Written by silver1-male

19 Jul 2010

my wife and i took in a french student who was 18 and his name was phillip we had too go to a wedding on the first saturday he arrived, he was very small for his age and he would not leave my wife always going every where she went,

my wife maggie is 42 and very good for her age looks a lot younger nice body very slim, well the wedding went well getting quite drunk as the evening went on, my wife was being pursued by phillip all night too dance with her, about 10 oclock phillip took maggie on to dance floor and after a couple of disco tunes the dj put on a slow one i could see phillip grab maggie and pull her close his hands were on her arse, she tryed too move them but he kept on until she left them there, three slow dances later maggie came back and said phillip is a dirty little boy he had a hard on pressed against me all through those slow dances,

i laughed and said he is just typical, she went of too the toilets and phillip came back and i said too him my wife thinks you are lovely and really enjoyed her dances with you. when we left too go home in the taxie i made sure i got in first leaving maggie too get in the middle, i made out i was was a sleep very quickly, as i wanted too see if phillip would try anything ,

sure enouth i could see his hand on maggies thigh her little black dress had ridden up, she was trying too stop him but he kept on untill he was carressing inside her thigh moving higher i heard my wife give a little gasp as he had found his goal, i watched as he started too rub her pussy making her gasp even more, then i saw magie reach across and rub phillips cock and after a little while she unzipped him too release his cock fully erect,

i then noticed the taxie driver had moved his mirrow and was watching maggie was now wanking phillips young cock she was getting louder as her orgasm was fast approuching and then all of a sudden phillip exploded all over my wifes dress and thighs, so things sort of stopped and she started too wippe the spunk of her dress. when we got home it got even more sexy i wll let you know more next time