Written by Brevitt

9 Aug 2013

As my body came back to life and small movements were no longer too much to handle I knew I wanted to feel it again. I wanted to feel that pleasure rip though my body once more. I began to move my hips forward then back then forward and roll them around until my hips were circling and his cock was forced against each part of my inside walls. Ripples of excitement ran over my muscles and once again I raised my body to lift back but not off. This allowed him to fuck me again. I thought to myself how selfish he must think I am wanting to cum again but with each dive of his cock deeper into me, I couldn't help but think I don’t really care. As the thought passed through my brain, another orgasm built. I Slammed down hard against his cock, I didn't' have to look down to see my tits bouncing in his face I could feel them. I put my hands down in front of me, onto his chest. Pressed my arms together to keep them steady and to support what I knew was about to happen next. A squeal escaped my mouth as my stomach muscles, thigh and bum, and pussy all clamped down onto him. His cock deep within me I held myself still but firmly in place as wave after wave ripple across my body and through my insides. He took hold of my sides and rolled me onto my right arm and onto my side, trying to keep his cock inside me at the same time. I was lay on the floor of my own living room, trying to keep myself quiet whilst Cumming on another man’s cock. He put his hands down beside me.

Missionary, with my legs raised, feet towards my bum. I felt my way down his body as his cock slid in and out of me. My hands running across his skin and then up again to his shoulders I let my hands stand still and feel the strength of his arms above me. I could smell his wash powder on his skin combined with the smell of sex. I looked up and his face was serious. My eyes rolled backward as the strokes of his cock into me were deep as he began to pick up pace again. I let go of his arms and grabbed a hold of the carpet. There wasn't enough to take a firm hold of so my hands were fumbling around above my head once again as my muscles pulled back onto his cock. My insides responded to every thrust from his cock. Every draw back of his cock my muscles try to hold him firm, every thrust of his cock is met with a return thrust of my pussy and the relax of my inner muscles to feel his cock deeper inside me. I wrap my legs around him to feel him deeper still. His pace changes and I feel that he must be getting close. He has sped up and his cock is almost bouncing off my pussy, he’s fucking me so hard. I want to cum again! I think this could be the time that he cums too but his pace changes just as quickly and he slows back down again. I want to cum, my clit is wanting to feel more, as much as I want him to cum now I don't care either because I want to cum again more. A couple more thrusts and I release all over his cock. I lose control of everything, my back has arched and my hands grasp tightly the few piece of carpet that I can hold onto. My pussy tries to hold him still but he doesn't stop. I am undecided whether this is good or not. It isn't unpleasant feeling him continue to fuck me as I orgasm all over him however I love to hold onto that electrifying feeling of wave after wave of pleasure as I cum.

What goes through my head doesn't stop what he is doing though and he begins once again to speed up. This time it’s different, there is a goal and there is no slowing or varying of speed or rhythm. He's going to cum! I feel excited (I must get a picture) my legs lower back down and I press with my hands into the floor. With every new thrust of his cock, I roll my pelvis forwards onto him pressing into his cock. He thrusts deeper in and holds for a moment long, then again and then again. No noises, no looks. I glance up at him as I know he is cumming with an excited yet naughty look across my face. He has just cum deep inside me, straight off the back of my own orgasm. .

He lets out a small laugh and draws out of me. I lay on the floor motionless as he gathers his clothes and heads towards the bathroom.