Written by Jim

8 Dec 2012

What started as a joke seems to be getting out of hand a little about us first we a ordinary married couple Sally is forty three now I am over ten years older Sally always been a bit of a flirt in a harmless way more so if she has a drink she is sill a very good looking woman nice shape figure

I have always joked with her about getting getting a toy boy this has been a long standing thing she has played along with it some times like when we been out she may look at a bloke and I would ask id she fancy him she say yes his a bit or right or he could do me a favor all in a light hared way if I had said go for it she say in your dreams or some thing like that on a serious side she tell me it would never happen

We booked a last minute holiday jest a cheep week away it was our last night before we came home and we ended up in a bar it was quite full we got a table and we both had a bit to drink by then any way there was this young guy keep looking at us I am sure Sally has spotted him before me I said to her he fancy you Sally played along with me any way he must of noticed us talking about him it wasn't long before he came over and started some small talk like are you on holiday that sort of thing he ended up getting a round of drinks and sitting with us it didn't take long before he asked Sally to have a dance she looked at me as if to say what should I do I said go on enjoy your self so off they go onto the dance floor it ended up being two or three dances when they came back she looked out of breath but very pleased

Our young friend was off to the bar for more drinks Sally sat with me we looked at each other and she said well what do you think I didn't quite no what she meant so I said yes enjoy your self it wasn't till she said are you sure it struck me what she was getting at

By then he was back and sat down next to Sally this time she was still looking at me and said so you really are sure I didn't reply because Tony (the guys name) asked what we where talking about Sally butted in saying oh Jim wanted to know if you a good dancer

The three of us chatted away for a time Sally and Tony seemed to be getting on really well he had her laughing it seemed she was flatted by him he was a very good looking guy quite muscular and fit and present to talk to

As we chatted he put his hand on Sally's leg she didn't seem to mind she sore I had noticed that and looked at me I jest smiled I had to go to the loo so left them when I came back into the bar they moved apart what had happened I don't know they where still sitting close to each other Tony looked at me a little odd as I sat down as if I was going to say some thing after a short time they where off dancing

It started off with a fast number I watched them jigging about then a slow one was next I have to say he did get to grips with Sally his hand on her bum and she was pulled in tight to him it looked like be ground his hips into her I was surprised she didn't push him away it shocked me she was loving it

It was then I think is started to sink in what she said and what was happening up to that point I wasn't to sure about her meaning I was thinking it was a big teases was my joking about to back fire on me

I went to get a beer and by then they had moved to the back of the dance floor behind the others it was hard to keep an eye on them I am sure at one point they where snogging

When that came back to the table they where holding hands Sally looked flushed when they sat down she held his hand on her lap I could see her nipples sticking out I know she had no bra on when we came out she had large long nipples and when she is aroused they get stiff I managed to whisper to her whats going on she looked me in the face and said I asked you and you told me it was okay you been on about this long enough that made me sit back I never dreamed she would I really had mixed feeling threw with it, she told me the next day it was being some where no one knew us

They sat there like a couple newly weds he whispered some thing in her ear she then looked my way and said Jim we are thinking of going back I said where she smiled and said the hotel Tony was looking at me as well I must of been a bit dumb my head didn't work

I was still sitting there when they got up to leave I hears Tony say is he come as well Sally looked down and asked are you coming or staying here I jest nodded they walked off with me behind them it was that long of walk to the hotel as I walked I looked that them it was like they where the couple and I was jest some one following

There was no one at the desk as we when in we jest past and went up to our room one in the lift Tony kissed Sally full on she kissed him back as I wasn't there he hand had rucked her dress up at the back and was groping her bum she had a thong on his fingers where in crack of her ares she even parted her legs a bit if you need to know more then please ask