Written by sxhall

29 Nov 2009

This is a story about where things lead when you get a bit horny.

So there we were in the chatrooms of swinging heaven chatting with a couple about what we were doing at that time.

"My husbands cock is rock hard" she said

"What are you going to do about it?! I ask

"Just see what happens later, you?"

Well I hadn't thought that far ahead and I just typed the following without thinking, "Going to put on a short skirt and no knickers and drive up and down the A13 finger fucking myself"

So I got up and thought against putting anything on other than a coat over the top of my sheer black babydoll that I had, nothing else.

It was dark, cold and rainy so we both got in the car quickly. Hubby pulled the car round to the dark corner in the car park. He then slides two fingers straight, deep in to my sodden wet cunt. I was so wet there was no resistance and could feel his knuckles against my clit as he rammed then in and out. As he removed his fingers he passed them under my nose so I could smell the sweet aroma of my pussy. I reached out to lick them clean with my tongue but he snatched them away and sucked my juices of the, bastard!

So now we are away and driving through Lakeside shopping centre on our way to the A13. We passed all the boy racers parked up ready for there "night cruise". They are all too busy looking at there cars to notice a woman being driven along near naked fingering herself, turn round people and look damn you!

We drove several miles along the A13 all the while I was alternating between touching myself and stroking my husbands stiff cock through his trousers. After a short while I got more daring and was groping my breasts and squeezing my nipples. After a few minutes of this I had my breasts out completely and was licking my nipples driving past other cars as we went. By now I was begging my husband to find somewhere to stop, all I wanted was his cock, fingering myself was doing it anymore.

He turned off the A13 and when down a local road he reached over and started to touch my pussy commenting on how wet it was. Suddenly he slowed down and pulled of the road in to a little layby. As he stopped he turned off the lights and there we were in a layby near the side of the both horny as hell. He leaned over and with one hand fingering my juicy pussy he started to snog the face off me. He was very turned on as was forcing himself on to me, bugger a car coming. The headlights from the car lit us up like a Christmas tree we were literally only just of the road after all. I was so frustrated this won't do it was to public for where I wanted things to go, we had to find somewhere else. He couldn't resist though he teased my tits out of my babydoll, easy done than typed it was very revealing to start with. Suddenly he clamped his mouth around one of my nipples and sucked and nibbled it expertly flicking his tongue across it. This drives me wild and he especially as we could be seen should a car come round the corner.

We drove on and took a gamble on finding somewhere so I could get to his cock properly. Was so horny and could not wait ten minutes to get home I wanted him now. He took a turning to a place called something along the line of horny(!) on a hill (wink). we drove through this cute looking little Essex village but is lined with houses and was no good for what we wanted. We turned around and headed back. As we neared the main rod my husband had noticed a little lane heading of to the right, it looked secluded enough for me, didn't care anymore only thought I had was cock! We drove down this little lane and turned away from the main road and was dark, lined with hedges and was dead end, no through traffic, yay cock time.

Once more the lights went off the view was amazing could see for miles and all the cars that were going past in the distance that didn't know what we were up to. Again he leaned across dropping the straps on my babydoll and letting my breast fall out. He sucked and groped at my nipples pinching them harder the more I moaned with pleasure. Now for what I wanted, cock. I leant over and put my hand in his lap and unzipped his trousers, his cock sprung up to greet me, hmmmmmm. I lowered my head down on to him taking him deep right to the back of my throat tickling my tonsils as I did. I was bobbing my head up and down on him and wanking his shaft at the same time."Stop" he said " I'll cum within seconds if you keep doing that!".

'Hmm cum' I thought, now that I wanted. To feel the warm rush of his cum hit the back of my throat as I sucked him of in the car in the middle of nowhere, sounded to good to resist. I carried on now frenzied at the thought of how turned on was. His cock was so hard I could feel the veins bulging on my lips, he was very ready and near to cuming. The thought of getting discovered was really getting turned on.

Suddenly with massive force I felt, and tasted, his cum exploding in to my mouth. There was so much and he just kept on cuming, heavily. Now I'm a bit greedy and I do like swallowing spunk so I was relishing this moment. Having a mouthful of cum and feeling him bucking in the drivers seat with wave of his orgasm hitting his spent cock to the back of my throat each time.

I looked up at him and saw the look of a very satisfied husband. Now I got cock but I wanted to be be bent over the bonnet of the car in the rain and naked and get royally fucked by his cock and have my pussy filled with his spunk. Don't get me wrong I was pleased with what I got, but nest time............!

We drove home, me still fingering myself but with the look of the cat that got the cream on my face. We have both agreed next time we will scope out a car park first hopefully one with a dogging scene going on and then I'll be able to have, with luck, cum in my mouth, cunt and arse and not just from three guys, I am a greedy girl after all.

Well it was nearly just as horny typing this out as it was doing it, hope you have enjoyed reading this and may you think of me whilst masturbating?