Written by Sandy

26 Oct 2017

The drivers have their own parts of the ferry ,away from the holiday makers .many of the drivers went straight to their cabins to get their heads down . I expect to get my head down a lot tonight ,but not get much rest !

Frank held court in the bar with me next to him . Drivers were coming up and talked quietly .I could see money changing hands and Frank making notes on a scrap of paper . There was not much drinking ,but drinks were bought for me and soon I felt a little tipsy .

With the ferry fully loaded I felt the vibration of the ship's prop . The drivers coming up to Frank had tailed off and he took me for some food . Over the meal Frank talked about his life . It made sad listening .Faled marriages ,kids he never saw and a mother who never wanted him .It explained a lot . I told him that was the past . I told him about my previous life which a lot of people would have loved to experience , but it was not for me . I told Frank that he had let me find myself .I told him that he had made me realise that I did not like myself and that being hurt and abused was what I wanted . Shrinks would call me a massacist , but what's in a name . I took Franks hand and looked into his eyes and told him ,I was his for as long as he wanted and that I would refuse him nothing . If I upset him I would expect him to beat me up and I would not stop him . Frank was not comfortable with the conversation and told me to shut the fuck up .

He gave me the paper he had written on .it listed cabin numbers with a 1 ,2or3 alongside . Frank explained that these referred to the number of my orificies that had been hired , but he said not to refuse anything .if somebody took more than they had payed for I was to note the cabin number and he would collect later .

I set off well supplied with condoms and tissue .

To be honest it was mostly boring . Many of the men were in awe of me and kept saying how they had never fucked anyone of such class or quality before . Only one guy caused me grief .when I went down to suck him I became aware of his horrible smell and I said I can't do this . His response was to hit me in my stomach . When I could breath again I told him Franf would here of this . He laughed and said that Franks instructions were that if I failed to please I was to be smacked around until I saw sense. This sounded believable so I went down and sucked . He was a 2 but he had my arse to compensate for me insulting him and instead of coming in my arse he came in my mouth as I cleaned him up,

I got back to our cabin to find Frank asleep in the top bunk .I took the lower one ,too tired to shower ,but did put a lot of cream on my cunt and arse before plugging them

I had fucked six men and only used two condoms . Silly me ,silly them . Xx