Written by Sandy

26 Oct 2017

i didn't hear anything from Frank for nearly a month and then he phoned to say we were off to Italy In six days and I was to get myself down to a service station on the A11 where he would pick me up . Oh and he said he owed some favours so I would be working for my trip and I was to dress as a whore because that is what I will be doing . I told him I didn't want to be like that and he just said OK he would find someone who would . I said no I will do it ,because I didn't want to lose him .

I went shopping for really tarty clothes ,but ended up buying on line where I found really short skirts that would show my nickers ,or cunt ,if I didn't wear any and some low tops that I almost fell out of if I didn't wear a bra .

I wanted to do something special for Frank and I hit on the idea of a tattoo ,so I had a large F tattooed on my back,just above my belt line

A taxi got me to the service station and I went in for a coffee to wait for Frank .I got a lot of funny looks as it was just after lunchtime and there I was dressed like a street walker ,micro skirt ,low top and four inch heels .

I was surprised when my phone rang and it was Frank .he was delayed and would see me in a couple of hours , but not to worry as he had phoned a mate who was coming to look after me .His name was Pete and I was to be nice to him .

Sure enough a guy comes over and introduces himself as Pete and takes me back to his lorry . He must have been given the OK by Frank because as we walked to his lorry he put his hand up my skirt ,he said to check that I had obeyed Frank and wasn't wearing knickers !

I was pushed up into his cab with his hand on my arse ,and once in the curtains were pulled and Pete stripped off . I told him he must be joking ,but he laughed and said that if he gave me a bad reference to Frank I would get the crap knocked out of me and with that he pushed my face down onto his cock . Dutifully I sucked him to an erection and claimed over onto the bed . He was young and a good fuck and I thought why should I say no ,I am enjoying this and I came when he did .I cleaned him up with my mouth so he could tell Frank I had given him a good time . We had nearly an hour to wait for Frank and I wondered how we would pass the time ,but I needn't have bothered as there was a tap on the door and when Pete rolled down the window I heard a voice say that Frank had phoned him to say he could enjoy his new tarts arse .

I duly got dressed climbed down to see a huge man waiting for me .

I was almost carried to his cab ,he didn't speak much and didn't give a name ,but he new what he wanted . I was pushed over onto the bed and just had time to get my skirt and top off before he joined me .

He knelt in front of me and I sucked till he was stiff .I was pleased that he wasn't too long but I was anxious as to how thick he was . All to soon I was rolled over onto my tummy and I felt crushed as he put all his weight onto me . I could not move or resist as he got between my legs to force them apart . He didn't bother to stretch my arse with his fingers and I felt his rock hard cock forcing itself into me . I couldn't get my hands down to open my cheeks to help .I was helpless and it hurt like hell . Something had to give and it was my arse .I felt a sharp pain and he was in . He fucked me hard and I could hardly breath with his weight on me and I could feel the lorry shake as his thrusts got stronger .he had stretched my arse to the extent that he no longer felt tight and I was giving off little farts as he pushed in . To finish he pulled up on my knees and took me doggy .he was right in and banging furiously .I could help myself and I screamed as a huge orgasm ingulfed me just as he came .

He slid out of me and I turned around and buried my tongue in his mouth before going down and cleaning him with my mouth . I luckily had tissues in my pocket and I needed all of them to stuff in my arse to hold all his spunk in .

Once I was dressed he and Pete took me for a coffee before Franke arrived .I spent a long time in to loo cleaning up and was a little concerned that my arse was not going back to its normal size ,but was astaying quite stretched li stuffed tissue in it to avoid leeks and then sprayed myself with my £200 pond a bottle prefume to await Frank . I hope he likes the tattoo. If he does then I will have others .

You might like to suggest a tattoo ,I still have some space . Xx