from balling up her hand and slipping her fist in Kate's wet, gaping cunt but let's not jump the gun. The question Hazel had asked as I stood in the doorway was, as I recall "Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get undressed and stick your cock in her mouth?" The answer I should think was obvious!

I whipped my trousers and pants off in seconds and padded over in my socks to the head of the bed. Kate, who had previously been unaware of my arrival, now opened her eyes and through the tears of pleasure that were welling up she saw me standing by the bed. I may have looked slightly ridiculous, naked from the waist down but still wearing a shirt and tie with my erection poking proudly out through the lower hem of the shirt. However, in situations like this, ridiculous is unimportant. What was important was that Kate, being brought up to massive orgasm by my beautiful, experienced partner Hazel, was thrilled to see a cock bobbing around in front of her face. She opened her mouth to receive me and and I obliged by thrusting mt groin forward and feeling my knob enter a warm and wet haven.

Despite the obvious distraction Kate was contending with, she made a pretty good job of titillating my cock. The tip of her tongue ran round the sensitive ridge and she gently helped my foreskin retract with her teeth. I was beginning to feel very happy indeed.

It was about this point that Hazel decided that Kate was ready to receive her fist. This came as something of a surprise to Kate and for one fearful moment I thought she might bite through my cock. Thankfully, instead she through her mouth wide open in a mixture of shock, pain and intense pleasure and her whole body jerked up off the pillows. I pulled clear and, since Kate was no longer able to think about blow jobs, I took myself in hand and began to wank myself off slowly over Kate's shoulder whilst I watched Hazel twist her fist in Kate's sodden pussy.

Realizing that Kate was straining to stay sitting up right, I took the opportunity to whip off my shirt and tie and slip in behind her on the bed. I could now support her whilst my partner did wonderful things to her cunt. Of course, I could also reach round and take both of Kate's rather ample breasts in my hands - a worthwhile result.

Within a minute I felt Kate begin to tense up in my arms. I could see too that her pussy was clamping around Hazel's fist. Inevitably, Kate was about to have an orgasm. Her first female induced orgasm (Herself excluded of course). And it was a big one. She screamed out loud and her entire body kicked in my arms. Her groin thrust hard against Hazel's fist and as she withdrew it it was already covered in thick cream and as Kate bucked for a second and third time we watched more white pussy cum pulse out of her.

Kate finished off with a shiver as the aftershock of the orgasm continued to rattle through her. Hazel sat back on her legs and slowly licked Kate's juices of her wrist and hand before getting on to all fours and crawling up the bed to us. Firstly she kissed me full on the mouth so I got a great first taste of Kate, then she tilted Kate's chin up with her hand and gave her a great big slobbery kiss so Kate could also taste her own excitement. And that was about as much as I could stand. My cock, currently pressed between my tummy and Kate's back twitched twice and shot my load between us. My head swam and I slumped down in the bed wondering just where this afternoon was going to take us next!