Written by Mrandmrs1967

23 Jul 2011

At the start of our relationship we both worked for a well known logistics company, one evening after working late finishing up a stock take we were both feeling very horny, we waited for the last of the staff to leave. Within minutes I was bent over my desk, jeans around my ankles and being fucked hard from behind. We slowly made our way around the office using the other desks as needed,me riding him hard on the floor, up against the wall slowly sheding some of our clothes until I was naked other than my boots, just knowing that a security guard could walk in at any time made it all the more hot and exciting.

Eventually we found ourselves in the managers office, the conference table was the perfect height, I lay spreadeagled whilst he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and rammed in deep,hard and fast where we both cum very quickly. Afterwards we dressed, turned out the lights and left for the evening.

The next morning we had to attend a management meeting in this same office with the results of the stock take and kept throwing glances at each other, sitting around the conference table and both thinking about the night before. Unfortunately we hadn't noticed before leaving that he had been wearing sports socks and all over the floor was small bits of fluff from the socks. Lots of puzzled looks from the other managers and a few questions but I don't think we ever did come up with a decent explanation for that!!