Written by Craig3274

3 Apr 2013

Hi,i wrote recently regarding my wifes sexual adventures which luckily for me seem to be getting naughtier as we get older. After contributing 'Wifes New Job 1&2' and 'Wife and friends husband' i wondered if she might give me more to report. Thankfully she has but not with her friends husband as i suspected might happen. We have an old lady who lives over the road from us and Melanie often visits her,most days in fact and she is also visited by two older men,both in their 70s named Geoff and Peter. Now Melanie has mentioned on several occasions that Peter really is in his 70s while Geoff appears younger in looks and behaviour and has been cheeky to her on several occasions,commenting on her legs and breasts.Me being the way i am,naturally i told her she should put him on the spot and that would probably shut him up (but also knowing full well it would just encourage him,after all at that age you have nothing to lose). It wasn't all the time that she saw this older man though because they only usually visited at the weekend when we were usually busy. By chance though there was a knock at the door while i was at home and i found this Geoff there,introducing himself and asking if he could step inside as he needed to speak to me.I was somewhat curious and took him inside and asked him what it was.....he proceeded to tell me that he had been asked by his Doctor to give a semen sample but hadnt been able to get an erection for some years.I was now a little confused and asked how on earth i could help."Well" he said,"recently in the company of your good lady i have felt a few stirrings down there,and while this is somewhat cheeky i wondered if you'd mind if she assisted me?" I knew exactly what he meant and said to him,"Geoff,if Melanie is happy to help you then i dont see it being a problem but you'll have to ask her". He thanked me,shook my hand and left. I was curious then as to when it might happen and when also she'd tell me that he'd even asked her.It was several days later when she sent me a text at work asking me if i'd mind if i helped Geoff with a delicate matter.He'd obviously not told her that he'd spoken to me so i asked what that was and she explained in a roundabout way that he had to give a sample to his doctor and needed somebody to hold the bottle. She never mentioned semen,so i pleaded ignorance and said,what if he pees on you? She then replied,oh well,it'll wash off!! So she obviously knew what she was going to do and was happy to decieve me also.I have to admit that aroused me even more. I asked her when she was going to help him and where and she said that it could be done at our house when i was at work so he had some privacy. I agreed to this,knowing there was more chance of her 'helping him' to cum if she felt in control. A day later Melanie told me that Geoff was coming round the following morning so she could help him.I asked her again if she was just holding the bottle for him and she said,"well i dont think he'll be wanting anything else at his age!" I reminded her of the cheeky remarks he'd made and she said " well perhaps i'll wear something nice for him,see if i can raise more than a smile lol". I was very excited the next day and she didnt text me all day which was unusual. When i got home she was in the bath too so while there i looked in the laundry and came across a pair of tights and a t.shirt and skirt which were undeniably soaked in spunk! My cock was rock hard in seconds and i was just about to have a wank when i turned and Melanie was stood there. I was speechless and she just said "Raised more than a smile didnt i?!". She said,"come upstairs,i'll tell u what happened". I went up still holding the spunk stained clothes and we sat on the bed as she told me Geoff had arrived about 10am and all she had on was a pair of leggings and a t.shirt.He said oooh you'll do for me Melanie as he walked in and she laughingly told him to behave himself. They went into the living room and sat down and she said there was a little awkward silence and she said "Right Geoff,so how do u want me?" and he said,well naked would be good for me!! She again told him to behave and he said to her,well you're the only woman who's made me feel anything down there for years so do what you feel is best to get me going! She said ok,wait here a moment and went back upstairs and returned in just a lacy top,no bra,short denim skirt and sheer tights. Geoff said,oh my life Melanie,its working already. "Lets get on with itb then shall we" she said to him. With that Geoff stood up and removed his trousers and underwear,then sat back down. Melanie told me that he had an impressive cock,around 8" long and pretty thick. She jokingly said to him,"are u sure u have trouble getting hard? its risen ok for me!" She then picked the bottle up and knelt in front of him. She said " just look at me Geoff,think what u have to then tell me when you're close so i can aim it into the bottle". He nodded his head and carried on masturbating. What she hadnt realised was that as she knelt down her skirt had risen up and he could see her pussy through her tights now and noticed his gaze was aimed down there. She looked down,could see it herself and asked him if that was helping? "Oh yes" said Geoff,and those he said,looking at her boobs! With that she lifted her top up,completely bareing her breasts to him. "Good god melanie" he said to her,and was now vigorously masturbating. "Are u going to cum Geoff" she asked him? Right then he leaned forward and groped one of her tits,asking her how big they were? "Geoff" she said,"i didnt say u could touch" and again he said " how big?" Melanie told him they were 38E and he really squeezed them she said. His cock was dangerously close to her face now and she said she could see it leaking and he started shaking......"Geoff,are you cumming?" and with that the first spurt of his cum hit her tongue and chin! "Wait Geoff" she said but it was too late,his thick stream of sperm was all over her tits,face and tights. she told him he was very naughty,he shouldnt of done that and was trying to scoop some semen into the bottle. He apologised to her and said he just got carried away,he hadnt cumm in years and she was so sexy he came much quicker than he thought he would. Melanie accepted his apology and went upstairs to change.While she was there Geoff quietly followed her,unkown to melanie he was still sporting a hard on. She was in the bedroom now,had removed her top and was about to remove her tights when she felt his hands on her bum. "Stop Geoff" she said,"you've had your fun now" and Geoff told her he needed to fuck her."Look at my cock Melanie,this is what you've done to me,showing me your cunt through your tights,you know what you're doing and you know you want it!" Mel told me she was speechless,admitting to me that yes she was turned on,mostly by the amount of sperm he'd spurted over her! "Geoff,seriously you should behave now" she told him but again he said"Look at it,you'll have to help me make it go down" and started rubbing her cunt thru her tights now.Mel told me she could feel her orgasm building fast and said "Ok Geoff,let me take these off" but he said "No,keep them on" and managed to rip his finger thru' them and plunge it into her hot,wet cunt.He fingered her then to the brink of orgasm then bent her over our bed and lined his cock up to her slit.In one easypush he was inside her and Melanie told me she was cumming instantly. He was gently fucking her with full thrusts and as her pleasure subsided she told him to lay down on the bed with his legs over the edge. He did as he was told and she lowered her cunt down onto his still very stiff cock and she told me she rode him for a good twenty minutes during which time he had groped her tits a lot and also ripped the hole in her tights much larger. She could feel another orgasm approaching and was really riding him hard when it hit her and at the same time she felt another thick load burst inside of her! She said she wanted to get off but couldnt,it felt so hot,naughty,bad but so good! When they'd pulled themselves together she told him he should go now and he askedif she would suck him off,just this once and then he'd go. "For gods sake Geoff"she said,"My hub only lasts once" but did as he asked. Sheknelt between his legs and his semi swollen cock stirred in her mouth.I know from experience that she is an amazing cocksucker which Geoff soon found out.Within 15 minutes he was about to cum again and warned her this time so she pulled his cock out of her mouth,rubbed her tongue under his bellend and let him shoot his sperm onto her tongue and face and some more also onto her tits and tights! Finally he dressed and left and it wasnt too long after when i came home to find what i did. After telling me this i had her put the spunk stained tights back on so i could fuck her but couldnt last very long unfortunately! I know this story is a bit long but i felt you all deserved the detail. Thanks.