Written by brevitt

30 Jul 2013

Straight back into it in her own words. If you wish to read part one just search while the cat's away!

He slowed down as I clenched back on his cock. My neck and back arched backward and silence as I held my breath, trying to keep that feeling remaining between my legs. I had waited so long to orgasm on a cock and I wasn't disappointed. I gasped a shallow breath as the blood rushed back to my head and my back released its tension slightly. I looked forward saw Dean with a slight smirk across his face. 5 weeks I had been waiting for that and I wanted more. I moved very slightly so to suggest that he could pick up the pace again. His reaction was instant and once again I found my hands fumbling behind my head, looking for something to hold onto. I lifted my legs off the floor, knees up to my sides. He moved his body closer, continuing with the rhythm, my arm came down to hold his then squeeze his arms but I remembered that I cannot leave a mark on him so return my hand to its position above my head and grab a hold of the cushion.

So to tip my pelvis backward, get his cock deeper very quickly I feel myself building to orgasm. I think to myself that even I’m surprised at how quickly this is happening. I look up and his face is serious, he continues to fuck me, every thrust of his cock deep inside me pressed his pubic area onto my clit and then off again. It's driving me wild. My pussy tightens around his cock and I cum strong again, this time though my orgasm isn’t so strong but it comes in waves of pleasure. My muscles contract against his cock strong at first then fading soon after. I sit up onto my elbows and forearms, and then up onto my hands. His cock still within me the whole time. I move forward to kiss him and he pulls his cock from within me as he sits backwards onto his knees and legs. I follow him down towards the floor

He lay down on the floor and told me to ride him. I lifted my right leg and straddled him then slid down onto his cock. It felt so good I could hardly move. I was already tight from the previous orgasms and just sliding onto his cock made everything tingle within. I dropped forward onto my hand and started to ride up and down on his cock. My breasts were bouncing in his face and I was building up to an orgasm so hard that I could no longer move. I looked down at him and said I can't do it, I can't carry on, you'll have to fuck me. He took hold of my hips with his hands and I rose up higher onto my knees. He thrust his cock into me and pumped hard, only a few thrusts deep within me and I was cumming like a train. Every new motion of his cock made my muscles tense more and my hands moved to his chest to try hold him still.