25 Apr 2016

Here is the follow on story from my previous ones, it was Saturday my student Dirk had left for the day after kissing me good bye ,squeezing my bum and telling me to wear something sexy and revealing for when he arrives back with his fellow students for a Party , telling me he would organise the drinks and they would pay for the food if I supplied it for the 10-15 students he expected to come along.

I had just come off the phone after a call from my Hubby who was away with work in Italy, he had asked if I was ok and I told him I was missing him and his cock, as he told me I would get plenty of that when he got back in 5 weeks time but he would only be back a few days before going back out to work at the Italian site.

So I went to fetch some ingredients for the party and spent the next 2-3 hours cooking and after a cuppa went for a long bath to relax, I got out to look for something to wear that evening trying to heed Dirk's words !. I tried on some dresses and skirts and tops before settling on a black leather mini skirt held together by a black boot lace and when on it left a gap of about 1 inch wide revealing my skin and that I was not wearing anything underneath.

I also found a black see thru blouse that revealed my boobs as I was not wearing a bra as instructed by Dirk I rolled some hold ups on my legs which just hid the tops under my skirt with some 5" heels as I put some lipstick on and stood to look at myself in the mirror doors . I had to admit I looked pretty good the short skirt on my long legs my boobs firm , round with nipples hard standing out 1/2" waiting to be pulled ,sucked and bitten, my blonde hair over my shoulders and my pussy shaved smooth and feeling wet already.

I sat down to have a drink after a tidy up session which didn't take long as the house I tried to always keep tidy when the door bell rang I ran upstairs slipped my short robe on to answer the door to our neighbour Eddie a couple of doors away, he asked if he could come in a minute , he was about 10 years older than me , he was slim, single, good looking and fun to be with and he played in a band . He handed me a parcel left by the postman , I thanked him asking if he would like a drink , we went into the lounge sat down on the sofa , he asked me about my hubs ,how was I coping , etc. ,

I told him I was ok , he said I see you have a good looking German Student staying with you and that he had chatted with him a few times, Ed said he seems to like you a lot , I felt myself blush as Ed said he is not alone there tho, as Ed looked to see the table laid out with plates of food. I told him Dirk was having a few of his mates round for a bit of a party tonight , we got up to look at the food on the table , I pushed a chair under the table and as we walked away I hadn't noticed the tie belt had trapped it self and as I turned my robe came open .

Well Ed's eyes opened wide in surprise as he saw what I was wearing as I tried to cover myself up pulling at the belt to free it, he said don't worry for me, you look fantastic, then grabbed me pulling me towards him my robe falling on the floor behind me. We stared at each other for a brief moment ,then he kissed me his hands cupping my boobs thru the blouse as his thumbs rubbed my nipples, I didn't try to stop him my arms pulling him to me , we sat back down holding hands facing each other , Ed noticing the gap of flesh between my hold ups and skirt.

He looked at me said is this for the students tonight , I shyly admitted it was , he said lucky lads as he ran a hand up an over the top of my stocking it found its way to my pussy , his fingers finding my wet pussy lips , he said you know if you want ANYTHING you only have to ask , saying it would be my pleasure . Then Ed said I am playing in the band tonight but I can come and look in on you later if you like make sure you are ok ! I said that would be kind ,but he had no need to put himself out as he said well I will walk past your front door .

Ed leaned over pushing me back against the sofa to kiss me again as his fingers pressed inside me , he said you're so wet and fucking gorgeous , I fancied you since you moved in I thought your hubs was a very lucky man , so is your Student fucking you , I nodded !, as Ed said he is the luckiest of Students then. Then Ed looked up saw the time saying I better go and get ready he stood up holding my hand I saw a big lump in his light trousers , I smiled at him and said can I see him before you go, Ed looked at me, smiled as I unzipped his trousers to free his cock .

I pulled his cock free pulled back the skin to lick it for him and tease the tip with the end of my tongue, forming my lips into that O shape to slide them down over his hard cock, Ed said think you better stop now otherwise I wont be able to concentrate for the rest of the evening and I will drop in to see you later, as he tucked himself back in as I saw him out the door. I looked at the clock now to see Dirk would be home any moment and as I washed mine and Ed's glasses up , Dirk walked in with his mates Herb (from Denmark) and Alain (from France) who I had met in the week , they all kissed and held me at arms length to look me up and down with big grins on their faces as Herb said well she certainly did as you told by Dirk you are definitely sexy and very revealing and lovely to look at .

Then Dirk said we are just going to put our bags up in my room and we will be back down , you might get some more of our friends shortly , no sooner than they had gone the bell rang , I welcomed in a coloured girl Lucy (Kenya) with two lads Lars(Swedish) and Kabe(Kenya) a very tall coloured lad who must have been 6-6" tall , they were all very nice as I introduced myself to them with a hug and a kiss , they pulled out some cans of drink from their bags as Lars said could he put some in the fridge .

I squatted down to open the fridge door as I moved around to put them inside , I suddenly realised I had my legs apart and Lars was smiling at me , before saying that is a lovely sight in near perfect English he told me I was very pretty and hoped to get to know me better later in the evening , I told him I looked forward to that as well as he was even more of a hunk than Dirk . I poured them all a drink as we chatted all huddled in my kitchen, Lucy spoke quite good English but Kabe I had to really listen too to keep up with him but they were all very polite .

The door bell rand again and 4 more lads came in bringing more cans as Lars sorted those out I met Karl (Austria), Pedro (Portugal) , plus Twins Stefan and Harry (Belgium) they all looked a bit surprised but also delighted as they saw what I had on as I too kissed and hugged them . We all made our way into the lounge just as Dirk, Herb and Alain came down , Dirk came over to me to pull me into the middle of the room to announce to every one who I was and that we were all there to have a good evening and enjoy ourselves thanking me for putting the food on and hoped everyone would take advantage of me (to hoots of laughter) and my hospitality.

The music played not too loudly as everyone had a drink and began to eat, some lads dancing with Lucy, when Herb appeared with a bowl full of different coloured condoms to put on a small table, as everybody looked he said well Enjoy ! . As I stood chatting to Stefan I felt a hand in mine and I was pulled to the middle of the room as Lars claimed a slow dance with me , he held me kissing me on the lips and neck as I responded he moved his hands to cup my boobs like Ed had done earlier that afternoon , Lars was telling me how lovely I was and how I had the perfect figure and he hoped to have a wife nearly as lovely as me in a few years time.

We were both enjoying ourselves I was rubbing myself against that bulge in his jeans as he said he loved my skirt but he made me stand still so he could adjust he said to make it perfect, as I watched him move it around so the gap where the laces were was now over my pussy and not my hip, I had all the lads watching me very closely now as they could now see my bare pussy. He pulled me to him to tell me he wanted to fuck me now as he hadn't been able to get the site of my pussy in the kitchen out of his mind, he went over to the bowl of condoms to take one out , as Dirk went to him to tell him first and last fuck of the evening must be in front of everybody present, to everybody's agreement.

Lars pulled me to the middle of the room kissing me as all eyes were upon us when Alain said Whoa! as he dashed upstairs to come back with a quilt to lay on the carpet , I stood in front of Lars to undo his shirt pull it off his arms, then I knelt down to pull his socks off and undid his jeans pulling them down and off as he stepped out of them, his cock bulging in a pair of tight white boxers.

I made a point of licking my lips and tucking my fingers into the back of the waist band and placed my mouth over the outline of his cock and began to lick it up and down and gently clamp my teeth around the shaft till it was so hard and a small stain at the tip grew bigger with his pre cum slowly seeping thru the fabric, I kept going till his boxers were almost see thru now before pulling them free of his cock at the front and pulling them down his legs from the back .

His cock looked so hard now standing out from his groin , I had to give it a kiss , as he groaned, Lars pulled me up now undoing the buttons to my blouse rushing to pull it off my arms, my nipples stuck out like hard bullets, I was so horny after undressing Lars, as he began to undo the laces holding my skirt together he loosened it enough to pull it down as I opened my legs to step out of it he buried his nose and tongue in my soaking wet pussy.

He lifted his head to say it was like nectar as he grabbed my hips pulling me down onto the quilt on my back his tongue found my pussy and clit again before asking Harry for 2 cushions to put under my bum , I rolled my eyes round the room looking at all the faces watching as Lars held his cock ,rubbing it up and down between my pussy lips teasing me his pre-cum leaking on to my pussy lips as I looked to be offering him my pussy as a sacrifice raised up on the cushions . We all watched as he rolled a bright red condom over his long hard cock . TBC