Written by Sandy

27 Oct 2017

This episode dear reader will bring you up to date .

On returning home I set about researching tattoos .there is a load of stuff on line and I printed off all the ones I liked and also chose a tattooist who was showing some excellent work ,with fine detail .He wasn't too far away , just over a hundred miles ,so I rang and arranged to meet . We were both surprised when we met ,he was very young and he thought I was very posh !

I told him I wanted full coverage of the backs of my legs ,all over tummy down to and including my crutch and finally all over upper back .I wanted nothing on my face ,neck breasts ,or arms but I was open minded about my feet .

He was excited at the thought of a blank canvas to work on and said he would come up with ideas .He said he was thinking of an overall theme to lock all the areas together .

He said it is going to be expensive , but if I would consent to being videoed he would give a reduction and a further reduction if I would attend exhibitions for a twelve months .

I was quite happy with this and asked when he could start . A fee was agreed and a start in two days time with the work taking almost a month ,depending on how I tolerated the pain .

Before I got dressed I said I wanted piercings , which he said he could do straight away .

When I described what I wanted though he doubted I would have the stamina for it . We agreed to start and see how we got on . He suggest doing the worst first a I dully had rings put in my nipples .these were followed by a nose ring . He was pleased at how I was taking it and continued to my cunt . Four rings went in the outer lips and two on the inner . Before moving away he asked if I wanted one in my clitoris . I had rejected this as I thought it might make it less sensitive .He said I couldn't be more wrong and so one more .Finally the Naval ring and I was done . All areas were treated and covered and I got dressed . I could feel the weight of the nipple rings and those around my cunt .I had insisted on large ones and was very glad I had . The drive home was comfortable but I got through it and lay on the bed with a very large gin .

Two days later I was back down .the theme was to be the seasons .Spring around tummy and cunt ,summer on upper back and autumn on lower and bum and thighs . The backs of my legs would be Ivey .

It took a long time but I was lost for words .I just loved it all even though the cheeky sod had included a mouse peeking out of my fanny and a hedgehog disappearing between the cheeks of my arse !

I had kept Frank up to date with the work ,but he didn't seem all that interested . I soon found out why . Early morning knock on door ,police . Questions about trip to Italy . They couldn't equate me to a trucked .I just said it is my thing and since when was it a crime? They then explained that Frank had been arrested when customs searched his waggon two days ago and drugs were found . They said I was not of interest to them ,but wanted to know who Frank had seen in Italy .

I told them I would contact my soliciter and until then I had nothing to say . My soliciter is a friend and is known as the pit bull .He told me not to worry ,he would deal with it all . He did but poor Frank went down big time .

Well here I was looking so fuckable with no Frank .I set off clubbing having heard of a place in the West Mids where anything went . I would dance naked being groped and shagged on the Dance floor .there was a motel nearby and the fun would continue in there .My record was six guys from Brum . This stopped though as I had to visit an STD clinic . I was lucky though and everything was cleared up

A call from the tattooist got me up to London for a tattoo event . I modelled for him totally starkers and got a lots of nice comments ,but best of all an invite to a country house weekend by a very interesting couple . They took me out to dinner after the event ,after which we went back to their hotel . This was my first mfm would you believe and it was wonderful .

The weekend was sort of "Eyes Wide Open " as regards the theme and I was really fucked to exhaustion .These people had money and connections . I recognised several faces ,male and female .most were voyers but that didn't matter as studs and girls had been hired and they all did there stuff . Just before being carried of to bed I received a big round of applause as I stood with face covered in cum with more dripping from mouth ,nose ,arse and cunt . It doesn't get any better than this . Xxx