Written by Niceguypaul31

13 Sep 2009

I was a postman for 10 years and had the same round for 6 of those years, it was on this round that i met Janet and Peter and had my first experience of an older woman. I always seemed to end up flirting with Janet almost every day and always said to myself I would love to get my hands on that woman. She was mid fourties size 18 with a wonderful sexy cuddly body a great arse and big beautiful breasts. One morning i had a parcel for them and she answered the door in her dressing gown, saw the size of the parcel and asked me to put it in the hallway. When I turned round she had closed the door and we started chatting and flirting again then out of the blue we were kissing, nice slow passionate kissing which led her to getting on her knees releasing my cock form my shorts and giving me the best blowjob I have ever had, she was an expert and after what felt like an hour but in reality was around 10 minutes she was doing her very best to make me cum, wanking my cock while sucking it then a few seconds later she got her reward and I exploded in her mouth. I stood her up and pushed her against the wall removed her underwear and was caressing her very wet pussy when I heard Peter call out to her from upstairs so we had to stop and i said goodbye and left.

That night I was out for a few pints and decided to meet a mate in a pub not far from where they lived, the guy that run the pub knew me as I had stopped off a few times after work and had an afternoon pint before heading home. 20 minutes after getting there my mate called and said his little boy was not well and could not make it so I decided to finish the pint I had bought for me and felt obliged to drink the one I had bought him.

It was then that Janet and Peter walked in and as I was sitting at the bar they said hello as they ordered their drinks, we all got chatting and from what was meant to be a couple of pints with my mate then a couple by myself and an early night turned into closing time and 4 hours of non stop flirting with Janet whenever Peter went to the bar or toilet. I was about to say goodnight when Peter asked if I fancied a nightcap at their place so I eagerly agreed and went to their place. It was not till we got there that I appreciated what Janet was wearing, a tight top with her breasts showing at the top and a nice knee length skirt which complimented her cuddly figure. We had a few more drinks and inevitably the conversation turned to sex and Peter asked me if i had enjoyed cumming in Janet's mouth, he was smiling as he asked so I said yes, he then told me that he loved to see his wife with another man and that if i was up for it they would love for it to happen.

Obviously I was a little taken back but after a couple of seconds i said i was up for it. The next minute I was undressing Janet and when i revealed those amazing breasts I had to lick suck caress and nibble on them. As I removed her skirt i discovered she was not wearing any underwear and I immediately thought back to when we were in the pub and was cursing myself for not sliding my hand up her skirt then lol. She was now naked on the sofa an my face was buried in her wet pussy, my tongue, lips and fingers exploring every millimetre of her pussy. Lifting the hood of her clit i then teased it with my tongue as I slid first 1 then 2,3 fingers inside her then replacing my fingers with my tongue and siding it in as far as it could go so i could really taste her. I then felt her legs tighten around my head as she came all over my face me lapping up every drop as she did so.

We then moved to the bedroom, now both naked we got onto the bed and she began sucking my cock again while Peter sat in a chair not far away and was wanking his cock. Now I wanted to fuck her so i turned her onto all 4's and while she was facing him I slid my cock into her very wet pussy. I can not tell you how exciting it was seeing his face as he looked at her face and expression as I slid in all of my cock and began to slowly fuck her, every now and then fucking her a little harder and faster. We fucked in quite a few positions and towards the end Peter got involved so Janet was sucking and fucking 2 cocks and seemed to be in her element.

Now I needed to cum and could see from his face he needed to also but what was most exciting was Janet's face, the look of greed, hunger and excitement all in one as she knew very soon she would have two loads of cum wherever she wanted it. I was fucking her doggystyle at this point and she was wanking and sucking his cock when she just said to him to cum in her mouth, which he did, hearing her slurping away and draining his cock was just about enough for me and I pulled out and offered my cock to her mouth. She did not hesitate and once again was sucking me expertly until I could not hold back and as I came i shoved my cock down her throat with some aggression to which she gagged but grabbed my arse cheeks to keep me there deep in her throat as I came.

After she confessed to me that the feeling of my cock jerking in her throat as I came almost made her cum again. I saw them 3 more times after that, the last being when they introduced me to Patricia a friend if Janet's and the 4 of us had some fun.

I will post that story soon but for now I have to go and have a wank as I am rock hard from remembering this sexual chapter in my life lol. please leave comments as I would love to see if this turns on others as it does myself and I am very eager to hear from like-minded couples or older women please.