Written by Scarlett69lady_1

19 Oct 2015

I was just 18 and not long Married when my Hubs had to work away in Europe, I soon began to get lonely as Hubs would go for 6 week stints come back for a weekend and be off again, so chatting to a girlfriend of mine she suggested getting in touch with the local Language School as they were looking for hosts for some of their older students (18+ years old as well as some of the older tutors). I got in touch and they asked if I preferred Boys or Girls also would I be happy if they were Tutors as some were a good bit older , I said I was happy with who ever ,but then they said they paid more if I had Boys/Men so I said I would have Boys/Men then, so I had a call from the school who said they had a German Boy of 19 who was not happy at his present home and he would be arriving the next afternoon.

I sorted the bedroom out ready for my Student and the doorbell rang just a few minutes after I got out of the shower , I had dried my hair and just put on a clean vest top and a mini skirt, I went down to answer the door and there was stood a tall ,blonde slim hunk of a lad, I let him in put his bags at the bottom of the stairs and turned to give him a hug and kiss to welcome him to my home , we got the introductions out of the way as he told me he was called Dirk . A big smile lit up his face and I asked him if he wanted a drink and I led him into our lounge to sit down , he sat on a chair as I fetched some cool drinks as it was a lovely warm day and I sat down opposite him on our sofa.

I tucked my legs up at my side as we chatted and drank our drinks, he spoke very good English telling me about his family and girlfriend in Germany as he asked me about my Hubs where he was etc , I could see him staring at me and my legs and noticed he looked a bit uncomfortable in his shorts and seemed to be trying to adjust himself as he sat there. I took a look to see he had a long bulge down one leg of his shorts , I asked if he wanted another drink as he had the empty glass in his hand and I got up to take it from him to re-fill, as I did I accidently allowed my fingertips to brush over that bulge making him give a small gasp , his eyes looked up at me as I went into the kitchen I noticed my nipples were hard now an poking thru my vest top .

I came back in gave him the as I was feeling a bit horny and naughty now, I sat back up on the sofa facing him and decided to tease him some more and lift my feet up so my heels rested on the front edge of the seat cushion and wrapped my arms around my knees looking at him from over my knees. This meant my skirt was not now really covering me at all and saw a huge grin appear on his face, that bulge in his shorts got bigger as I decided to push it a bit more and let my heels slide apart till they were about a foot apart, I knew he would now have a view of my freshly shaven pussy and could feel I getting wet as we chatted , I watched his eyes trying not to look ,then darting back to stare again .

Then he asked me if he could see his room so I told him to follow me upstairs I picked up his suitcase as he tried to stop me as it was quite heavy , I got half way up the stairs on the landing and kept my legs straight as I bent over to put it down while glancing behind me to see Dirk grinning as he was looking right up my skirt I bent over again to pick it up taking it into his room as he followed . I said I would leave him to sort himself out and he asked if he could have a shower , so I showed him the bathroom ,our spare bedroom and my bedroom and left him to go prepare a meal for later, I heard a call a few minutes later as he asked me for a towel as I had forgotten to leave one in his room.

I said I would bring him a towel and went up with a towel opened the door to his room went in , I laid it on his bed turned around to leave and Dirk was stood in the doorway wet and naked ,I stood there in surprise just looking at his cock standing up proudly ,I glanced up to see Dirk had noticed what I had been looking at, as I tried to pass him in the doorway so we were both side on facing each other he pressed me back against the door frame, smiling at me. I could feel my boobs pressed against his chest as his hands were resting on my waist, he bent his head and kissed me placing his hands in mine, before moving one hand down to feel his hard cock, I did what came natural and my fingers wrapped around his lovely hard cock to slowly rub it.

When I suddenly managed to tell him we shouldn't be doing this, if the school found out I would be banned from having Students , he smiled saying its ok , you have told me downstairs you are missing your Hubby so while I am here you can think of me as your Hubs as his other hand found its way under my skirt to rub my pussy he then whispered to me would I take my vest off for him. We stepped apart and his eyes were fixed on me as I pulled the vest up and over my head , he said fantastic you have lovely big boobs so much bigger than my girlfriends at home, his hands came up to hold them as if weighing them as his lips found there way to kiss ,lick and suck them. he began to bite my nipples as my hands were holding his cock and balls and pulling him closer to me.

I took his hand and led him into my bedroom and stood at the bottom of my bed as he stood looking at me , I lay back on the bed my legs bent and apart, my pussy wet , Dirk said you are very beautiful and have great body and I want to fuck you now , I put my arms out to him and he knelt up on the bed till his cock was pressing against my pussy lips when I told him I wanted to suck his cock first . I told him to roll on to his back as I put my lips over his cock, as he said that is good and then he noticed we had mirror wardrobe doors and he could lay there watching me lick and suck him till I needed his cock inside me and knelt over him holding his cock as I sat down on it as he asked what size my boobs were I told him 34E as he put his lips on my boobs again and began to bite them leaving them covered with red marks .

I was riding him having cum several times till Dirk shouted he was filling my young bare English cunt with lots of German cum, we lay there holding each other as he said it was the first time he had fucked a girl without a condom , then asked if I was on the pill or had he just put a German baby in my belly , I told him it was ok I was on the pill . He said you like bare cock ,I said yes it is nicer I love to feel your cum fill me up, he smiled , we got up went to the bathroom under the shower to wash each other where he had another erection and this time we fucked in the shower under the warm water, we did get out to get dressed .

As I was preparing our meal he kept coming over to feel my boobs and put his hand up my skirt to finger my pussy and rub my clit, we ate our meal and Karl had some friends call for him and he went out that evening, to come back later with a couple of them who came in Dirk introduced me to them and I gave them a kiss each as I made a coffee and we chatted in our lounge , I still only had on just my vest top and mini skirt and was aware of the other two lads looking at me. We had a small hatch between our dining room and the kitchen which I had put the cups thru and decided I would go wash them up, leaving the lads to chat , as I had my hands in the bowl Dirk came out to stand behind me and slipped his hands under my top to rub my boobs and kiss my neck , he moved his hands down and rolled up my skirt till it was like a belt running his hands over my bum and pussy.`

I had closed my eyes enjoying his touch forgetting completely about the other two lads as I stood there telling Dirk how nice that felt and how it was making me horny as he kissed my neck , I opened my eyes and caught some movement from the corner of my eye to see both lads smiling and staring at the both of us , me naked from the waist down and my boobs on display to them. I said to Dirk I think we better stop now and your friends should go , he said are you sure ,I nodded a Yes, telling him he must make sure that both lads don't say anything of what they have seen , Dirk assured me it would be a secret as I covered myself up and the lads came to the door ,I kissed them good night as they said thank you for the drinks and chat and hoped to see me again soon and left.`

After that we locked up and Karl led me upstairs to my bedroom, we both stripped off to spend the night in my bed where we fucked again before going to sleep and then waking up in the morning to fuck under the shower once more before breakfast and then watch as Karl left for the School saying he looked forward to seeing me later, well that was the first day of his stay out of the way but their is some more adventures to come if you want to know more let's hear from you please`, Scarlet X``````````````````````````````````````