Written by YorkieBar121

10 Feb 2017

In my last 2 posts I said about my 70 year old widowed neighbour.

She said she would get some sexy underwear as she had never had any before as her and her late husband were straight laced and pillars of the village. I had brought out the sexual side of her. The day after my last visit the other day I had just got out of the shower after getting home from work when I got a text off her saying she had a present for me. I got dressed and popped round to find her in her dressing gown again but noticed she had stockings on. We kissed and I dropped her gown off her shoulders and onto the floor. She stood there in a purple Lacey bra and matching knickers and black stockings and suspender belt. For 70 she looks amazing. Her firm toned body looked like a 20 year olds. I said she looked amazing and so sexy and she said she felt really sexy and had never felt like it before and it made her feel horny and naughty and her pussy was getting wet and needed my cock in her. She went to undo my trousers and I pulled her hand away and said no.

She had said last time I was round that she wanted me to show her what she has missed out on and I said I'd show her everything. So I told her to put her long coat on and boots and grabbed her car keys. She asked what I was doing. I said giving u more of what u have missed out on. I opened the passenger door and told her to get in. I got in the drivers seat and backed her car out of her garage. She said she didn't want to do anything outside in case someone she knew saw her as she was a popular woman in the village after living there 45 years and was involved in a lot of groups in the village. Library. Squash club. Walking club. Parish council etc. I said to her. U never know maybe most of your friends might have a naughty side too. She shook her head and said I doubt it. I drove us away from the village and to a wood which I knew was quiet. It was just getting dark as we left the car and walked hand in hand along a small path into the woods. We walked away from the path into the trees where I removed her coat and hung it on a branch. She looked nervous as she stood there in her underwear. I told her not to be nervous as we won't be disturbed here and I stripped off to show her that there wasn't anything to be scared of. She rubbed my cock as I rubbed her pussy through her pants as we kissed. After awhile she was soaking. I lowered her pants and let them drop off. With her back against a tree I pushed my cock inside her. She let out a moan then I started fucking her. She said it felt so good and it was another first for her. I heard a noise and noticed a guy walking his dog watching us. He was behind her so she hadn't noticed. I knew if she saw him that would be it and she wouldn't do anything else so I looked at him and put my finger to my lips to say be quiet. He stood still just watching. She had cum and was moaning loudly. I could still see him watching and he was rubbing his cock through his trousers. I came inside her and told her to clean me up. She knelt down and sucked my cock clean. I was so horny been watched and she did a great job at sucking me that I stayed hard and I moved her sideways and bent her over a fallen tree. I spread her legs and fucked her from behind. Again she moaned and screamed as l fucked her hard and fast and quite rough as her pussy was soaking with both our juices dripping from her. I slapped her arse and pulled her head back by her hair. She screamed with pleasure as I looked over to the guy. He had moved closer and was only a tree away and had his hard cock out wanking. I still had hold of her hair and pulled her head round to face him. She didn't see him at first as she must of had her eyes closed. She was saying how good it felt. I waved the guy over and he was stood with his cock almost at her face as I said to her. Do u like been watched. With that she saw him. Saw his cock close to her face. She tried to pull away and I said no. He has been watching since we got here. We might aswell finish off. I told her to suck him. She held back so I ushered him to move closer and feed his cock to her which he did. She did nothing at first then started sucking it. Taking him deep in her mouth. He soon came and filled her mouth. I came at the same time and told her not to swallow. I turned her round and kissed her and took his spunk from her mouth. I put my clothes back on and she put her pants back on and her coat and we walked back to the car. Driving back I asked her if she was ok. She said yes but didn't know how she felt about been seen. I said well he didn't complain. She said she felt nervous but naughty. She asked me why I kissed her and took his spunk from her mouth. I said why didn't u like that. She said it made her horny abit but why did I do it. It was then that I told her that I was bi. She just sat the rest of the journey quietly. I parked her car in her garage and she just said bye and went inside. I might have blown it with her but it was fun. I'll just play it by ear for now.