Written by Sandy

26 Oct 2017

Too late Kennyboy , but my left armpit is still vacant if you have any ideas .

When Frank arrived I ran up to him and gave him a huge kiss . He lifted me up which exposed my arse but who cares . He seemed genuinely pleased to see me , especially when I showed him the tattoo . "If you like ,I will have some more done " "I want you covered in them ." He said " You've got good legs so get them well inked up and have some around your cunt ." I wasn't expecting the legs ,knew my cunt would be decorated ,but then I thought I can wear trouser suits when I go vanilla .

Pete treated Frank with a lot of respect a did the other guy and it made me feel good that I was his .An image of my earlier life came to me and I suddenly thought how I would feel if people from my former life , be it golf people ,or the horse racing set should see me like this . For a while I felt ashamed at what I had become and how I had given in to my base fantacies . I tried to pull my skirt down a little ,but stopped when Frank asked me what the fuck was I up to?

Soon we were on our way . Frank was excited about my wanting tattoos and he described in detail what he would like . Talk about excess is never enough ! He wanted me covered . It would cost a lot , but that was no problem .I committed everything he said to memory and added a few ideas of my own .

We stopped on the M2 , Frank said we were early .

He drew the curtains closed and I took off my clothes ,which took no time . Frank stripped off and after he had filled my mouth with his tongue and saliva ,I went down on him . On the bed it was just as I had remembered . I knew Frank was not concerned about me enjoying it ,but that was why it was so good .He wanted to use and abuse me and I wanted to be used and abused . The only way Frank could really make me sad would be to ignore me.

When he rolled me over prior to fucking my arse ,I told him that his friend had stretched me and I didn't seem to be going back to my original tight arse .Frank was not bothered .He said it was bound to happen and all I had to watch out for was shit dribbling down my legs .

Once again he gave me a huge orgasm and afterwards I could not stop trembling . As I cleaned him up with my tongue ,O told him how I had missed him and that I was totally his and would refuse him nothing .

After I had cleaned myself up ,Frank came clean about what he expected from me on this trip .not to put too fine a point on it ,I was to whore for him ,starting on the ferry . He said there were many whores targeting the truckers and it was up to me to be the best .I said I would not let him down and secretly I was thrilled at the thought and could feel my tummy tighten . We slept for a while with me snuggled up to him ,a first ! I drift off to sleep planning my tattoos . Xx