Written by Roger

8 Sep 2016

I was contacted by Jan he seemed interesting after some messaging w e spoke on the phone, he was a young Polish man I gave him my address for him to come round that evening he didn't live to far away

I showered abd got ready as it was summer I had on a small pear of shorts

He was a bit late I opened the door to him he came in,we all know what it's like meeting for the first time I find most men just want to get on with it and leave but Jan did seem a tad nervous so we sat and chatted he told me he was over here working on a farm

I have to say he did look the our door sort quite tanned about six foot tall muscular he has a slim waist with nice hips he was about nineteen a bit of a dish, as we talk he did relaxe and one of the thing I asked why older men like myself and he told me his first experience five years before was with an older man

As he seemed happy I thought I would ask if wanted to go upstairs he smiled and nodded

Once in my bedroom I watched as he undressed he really did have a fit body, I went over to him when he was down to his pants, he stood still as I ran my hands over his chest then kissed him on the cheek and neck as I did I dropped my shorts and kicked them out the way

I then kissed him down to his tummy by then I knelt on the floor I looked up to him as I eased his pants down there was a nice bulge there

It was when I got them past his hips there was a mass of black pubes, I pushed them over his bum and I could see the base of a very substantial cock that start to appear it was a wide one, when his pants were on his thighs I could see just how magnificent it was

Jam had been truly blessed with his cock and balls to match it dangled down a good six inches in it's relaxed limp state his ball bag hang behind it his nuts hung low in the sack and looked the size of small chickens eggs

A big cock is is about seven inches almost all are far smaller than that but here was one that was about a inch shorter without being pimped with blood

I lifted it to my face as I did I rolled back the foreskin I could smell the musky aroma of stale pee, it felt really heavy I licked all round the crown and pushed the tip of my tongue in the slit the eye, he was still limp

I took as much as I could in my mouth sucking and using my tongue it did started to stiffen after five minutes but it was not erect

I stood up I have a bit over six inches and that is quite meaty I was rock hard I put my arm round him and held our cocks together in his semi stiff sate his was longer than mine

Jan put his arms round me I felt them on my back one then went down to my bum the finger parted my cheeks till a finger fund my fanny it pushed hard and went in he hooked up and pulled hard making me lift on my toes

He may of been opening my ring, we stumbled onto the bed where he pulled me round so he was between my legs and took me in his mouth and with one hand round my balls he pulled them the more he sucked the more he pulled I loved it

When he let go he forced two fingers into my fanny and fingered me I was in heaven, before I knew it my lags were in the air and I was being rimmed, after a long rim, I was pulled to the edge of the bed I could see his cock was much harder now between his legs holding his cock he knelt on the side of the bed as he did I opened my mouth and let the end go in the bell end filled my mouth as he pushed more went in, it was to much to fat I gagged as it went deeper I couldn't breath and tried to push him back, he pulled back I was still gagging and gasping for breath and he pushed in again I gagged and choked this time he tried a few times to get more in but it was just to big

When it was over Jan had the biggest hard on I had seen it must of been about nine inches long with a curve a big mushroom head on it the scenery thing about it was how wide it was

I was dragged off the bed pushed round and back on it, I knew what he was going to do next I got on my knees and braced myself as I did I looked at the bedside table there was condoms and lube he was going to bareback me and breed me with out lube

I felt it nugg my fanny I tool a very deep breath as it pressed onto my ring

He held my hips my arms went stiff on the bed as he pushed, I had never been as tight as this before a hell of pain ripped thru my ring the head went in but the pain didn't stop as it went deeper I squealed and tried to pull away but he had me he pulled on my hips and pushed at the sametime as inch after inch went painfully inside me, I was squealing like a stuck pig my cock was limp as I felt it go deeper and deeper

Then I felt him press on my bum, I was gasping, he stayed like that for a few moments thank god, then he started to fuck me my god after a few minutes the pain went I have never known anyone with so much energy he fucked for over ten minutes flat out so he had staying power

Before he cum he was going like a machine gun, when he let his load go I have never know so much spunk in my life he beard me alright

I expect him to be like most men cum and go, not at all he lay beside me and hugged me, he asked if I had climaxed I told him no, he started playing with my limp cock I was soon hard he sucked me just to make sure then lay with his back to me and lifted one leg up and held it I rolled onto my side and found a tight Polish hole I never performed like he did but it made him hard so I fucked him and wanked him at the same time

I cum much to fast a long time before he was ready to, I ended up sucking him off it took a long time

We had a shower together I thought he then leave but he asked to stay

It be over three hours later and my fanny was getting his attention again I took him much easier this time and he rode me for ages

It really was like being broke in again my man fanny is a lot looser now

Jam has moved in a couple of weeks ago as my lodger for free I pay for every thing what ever he needs, he send all his money home now

His balls seem to always be full as his bitch wife he husbands me whenever he likes he has me twice a day often more at weekends