Written by Andy

24 Dec 2012

I consider my self a fair and honest guy and a good husband.

I married Gail seven years ago,She was 35, very attractive, size 12, with small firm boobs and short mousey coloured hair.

When we met, She had a daughter aged 8, no job and lived with her parents.

She was fun, loving and i enjoyed being seen out with her.

Shortly after we married we decided on visiting a naturist spa which also had a sun bathing area.

Having enjoyed a few days on the naturist beach in the canaries whilst on our honeymoon and only holiday without our daughter, i say our daughter, because i accepted her as part of my wife from day one, a spa visit was our only opportunity to relax in a state of nakedness together.

At first i got a thrill as i saw other guy's looking at her. It was also quite erotic knowing that if she liked the guy, she'd allow him to have a discreet fiddle with her as we chattered in one of the hot tubs.

Before long we were making regular visits to the spa as both our parents were happy to have time alone with our daughter.

Having got fed up of old men following her about or trying to grab a sneaky feel she said she'd had enough of the place and would like to visit a spa she'd heard about in the Midlands.

I could see what she meant about the place, and was also getting quite fed up of these old guys following her every move, and trying to partake in every conversation we had, even if it was only about what we were getting our daughter for yule.

The midlands spa to be fair was very clean, very swingy and although they allowed many more single men in than their advert lead you to believe, these guys seem to respect your space and because there were couples about who were happy to play, the singles didnt pester us at all.

Over a few visits Gail allowed more and more people to touch her and before long it was an accepted part of our visits, but it was only ever touching or the odd suck of her boob whilst in the jacuzzi.

On one visit i left her watching a film in the cinema whilst i went for a steam.

On my return to the cinema i saw her being stroked by a guy. distracted by him touching her i went to the back corner.

Shielded by a guy who was also watching her and the guy touching her i was able to observe without her knowledge.

Before long the guy touching her was sucking on her boob whilst his fingers explored her clitoris.

Oblivious to who was watching them, she reached out and began wanking him.

He then shuffled down and began eating her.

He did that for some 5 minutes before she said she had better look for her husband. Draping my towel over my head as if wiping a sweaty face she was unaware of my presence as she vacated the cinema.

A few seconds later the guy who had been touching her left along with the guy who was sat next to me and another one from the second row who had turned around and watched my wife in stead of the film. Needless to say i then left.

I looked in the sauna, steam room and jaquzzi's, but couldnt find her, nor was she in the bar area.

I went up stairs to look in the play rooms in case she was stood outside one watching others plays, which was something we use to like doing, but again i couldnt find her.

I began to panic, which was silly just because i couldn't find her, i knew she was safe, i just couldn't find her.

Suddenly a guy i'd never spoke to said, if your looking for your missus she's in the round room.

Round room? I'd never been in there nor did i know where it was.

Seeing my blank look he added, i'll show you.

I'd seen this mirrored door before but assuming it was a staff door, had never looked inside.

In the centre was a large round bed with about 6 people on it and sat in the corner away from the the large bed was my wife and the two guys from the cinema.

One was stood between her parted thighs and i could see his dick probing and disappearing inside my wife as he pumped away at her shaven and exposed fanny, the other guy was sucking her boobs as she lay gently wanking him.

It seems stupid now, but seeing that he wore protection seem to make it ok as i watched, fully aware that i was getting hard.

I don't know if he came or she told him to stop when she saw me but as he eased himself from her, she said something and both guys looked at me as i made my way towards her.

As if totally normal she introduced me to them and kissed them each on the cheek saying, hope to see you later, but i have to get a drink right now as im so hot.

I got the drinks whilst she found a seat.

By way of an explanation she said i thought you may like to watch me take things further, and knew you'd find me sooner or later. Did you find it more erotic finding me, rather than us setting up something together?

I stupidly said yes, i found it such a turn on stumbling upon her, but in truth, i was gutted. I was happy with discreet touching in the hot tub and loved the thought of me watching her play, but in reality it was like being hit by a train.

Since then we have been back twice and both times gail has had sex with guys and couples whilst i watched.

I'm being gutless by writing on here, but i know she will read it as we often read through the stories and wonder how things moved so fast and feel it may be better if she likes playing that much if we found just one or two regular friends instead of whoever at a spa?