Written by seastcpl69

30 Dec 2010

my wife and i had had a few mfm in the past but that was always when all 3 us were there.

i have awlays enjoyed when she has layed in bed playing with me while she talked about what she got up to before we met, this ws a real turn on for both of us.

a few weeks ago she found one of her ex's on facebook. it was not long before they had started sending each other messages and this of course led to naughtier and naughtier ones. he sent sent her his mobile number ans she told me it was getting naughty and that he had asked her to send him some pics, that night we went to bed and i took the pics for her to send ,we waited and her phoned beeped, there was a pic of him hard saying it was because of the pics she had sent she now had my cock in her hand and was very turned on, when i felt her up she was very wet and i told her to tell him how wet she was and what he would do about it,this she did, we had a great fuck that night and this has been going on for 2 weeks or so,

we have asked him if he fancies joining us but he keeps changing the subjet, my mrs asked him why and he said he was worried about me, then my mrs said how about she was to see him alone and then come home and tell me about evey liitle thing that went on.

then last friday she went out on her xmas wiorks do and the plan was he was going to pick her up and then they would park up and i would be sent pics and texts as things went on.

at 10.58 she text to say she had just got in the car, this was the start and i was so hard, she then text to say they had found somewhere i text back saying kiss hin, then nothing for 15 mins, i thought they must have been busy, she then text to say she was vey wet but nothing had happend,

then at midnight she was home, i asked what went on she went on to say he was still not sure, but she was and horny as fuck, she fucked me so hard that night telling me how whished she had just grabbed his cock and started things off,

she is due out again in 3 weeks and we are not sure if we should ask him again or if he is just playing us along..

will updtae you when we know more