Written by gavin

28 Jan 2009

when i was 18 i was staying with relatives and we had a big family get together.There wasn't any seats left so i sat on the floor facing the chair that my cousins girlfriend was sitting on.i couldnt help to notice that i could see up her black skirt and i could see her white cotton knickers. i was descreet and kept looking and it started my white knicker fetish. years later i married and told my wife about what i had seen and she would wear them for me and sit in the chair and flash them. she even flashed them in public on the train, in resturants even at family get togethers. she would wear black skirts and white blouses and she would lay on the bed on her back with her legs in the air and hoist her skirt up over her thighs to reveal her little white cotton undies. i would strip and kneel in front of her and wank my cock over her,rubbing my cock over her pussy through the knickers and coming all over them. my wife loved turning me on with them and she even asked if i wanted other men looking at her while she flashed in public. i said yes and we agreed to go to the local park for a picnic so she could sit down and show of her legs and panties to the local dog walkers. it was a real turn on watching guys walk past and eye my wife and when we got home i was so turned on i just took her upstairs and fucked her. we have agreed to go out again for a picnic and let guys see but also we have thought about having sex and maybe getting spyed on by a local dog walker or passer by. we will have to see but i guess thats another story.