Written by Brian

13 Aug 2013

We are odd and even couple odd in the way my wife is a career woman working for a large company and moving up threw the ranks levels of management and me well a small time builder

Even well we are a normal happily married couple so it appears to others, but behind closed doors it is another story, we have keep the pretense up for years to friends and family how all say they don't know how Allison my wife juggles working so hard and being a house wife

I will agree she do work hard,I do my bit at home as well and I work hard at what I do

For Allison to get where she has done she had had to deal with some hard things, when I say hard things I really mean hard cocks, you see she has taken the sorter rout up some times

She has fucked her way there as she said once she bent over backwards for her bosses and guess she has literary

It has been some thing we never discussed,its been in the unspoken word what has not been said or asked,things like she may say I be late tonight don't wait up for me,or I could be away some time this week meaning she be in a hotel some where, I am not saying this is a every day occurrence but it comes and go's where she be disappearing on a regular basis over a few months its obvious she having an affair then, some time it can come out the blue

I have noticed that's when a deal maybe happening at work with clients she is known to bring a deal in the one that stands out was in Debbie

On that occasion it was five day trip to Debbie, on her return she was hesitant to have sex with me or take her closes off in front of me I did spy on her in the shower and she had wales marks on her ares and upper thigh and when she turned round what I could only describe as love bits bruises to the neck and breasts I would of said it was a rough deal but her firm gave her a large bonus that year, I think that was more of a one off, it is expected that I attend company functions with her from time to time, yes I have the dinner suit the works, they are not the your firms bash its posh hotels or some place like that, Allison tactfully suggested ages ago that on them occasions we go together There is always a meal and after the meal it be a good idea if I make an excuse to leave which is usually after speeches and so on we und and I say my goodbyes I am quite sure some times which one it will be fucking her later I am sure its always the one that is shaking my hand and saying how sorry to see me go, the give away is the look he is given Allison as he say it, I never expect her home till very late if at all and if it is next morning all is said she couldn't get a taxi and had to get a room, I never ask why she always have a over night bag in the boot of her car but it comes in useful then

Things changed four months ago, this was a party held as a bosses house I know Tim quite well as I do the house I did loads of work for him when he first moved there

As usual my wife drove she did ask if I had booked a taxi for later I said I had for eleven she did say that be fine but she may have to stay a little later but didn't know she let me know

This was more casual in dress no set meal nibbles and drinks, we got there there was usual people in this case six couples like us plus the hosts two other men which I took to clients of some sort and two other single girls I asked Allison who they where did they work with her she said no, it was one of the other guests Barry that told me they where agency girls before he could say more we where interrupted it was more a boozy do this time around ten people stated to leave till there was the hosts the two strangers the girls and us, I was surprised by the behavior of people the two men where dancing with the girls and groping them openly my wife was flirting with Tim in front of his wife

How didn't seem to mind, in fact she came after me and wanted to dance and we did but she

surprised my by saying at last I have got you she rubbed herself into me which embarrassed me I thinking she is drunk but she is a very attractive woman mid to late fifties it was almost eleven I said I have a taxi coming she said stay, I knew this was not the plan so went outside to wait well half an hour later I called the taxi they said no there was not one booked the next time would two am I was stuck what should I do

After an other half an hour I decided to go back in but the front door was locked, I made my way round the back remember I knew the house well after working on it

On the patio I could see in and what a shock Tim was with one of the girls the two men with the other Sally the hostess was now dancing with my wife with there arms round each other even more of a shock as I watched they started to kiss not on the cheek this was a full on snog bloody hell what was going on what was my wife and the Tim and Sally really into,things unfolded quite fast from there on, the two men took the girl over to a sofa and very soon became naked, I was stunned to see there manhood's both where what could be called studs I found out later they where part of a grope mixed up with the others and nothing to do with work the girl was now accommodating one of them and it looked as if she was uncomfortable doing so the other was now pushing his sizable meat into her mouth

Tim had the other girl was on a coffee table he was not small not as long as the other two but what he didn't have in length he made up with girth and a pear of bollocks you think came off a house she was more forced to take him it looked like she struggled at first but Tim was wasn't holding back

I looked back to my wife I been so interested in the others, they had gone to another sofa, my wife was only in stockings and suspenders I had no idea she had them on Sally was the same but she six long straps on her suspenders she still had a bra that looked like it could be leather it was a quarter cup so it lifted each largo breast the nipples seemed long and very stiff, Allison lay back Sally kissed her on lips then her neck then each breast sucking each nipple till they where erect she then sat back I watched her hands go out to each breast taken each nipple in her fingers she squeezed then pulled dowering each breast outward she seemed to watch my wife's face all the time her expression changed she winched with pain it was not unnoticed by Sally she seemed to put more presser on before letting one nipple go then the other Allison rubbed each breast, by this time Sally had buried her face in my wife's crouch in minutes Allison was pulling on her own nipples, it was then I had the full view of Sally's rear I was looking threw her thighs Jesus her pussy lips looked huge they really hung down, it didn't take long Allison was in throws of a climax her head went from side to side her mouth open her body heaved she was cumming hard

There was movement to the right it was the two men the girl was astride one of them the other was a tempting to mount her at the same time it must of been a struggle but some how both large cock where forced inside what was once a tight pussy Tim as still banging away at the other girl quite fast, I looked back at my wife her and Sally when then hand in hand leaving the room, as I said I know that house it very old and has two stair cases a main one and one from the kitchen, I tried the back door it was unlocked and I went up the back stair, I would of bet you the two woman would go to the master bedroom, I got sight of going in one of the back bedroom one that was linked with a bathroom to another

I went in the other room , I went in the bathroom the other door was half open I quite superseded how they had changed the room there was still a bed in it but it had only a mattress and top sheet and pillows on the floor was a wooden table with short legs and padded top in the corner was another table like you find in a doctors with leg supports

A thing like a swing hung from the ceiling as well as rings fixed to the walls in places

there was a long set of draws on one wall the hole room had been changed

I could now hear all what was said, Sally was saying you going to be a good girl for mummy my wife replied yes mam, Allison stood by the bed Sally by her she run her hands over my wife saying you want to please mummy don't you, yes mam I do she then lifted one breast up towards my wife which she took in her mouth sucking the nipple she repeated it with the other it clearly excited Sally, after a time Sally said I want my little girl on the bed which she did the next par seemed slow it was meant to be I think, Sally went to the draws and took out what appeared to be harness straps she untangled it there was what looked like a huge cock on a pad and behind that another much shorter but still fat and curved,she got that one between her legs bending her knees she inserted it in her self she seemed to get comfortable with that before strapping it round her waste then two straps round each thighs, I could then see a long tube hanging down with what looked like a ball on the end what she was doing looked deliberate before going to bed she alloyed a lubricant to the thing she seemed to make sure my wife watch all this

She joined my wife on the bed she lay there as if waiting Sally the kissed her she then said lets get some pillows under my little girls bum between then two pillows where put under her that lifted her up from the waste, as Sally moved between her legs she said you going to be a good girl for mummy as she did that Allison opened her legs bending her knees so her feet where on the bed Sally positioned her self putting the tube beside then on the bed she then seemed to line the end of the ting up with my wife's pussy she moved forward Allison let out a loud gasp as the older woman pushed there was another gasp and she cried out SALLY she said relax bitch as she thrust from her hips two or three more thrusts and about ten niches of latex went inside my wife as she took the last few inches she screamed out and was told to shout up you had it before, Sally fucked her like a man

After a time Allison got used to its size and was clearly enjoying it I could see Sally enjoying it as well it must of been dew to what she had inside her as well both woman climaxed from the movement my wife's legs where waving in the air as she got fucked

She then tried to get then round Sally's back but it didn't work Sally was now going faster Allison then got both feet on the bed gasping very loudly and arched her self up it was obvious she was having a huge climax it was then Sally garbed the tube and squeezed the ball on the end Allison screamed she did a few more times each she screamed

There movement stopped Sally was sweating they where joined by the latex cock they paused

laying together like that Sally was first to speak she said you felt it more this time didn't you Allison replied Christ yes it was cold what was it Sally said only milk but out of the fridge this time so its not warm we do it with hot milk some time I was to find out much later the ball forces almost half a pint milk inside her when Sally got off her I could see it run out of her

After a time and some snogging Sally got of the bed shill wearing her cock she stood thee as my wife undid it and removed it from her cunt Sally then lay on the low table then said it more comfortable on there and went to the doctors bed Allison helped her get her feet in the strips there she was in full view legs open she cunt looked huge well really big long lips but on top was an enormous looking clitoris my wife lubricated one hand up then with the other parted the lips the folding her fingers together with the thumb in started to insert the hand Sally moaned and said OH GOD YES the hand disappeared to a gasp it went in up to the wrist Sally took a very deep breath I took it my wife was forming a fist inside her Sally said go on my fife started fucking her with her hand Sally said faster get me off at one pint it was like my wife was boxing with one hand her hand almost come out and then went back in Sally was going mad kicking and bucking she then started rubbing her clit more strumming it she screamed OH GOD YES YES I was amazed to see what happened next it was like a jet of fluid squirted out it went several inches in the air it was followed by about three more as it stopped my wife pulled her hand out still in a fist leaving Sally gaping open and distorted that was the biggest cunt I have ever seen I looked at my watch it was almost two o-clock I had to go on the way out the orgy was still going on both girls whee being used by the three men my taxi came I went home my wife got home jest after eleven the next morning say she stayed in a spear bedroom