Written by SMxxxhardcore69

23 Oct 2014

So I recently told you all about my Christmas treat from Jen with my best mate Rob.As I said, after that initial Christmas "incident" the flood gates were opened, nearly every time the 3 of us got together, we fucked. We'd watch a bit of porn (usually a film called "Afternoon Delights" cos there are some really good 3-some scenes in it- It's a Seka film, this was mid 80's) Rob would after a while say he was going to have a bit of a wank & Jen would strip to her underwear & finger herself so we could both see & after a while he was soon burying his big hard-on into her. As I said she was allergic to latex, so I always got the pleasure of her spunky stretched cunt straight after! As I said in "Christmas present" Rob lived in a house share, but that never really bothered us. In fact I think knowing the other 5 guys could hear her coming as we fucked her was a bit of a turn on!

Anyway- the months passed, the other guys in the house openly flirting with her when we were there, all trying to get a piece!

So my birthday came around- May, & the 3 of us had been out for a drink to celebrate, then headed back to Robs place. Don't know why- my place was more central, & Jen & I lived together. We went up to his room to watch porn & carry on drinking, & first off a couple of the other guys came in to join us for a drink too. Eventually all 8 of us were sat together drinking, Jen the only girl there.

1 of the guys was trying really hard to flirt with Jen- I found if mildly funny....Trying his hardest to get her to come & see something in his room. She wasn't having any of it. After a while his patience ran out & he suddenly blurted out " Why won't you fuck me? We all know you fuck Mike & Rob- We've all heard you. You're always flirting with us, but you never follow through. I think you're a prick tease"

For the first time in the year we'd been together Jen actually blushed, but she fronted it well

"Is that what you think- I'm a prick tease? Maybe the time hasn't been right, maybe I don't fancy the rest of you like I fancy Rob. Maybe I just haven't felt comfortable."

We were all quite drunk & had a bit of a laugh at his expense, but suddenly the guys were all asking her questions like "Whats the rudest thing you've ever done?

"Mike & Rob"

"Who's the oldest guy you've fucked?"

"50" Please bear in mind at this time she was just 19

"Have you ever fucked a complete stranger?"

"Yes- I went clubbing with a mate & got chatted up as we waited for a taxi for her to go home. I walked to the flats we lived in & said I just had to lie to Mike that Carrie -( her mate) - was really ill, & I had to get her home. What I actually said on the entry phone was 'I've met a guy & I'm going to fuck him on the beach opposite the flat & if Mike watched out the window he'd be able to see it all."

I found it a huge turn on listening to her being so straight with these guys.

"So Mike likes to watch?" said one of the guys.

"He loves it!" She replied

"So you're not a prick tease?" Asked the original guy (I really don't remember his name- How bad?) "You're talking like this, but you won't fuck any of us"

She grabbed hin by his collar & another by his hand & said "Right- you 2- come with me"

"Fuck" I thought. This is either giong to get really bad cos she's going to have a right go at him or she's off to one of their rooms & I'm not going to see her fucking these 2. Bollocks!

We could hear them whispering on the landing, & after a couple of minutes the 2nd guy came back in with Jen. He said to the others "Come on lads- lets leave them to it"

The others finished their drinks & left.

"What happened?" asked Rob

" I just told him not to be such a knob!" Jen said laughing.

We carried on drinking, then 1 of the others came back in & asked Rob outside.

"Oh balls!" Thats messed everything up

Jen pushed me back on the sofa & started kissing me. I unzipped her dress & pulled it off, so she was in just her undies, bra, knickers,suspender belt & really sexy sheer tan seamed stockings. She unzipped me & began giving me a blow job. I laid back & closed my eyes & enjoyed!

I never heard the door open. Suddenly Jen stopped & I was grabbed. The guys picked me up & dumped me on an old fashioned wooden chair facing Robs bed. My arms were forced behind my back & I tied up with a kitchen towel. My legs were tied to the legs of the chair so I couldn't move.

Jen was stood right in front of me in just her undies. She pulled the guy that called he a prick tease over & kissed him. A long deep french kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth.

"Fucking prick tease! That is one thing I'm not."

I was completely helpless. I couldn't move at all.

"Come on then" she said "You've wanted me for months- here I am. Lets see if you're man enough! Then she looked at the others "Or men enough! Happy birthday Mike!" She said.

In a flash the guys were pushing her over to the bed. She fell on her back. I remember it as clear as day. 1 guy actually ripped her knickers off & buried his face into her cunt, another 2 undid her bra & started sucking her tits, Rob was kissing her, another was getting her hand working on his shaft, wanking him slowly. As soon as Rob stopped kissing her a cock was forced between her lips & deep into her mouth. I could hear the sounds of sex & Jen was obviously enjoying it.

Prick tease then pushed the guy licking her out of the way & climbed on top of her. I remember I couldn't see clearly, but he did have a big cock (most are bigger than me!) He rammed into her & began to fuck her hard. She stopped sucking, mostly because she was coming very quickly. Hands & mouths all over her. 20 to 21 year old guys , pulling roughly on her tits. I was so horny watching her willingly being used & abused by these guys, but there was nothing I could do. I wanted to wank so much.

"Rob- put another light on so I can see better" I asked. He turned another light on & now I could see a lot more.

Jen wrapped her thighs around prick teases hips & raised up to meet his every plunge. His pace quickened, then he rammed deep inside her & obviously exploded. She screamed out as she came too. A couple more thrusts & he was done. As he slipped out I could see his thick white spunk oozing out of her. As soon as he moved out the way another one climbed on & began to ram into her. He obviously enjoyed her a lot & within just a few thrusts added his spunk to the first load.

"Next!" Jen said laughing

The 3rd guy rolled her onto her belly & knelt her up. I could now see her swollen, spunk filled hole clearly, all open & cum trickling out. He went around behind her.

"Oi! Perv- can you see ok? He asked over his shoulder to me.

"Can you move a little to the right?" I asked

"Nope" was his rather abrupt answer. I sort of could see, he was stroking her clit with his cock but the angle & his hand holding his cock so I couldn't see very clearly.

"Oh! Fuck me" Jen ordered.

"Shut up slut!" he barked back at her.

"Perv- wanna see something special? he asked

Jen quickly said "I'm not doing anal!"

He slapped her arse really hard "I told you to shut up slut- Someone stick something in the whores mouth to keep her quite"

Instantly another shoved his cock into her mouth. I heard her trying to object, but was unable to speak due to the mouthful.

The guy behind her now turned around & I really did see something special. He was about 10" uncut really thick with balls like a donkey!

"I'm going to hurt the bitches pussy with this!" With that he turned around & I was surprised how easily it went in, but I suppose with 2 loads of "natural lube" I suppose I shouldn't have been.

Jen spat the cock in her mouth out & almost cried out in both ecstsay & pain "Fucking hell thats huge!"

He wasn't taking any prisoners. He grabbed her by the hips & pulled her back onto every thrust. He then shimmied her to the right& now I could see his hugeness properly ramming right up her. I could hear the mixture of her come & the first 2 guys spunk splashing out of her & I could see his cock glistening with the mixture, absolutely soaked. Jen was properly screaming out in pleasure, coming like I'd never seen her come before.

"For fucks sake don't you dare stop! Fuck me! Use me! Tell me I'm a slut!" She cried.

"You're a slut! A dirty little slut. & if I want to stop using you I fucking well will!" With that he pulled out & again started stroking her clit with his massive tip.

"Tell me you're a dirty little whore slut & I can fuck you whenever I want!" He commanded

"I'm a dirty little whore....." She never finished her sentance as again he rammed quite viciously into her. She screamed again, but this time more in pleasure & surprise. He pulled right out then buried it back into her. Again & again he did this. She was climbing the walls as he fucked her like a wild animal.

I wanted it to stop, partly because I thought he was hurting her, partly out of jealousy because I'd never seen her come that hard. I was so turned on.

"You want me to spunk up your cunt don't you?" He asked

"Fuck yeah!" Jen answered.

"Say it then!" he ordered

"Spunk right up my slutty cunt!" She said

With that he pulled out & shot his load all over her cunt & arse. Loads came out as he wanked all running down her pussy & thighs.

"Now you'll have to come back another time to experience me spunking up you. He moved round to her head "Clean it up!" he ordered She willingly took his soft cock which was still about 6" into her mouth.

I remember I so wanted to taste her cunt, covered with 3 guys cum. I could see she was really swollen & bruised. He looked over at me "Im going to fuck her whenever I want now. Whenever, wherever & however. Wether you're there or not!"

He pulled out of her mouth only to be replace by another lad. He wasn't that big- maybe 6 or 7", & she seemed to be able to take most of him into her mouth. Another went behind her & slipped into her. Both had obviously been really turned on by the action, as was I & both came quite quickly. Everyone started to head off to bed, leaving Rob to untie me. I was rock hard & it was such a relief to be able at last to touch myself. Jen rolled onto her back & opened her legs. She was a mess! Stockings were laddered, cunt sopping with spunk.

"I can't fuck both of you- Rob I'll suck you off- Mike- get down there & lick me- Taste them all."

I'd only licked her a couple of times after Rob had fucked her before, & was not sure about it. I put my face close to her. I could smell the sex on her.

"Lick me or I'm going downstairs to wash it all away"

I really didn't want that, so I lapped at her. I was surprised at how good she tasted, but god she was swollen. I heard her purr in pleasure, which motivated me even more & I really burried my face into her. As I did I heard Rob grunt & he came in her mouth. Jen pulled my head up to her face & kissed me, mouth full of cum. My cock was now right by her gaping cunt & I slipped into it so easily. I tried to fuck her hard, but she was so loose & wet I'm not sure if she even really felt it. I soon came up her, felt like a gallon I was so turned on.

We had a cup of tea then got a cab home. A proper "ride of shame" her smelling of sex, man sweat & cum & so obviously wearing what she went out in the night before. She hadn't even taken her stockings off even though they were ruined & her make up was smudged & run, no knickers.

But I'm not sure if it was really a birthday present for me or a late birthday present to herself!