Written by Rex

15 Aug 2016

Last year we had to wait for the kids to go back to uni before we could do anything, so I guess it been almost four months if you add on the three weeks of looking the contacting messaging and emails

I always leave up to Sue she had the final say this time she gone for someone different very different his black also half her age funny before she seemed to like the older bloke the oldest being in his sixties she is forty two, she still got a good figure large heavy busted quite slim a little wight on hips and bum but nice legs the photos on the site show her off at her best

When Sue was in shower I got the bed ready just a bottom sheet and pillows as I went down stair I shouted hurry up time's going it don't take me that long to get ready, well all I have got on is shorts and t shirt and half a lob on thinking about what is going to follow

Sue comes down in her silk dressing gown I can see she not got a bra on her tits are hanging to low, I said what have you got under that she open it and show me, she had black holdups and nothing else, she says I shaved I could see it was smooth she had a gap between her thighs I could see her long fleshy pussy lips dangling there

She sits down on the soffa and me in a chair, I ask what did you say his name is she tuts and say James you seen some emails I said oh yes did you find out if he is really hung it said large on his profile, she smiled and said hope so, no he didn't say I think he be a bit nervous his quite new to this

The doorbell rang Sue said you go, I opened the door and there stood a quite tall slim black guy, I said James he said yes, I asked him in saying Sue in the front room

We walked in Sue smiled and said hello come and sit here, he sat down looked round say you got a nice place, he did seem a bit nervous funny how they look for something to say and how the first small talk go's

He is in good hands with my wife she get things started if you wait for the bloke and his nervous you could wait all night

She crosses her legs the dressing gown slips off her leg we can see the top of her socking and a good bit of thigh, she move the dressing gown gaps open I can see almost all of one tit, James don;t know where to look

Sur tuerns his head and kiss him as she do she puts his hand on her breast

The ice is broken they are snogging his having a right feel of her tit I can see her nipple stiffen she uncross her legs

James is away he kiss her neck then down to her breast he lifts it up so the nipple is higher and start to suck on it it's really long now

His hand moves to her thigh Sue lays back more putting one leg over the arm of the sofa the the other over his knee so her thighs are wide open for him, I can see the fleshy folds of her pussy lips the two long side ones look like flaps, I can see his fingers pushing them apart finding away between them and getting then open his not found that large prominent clit that hidden under there she looks moist

Finally the folds apart two long black finger go in as Sue let out a low moan, he is fingering her and sucking a nipple, my wife's hand came down and go round his wrist she need the fingers in the right place, it seems she found it she starts to use his hand making it go faster till she gasp she pulls his hand away his fingers are very wet

She pushes him off the swollen nipple and say we need to go upstairs

He look at me a bit surprised my shorts are off and I am holding my very stiff cock

Sue stand up the dressing gown slips off and there she is in all her glory she looks wonderful her breasts hanging down her big erect nipples pinting down her lard hips , she takes James's hand and lead the way as she walks the big tits sway the flesh on her bum wobbles James looks bewildered

What a sight we must be as I followed them my beautiful almost naked wife holding a young black lads hand about the same age as our younger son leading him to our bedroom with me behind them with a hard on

In the bedroom Sue helps him get his top off he is very dark but he looks fit a very nice body, she kiss him her hand going all over his back, she steps back and undo his jeans and pushed them over his hips he has boxes on The thing that get my attention is the bulge it goes right up to the wait band on his lower tummy when Sue pulls the waistband open out pops the end of a very wide and it has to be a long black cock it is dam near to his belly button, my wife has had some really big cocks in her time some have been seven inches plus most are around the five to six inches as nearly all of us are if we tell the truth

As she pushed the boxes down she looked over to me as if to say look at this, as she got then onto his thighs we could it in it's full glory Sue muted blood hell, neither of us expected that, I knew my wife would say no she would give it a try first, she got hold of it as if she was examining it , she sat on the edge of the bed and just about got the end in her mouth the look on James face he didn't need much of that he was rock hard any way

Sue sensed he was ready, she pulled herself up the bed James followed he wanted to screw her he wasn't to interested in foreplay he was on top of her it was bit of a rush, he was between her legs and pushing to get in her

I heard she say James then JESUS CHRIST the lad found his target as he pressed down my wifes legs open as wide as she could get them as more went in she said MY CRISTED,two good forceful thrusts my wife was impaled I never heard her cry out like that as she took the last inch or so

James was away fuck did he go he's a fucking machine

Once Sue adjusted to his depth and size she went crazy she had a massive orgasum I never seen her cum like that she shook and trembled making l; sorts of noises the lads cock was doing thing to her I have never done

He lasted no more than fifteen minutes at the most when he said he was cimming Sue locked her legs round him and held him in her arms she wanted his spunk and did she get a load

I am glad he didn't want to use condoms I left two out just in case they wouldn't fitted and plus they would burst I have pierced them to make sure they do for blokes that don't want to go bareback

I got on the bed after he rolled off Sue put her head to one side and opened her mouth as I wanked in her face it only took a could of strokes and did I cum I shot a load over her face in her hair before she sucked me

I don't think James knew what to make of us, the three of us lay on the bed he told us Sue was his first white woman and he had girls that couldn't take him I asked how long is it he said nine and three quarters so my wife must of had nine inches in her at least I would think that be at the limit any woman could accommodat

We lay there together chatting James opened up and become more relaxed, within an hour he was showing signs he could go again ten minutes later he jumped her again he lasted a lot longer this time and took her in different positions on her knees he must of gone in deeper she squealed out on the first couple of thrusts I love watching that way her big tits swinging it was so exciting I cum again

After that night James became a regular he's like my wife's toy boy his always round here he stays the night at weekends Sue can't get enough of his black cock one Saturday he had her five times in one day, he can have any time like one day we had dinner and they went to do the dishes I heard a squeal and went to see what was happening and there she bent over him behinder her he jumped her at the sink , we have indicated him into our ways now that involves me being under her as he fucks her me putting him in me doing my clean up and even sucking him and we do threesomes

We had a couple of other blokes here on the side and Sue says no they are not up to the mark not like her James