Written by Mark Jenkins

14 Feb 2017

So we moved into our new house about 2 months ago. There's me and the mrs kate plus my step daughter Ruby. When we first moved in our new neighbor Chris came and introduced himself. I could tell he was eyeing up Kate there and then, after all she is gorgeous 31 years old with beautiful brunette hair, nice pair shape breasts and a plump little ass. Chris is a gym guy and look super ripped, I was a little jealous as I do go to the gym 5 times a week but I've got nothing compared to him.

So a few weeks and we often spoke to him on the way out, I normally drop ruby off at school so I see him week day mornings. But about 3 weeks ago I was ill so Kate had to drop her off. The first couple of days I saw them talking at the fence I could tell he was flirting a little. Kate didn't look very comfortable, although she had told me she thought he was quite fit.

kate had to put the bins out on a Thursday night as well while I was lay on the sofa with flu. She went out and after about 20 minutes I thought she had been gone a long time so I went to the back door to look for her. Before I got there she rushed in looking A bit shocked and I asked what was wrong.

Kate said they had been talking and all of a sudden he started to grope her behind, so she slapped him in the face and came in. I offerd to go and have a word with him but she asked me not to.

That night we spoke about it in bed and kate even though annoyed with him still kept saying how attractive he was. So I told her if she wanted to she could take it further with him and that I wouldn't mind. I've always had a little fantasy about kate with another man. She said though that she would feel guilty if she did anything so she couldn't.

The next morning I was feeling a bit better but I asked kate to take ruby to school as I half wanted to see if they spoke outside. I saw Chris walk over to the fence and they started to talk so I got behind our front door to eves drop.

I could here him apologizing and kate was telling him not to worry about it, I was gutted and thought it was all over.

That night ruby was staying at her Nana's so it was just me and kate later on. We had tea about 6pm I made macaroni cheese and kate made a lemon cake for afters. After we had finished there was some cake left over and kate asked wether we should give it to Chris to make up for the incident last night.

I said that it would be a great idea and suggested we could have a cup of tea with him as well. He always invites us in when we speak to him but we've never took him up on it.

Kate rapped the cake in tinfoil and just before we left the door I came down with the flu again at a convenient time. I told her she could go and have tea and cake with him but I wasn't feeling well. At first she said she'd give it him tommorow.

I managed to rescue the situation by telling a little lie. I said I saw Chris that day and he'd come up to me and apologized saying that he was really depressed and that he just let his urges get the better of him. Kate will fall for any sob story and about 10 minutes later she said she was going to drop in on him with the cake. As she left I jokingly reminded her remember I said I wouldn't mind if you wanted to take it further with him. She laughed it off and went over.

I peaked out the window as they talked at the door for a few minutes and then kate stepped in. I couldn't believe she had actually gone in. After about 15 minutes wich I deemed more than enough time for tea and cake I got my shoes on and went out.

I crept round the back of his house and into his garden. Both blinds were shut so couldnt see anything. I sat there wondering what to do then I heard foot steps going up the stairs, so I decided to go in. I opened the back door and tip toed through his kitchen into the lounge.

Just as I stepped in to the lounge I heard a commotion upstairs. I slowly crawled upstairs as I got about a third of the way up I started to here moaning and my heart started to pound, I couldn't believe it was happening.

I popped my head up in between the banister and saw what happening. They were in his bedroom and kate was knelt down infront of him with his cock in her mouth !!!

She was going to town working her tongue up the shaft and sucking his ball bag, can't remember the last time I got a blow job like that. He had a massive penis, much bigger than mine and she was loving it. After a few minutes they finished and kate started stripping off. By this point I had my cock in my hands.

She stripped down to her pussy and Chris swept her off her feet and put her on the bed. He started to suckle on her tits while his hand explored her and began teasing her clit. Eventually he got between her legs and I went off all over his stairs while he slowly penetrated her. Kate has quit wide pussy but his huge meat managed to stretch it even further.

As he went down on her the two of them snogged each other. With every thrust kate groans we're getting louder. She rapped her legs around him started to beg him to fuck her harder, I was in heaven seeing kate act like a total slut. He abliged and they began to smack together furiously. Kate screamed as he pounded her until finally he forced his cock right up her pussy. As he pulled out his cock his juice dropped out of my wife's swollen womanhood.

He told her to get on all fours and she complied with delight offering her rear to him. He got his penis back up and shoved it up her arse, kate gasped and gripped the bed for support. As to my knowledge she's never done anal before. He fucked her up the arse for a good while she gritted her teeth. Then he flipped her over and come all over her tits.

They lay next to each other for a while caressing one another, kate was enjoying his huge chest and abs.

Kate told him she was gonna have to go soon and told him they could have one last fuck.

Chris lay on his back and kate lowers herself onto his pole. She grinned with delight as it finally went in. She started to ride him slowly holding his biceps for support. He was griping her breasts and rubbing all over her body as she went up an down. They got more intense and kate started screaming swear words as he come up her pussy. She leaned back in pure exctacy as he pumped her full of his sperm. She slid of and they kissed for a few minutes, then she told him she had to go home.

All of a sudden I realized I was still in his house bolted hopefully they didn't here anything. About 15 minutes later she came home with a big smile on her face, I asked what happend and she said they talked about how he was feeling depressed and how we could help. I couldn't wait to fuck her, we had sex that night after she'd rushed in the shower. It was great putting my cock in that gorgeous pussy knowing it had been violated and another man had his penis in there and pumped his sperm in my wife. I love i her, but I want her to be a whore.

I'm just so glad she made that cake !!!