Written by Husband

22 Apr 2009

I was talking to the wife this morning and she told me she was in the garden sunning, which basically meant she was topless and wearing bikini bottoms as she always does.

After an hour I was feeling quite turned on at the thought of her in the garden with just her bottoms on and tits on display for the neighbours to see.

I decided to head home and get a view of her, and on arriving home I noticed a council worked heading into the back garden of next door. Think she is having the back garden soorting next door.

Immediately I was turned on at the thought of him seeing my wife lying there, so sneaked in and went upstairs to get a better view.

Soon I could see him put his wheelbarrow down and take a few sneaky peeks as my wife was facing away from him.

He came close to the fence and got his camera phone out to take some shots the dirty bstard, but this was turning me on so much.

After about 10 mins my wife turned over to do her back when she must have noticed the guy next door, and they exchanged a nod and smile. Was my wife going to be embarrassed and cover up I thought ? No I couldn\\\'t believe it when she started to rub her tits and run her tongue over her lip. The guy was looking nervously over, and after a short time I heard my wife ask if he had a cup of tea from the woman next door ? He replied not but that he was gasping.

The guy pulled himself up over the short fence between the gardens and joined my wife who was walking back into the conservatory, still with her small tanned tits out.

I would never have believed she would be this forward and then I shat myself that she would fine me upstairs !

Curious to find out what was going on I went to the top of the stairs to hear them talking, and he introduced himself as Wayne, and the wife was asking him about his work and whether he had a girlfriend etc.

He said not but bet he did.

Next it went silent for a minute or two and I thought I could detect the odd sigh and groan. Soon my wife was making moans and asking Wayne to suck her tits. She was obviously becoming turned on because I heard her ask him to lick her which she loves, and Wayne must not have wasted any time as she was soon talking very dirty to him.

She then asked him to stick his cock in her which she loves saying even to me ! Then he must have been in her as he was asking her if it was the best cock she has had to which she replied yes.

After what seemed like 15 minutes the moaning of both got louder and he must have emptied in her as they made loud noises as both climaxed.

Thinking this was the end and stuck upstairs, I realised I had to get back to work but how could I sneak out ?

I then heard her say lets go to bed for 30 mins, and as I hid back in the back room, they came up the stairs and got into my marital bed and must have started playing again as lots of giggling etc.

They fucked again with lots of dirty talk before he headed back next door to continue his work, and allow me to make an exit.

I have checked her mobile tonight and noticed lots of saucy texts from him to her and her to him so I know this is going to contine. Just wish I could see the action.