Written by Tom

16 Dec 2012

As I was tell you after out holiday and what happened after we got home a couple of months later I found out Sally had been on sex dating site it had ended up both of us looking at them I been a bit surprised by the blokes she seemed to fancy one thing stood out was they all seemed quite well endowed as I said the shock was she shown interest in back men

After a bit of humming and haring she did pick one guy Mark we did all the arranging and meet him in a pub not far away from our place

He turned up and we sat at a table a little out the way trying not to be over heard at first things felt a little award well for me more than Sally I think I had in my mind its a cold was to go about this we all know what we where there for I was going to let this stranger use my wife fuck her I was surprised by Sally she been nervous coming here but now she was completely relaxed about once we got talking in fact she was in the driving seat I was plane to me this Mack had been in this situation more than once he was used to having the husband around he wasn't really chatting her up it was more what he do to her what they wanted to do to each other it felt weird to me hearing my wife talk like that

We been there I guess an hour they had a couple drink as I was driving and he come in a taxi I wasn't drinking I have admit he was quite a nice guy it seemed they want to make a move I wasn't really in the conversation as we where going to leave three of us walking out together felt funny I know it was all in my mind I had a feeling the pub was looking at us in car park I opened the passengers door for Sally and she said no I go in the back with Mark if you don't mind by the time I backed out to go they where kissing there was no doubt in my mind Sally was going threw with this as I got on the main road she asked are you alright darling my reply was yes are you okay to which she paused there was some movement in the back then she said Christ I think I am going to be it went silent

We where into ten minuets of no more than a twenty mint drive I heard him moan and as I pull into our drive Mark was saying Sally don't stop yes yes I had stopped I looked into the back and got a shock Sally was sucking away on his sizable cock her skirt had ridden right up her tits where out as I watched he heaved up off the seat gasping as he cum I thought my god she never been that keen on sucking dick and doing it in our car she must of swallowed the lot there was no mess I had to wait to get out for them to sort them self's out or the light would of come on

We got indoors once the door was shut Sally hugged me and kissed me on the lips I could taste and smell his spunk she asked once more if I was okay not upset or any thing I told her no I am fine she was happy with that Mark had stood there watching us

My wife grabbed Marks hand and lead him into the lounge she told him to make himself comfortable and said you boys like a drink you can have one now Tom we both said yes and off she go's she had almost a spring in her step as she went to get them he sat on the sofa I was going to but changed my mind it was if I didn't want to to sit with him I was in my chair and he said well Tom you and Sally do much of this its funny I felt embarrassed as I replayed no never to that he said so your first time as if every one did this I think I jest nodded he went on saying Sally really up for it she can really suck do she like lots of oral this is unreal a guy asking the husband about his wife's sex life I didn't know what to say Sally came back jest then all smiles with our drinks

She went and sat next to Mark and straight away he put his hand on her thigh and said to her Tom tells me this your first time she said well yes we never used a dating site before he said I will make sure you use it again as he took her hand and put it on his crouch as I watched she squeezed his dick it didn't take long I could see it getting bigger in his trousers I was thinking how the hell can he get stiff that fast after cumming but he was they where soon snogging away some how he got one tits then the other

Sally's nipple where stiff and long he seemed to really like them he pulling on them as if trying to see how long they would get this all unfolding in front of me in our lounge

I also found I was holding my dick in my trousers I was quite stiff I was quite scared by the effect it was having on me some thing in me was willing him to shag my wife in front of me really wired feeling by then Sally had his flies undone and his cock out he was pushing his trousers down and kicking then off wow I got a good look at it now it still wasn't quite rock hard but getting there he was longer than that Tone Sally had said he wasn't that much longer than me but this one was I would guess it had to seven inches maybe a tad more not quite as thick as the other but still quite a fat once she had rolled the foreskin back it was till wet from the blow job

Sally's skirt was rucked up almost to her waist I was surprised to see she had no knickers on he started to finger her by then it was sloppy sound she was well horny thing move on very fast from there then Mark looked at me and said do you want to watch me have her here or in YOUR BED I heard myself say upstarts please he had taken some control over both of us that's how it felt

So they stood up he tugged her skirt off her blouse was undone she slipped it off so she was naked apart from black hold ups he slapped her bum as if to say which way they walked past me he had only his shirt on his big cock bounded as he moved as he pasted he said to me are you coming cocky I had never heard that before once in our bedroom he almost pushed my wife onto our bed laying beside her he was fingering her looking at me he didn't say any thing but his look said it all

With our much ceremony or much more foreplay he was between her legs going to mount her holding his dick he shoved she moaned he did it again he almost got it all in with that one she almost screamed one more push there was loud cry from Sally he was up her

Her legs where up bent at the knees feet on the bed they fell apart given full access he wasn't gentle he stated to fuck her slamming into her the room was full of sounds and the smell of sex she was panting and gasping it was not long I could see her start to buck under him she was cumming and it was a strong one he was driving into with some force she seemed to love it like that the way she climaxed it didn't last that long I thought he may of cum but no he flipped her over on hands and knees and taken her from behind harder

if any thing it was like she was having one long climax she could hardly hold herself up at times he was slapping her bum cheeks loads of time ten minuets later he was grunting like an animal shouted I seeding your slut fuck fuck there was huge amount in her as he pulled out it ran out he left her pussy gasping open he rolled to one side panting

If I had not witnessed it I would of never thought it could happen like this not my wife I was surprised how she like it like that Mark shout to me come on cocky do what good husbands do come on I was lost by what he meant he then said lick her pussy numb nuts I still didn't move get over her you prick I did well get under her now some how I slipped under my wife her pussy above me it looked quite red and open then a drip landed on my face I still didn't quite know what was expected as I hear him say lick it numb nuts jest then Sally sat on my face her pussy over my mouth the slime was all over my face and it was going in my mouth some thing made me do it I was licking her more was coming out all the time I had to swallow it then she whimpered and rubbed on my face god she was cumming I felt her hand round my cock she didn't have to pump it much I shot in the air I heard him say his loving it and to be honest I was never dreamed of this before but here I was cleaning her up she loved it more than me I think

Mark stayed a couple more hours he did fuck her before he left but he hadn't go in him he had before he managed to cum in the end this time I was going down on her on her back but she didn't that much in her this time but Sally went wiled with licking her out she climaxed some Mark had gone let himself out he wasn't there by the time we finished this was the start of some thing new in our life I never dreamed of what was going to happen after this