Written by Sam

26 Sep 2016

There is a new club, well Sex Club opened in Portland. It’s become very popular. We have wanted to go but there is a list to get in so we had to wait.

Last week the invitation came through.

My wife specially dressed for the night. No bra (she doesn’t need one), no panties and the dress has a mesh window every few inches. When we got into the club, there was not much happening yet, but it being our first time at Privata, we got drinks and spent a little time exploring the Club.

We eventually settled in on the second floor, which overlooks the dance floor and has a clear view of the entrance so we could see who was coming into the club. We had planned on finding a hot guy for my wife to get naughty on the dance floor with and then fuck, maybe in one of the rooms that are visible to the other members (always fun when my wife fucks with an audience).

Eventually a song came on that she wanted to dance to and we went downstairs and hit the dance floor. I am a horrible dancer, and quite frankly, I would rather watch my wife dance than actually dance. My wife was grinding on me hard and I enjoyed pulling up her dress and flashing her pussy and ass or playing with her tits.

Her nipples were hard and poking through the material of her dress, so it was very fun to play with them on the dance floor.

There was another couple dancing nearby, and my wife loved the woman’s shoes and told her so. She loved my wife’s dress and told my wife that. After some brief chatting, the woman, Rachael, suggested that my wife dance with her boyfriend, Tony. I think Rachael planned on dancing with me, but as I suck as a dancer and I was more interested in watching my wife dance with Tony. So Rachael and I stood on the side and chatted. After all, this was about my wife being pleasured, not me.

Tony and my wife danced, making out and feeling each other up. My wife’s dress was soon up over her ass and Tony was kissing her while playing with her pussy. Rachael asked me if my wife had any interest in women, and I said although she had made out and groped with a woman on a few occasions, her experience was limited.

Rachael asked me if she would be interested in playing tonight, and I said she should go test the waters. Rachael said she would in a few minutes, but clearly Tony and my wife were enjoying each other’s company.

Rachael then joined them. My wife spent the next 10 minutes sandwiched between Rachael and Tony, her dress pulled up exposing her pussy and ass, as they both took turns kissing her and four hands explored her body.

When my wife looked over at me, she had an expression of just pure lust. They were drawing a lot of attention as I looked around and found people on the dance floor, at the bar, and in the loft above all watching them “dance” (any semblance of dancing had ended and this was pretty much groping, kissing and dry fucking at this point).

In the centre of the dance floor there is a large elevated go-go dancer cage. I notice Tony and Rachael slowly moving my wife in that direction. Another woman, clad only in lacey black lingerie was in the cage, dancing provocatively. Rachael spoke a few words to the girl in the cage and pulled my wife to her.

All three exchanged some kisses and I thought maybe this new woman would join my wife and Rachael. However, the girl in the cage vacated the cage and Rachael led my wife into the cage.

Immediately the two were all over each other, making out, and each grinding her pussy against the other’s thigh. Tony and I stood just outside the cage watching intently. After a brief time, my wife, with her dress still up over her hips, got on her knees, pushed Rachael’s panties aside, and went down on her as Rachael held herself up on the bars.

I have seen my wife play with another woman before, kissing and groping, but this was my wife’s first time eating pussy and I was mesmerized. The whole thing was surreal, my beautiful wife on her knees in an elevated cage with the whole club watching eating her first pussy. I was rock solid at this point, and looking over at Tony I know he was enjoying the show as much as I was.

I was amazed at how enthusiastically my wife took to going down on another woman. Good times. Eventually they traded places, with Rachael going down on my wife, and my wife holding herself up on the bars of the go-go cage.

Again a first for us and it was awesome.

The girls had enough of the space restrictions of the cage and again, Rachael took the lead and pulled my wife by the hand, leading her upstairs. We went to the third floor where the couple rooms were. Rachael led my wife into the biggest couple room that included a couch and three queen-sized beds. The girls fell on the bed and immediately started kissing while pulling off each other’s clothes. Soon both women were naked, kissing each other passionately, tits pressing together.

My wife at some point told Rachael how hot it made her to feel her nipples brushing against hers. Hands roamed over each other and there was a lot of grinding. Tony sat on one side of the bed watching and I sat on the other. My wife soon slid down and started eating Rachael’s pussy again, who obviously enjoyed the attention. At different times, both Tony and I played with my wife’s pussy and ass, which were prominently on display to the audience of about 10 couples who had gathered in the room to watch. I was strangely proud when my wife made Rachael shake with an orgasm due to her oral ministrations.

Rachael was ready to return the favour, and asked Tony to get undressed and fuck her from behind while she went down on my wife. While Rachael ate my wife’s pussy, I kissed my wife and played with her very hard nipples.

Tony tried to fuck Rachael from behind while she went down on my wife, but contrary to porn movies, getting the right position is harder than it would seem. The girls went back to kissing, and with Rachael laying on top of my wife. Tony then moved in and fucked Rachael properly.

My wife asked me to get undressed and join in. I hesitantly got undressed, noticing there was an audience of about 20 people just a few feet away. As they shifted positions, I noted that Tony was finger banging both women, on one each hand. My wife wanted me to fuck her from behind while she went down on Rachael again, but like Tony, I found this a difficult position.

That coupled with some performance anxiety due to a large audience made that particular position impossible, so instead I ate my wife’s pussy and ass. Eventually they shifted positions where my wife was eating Rachael while hanging over the side of the bed and I was able to fuck my wife for a while, ever conscious of the audience nearby.

This went on for a while, without me cumming due to nerves, and we decided that this would be a good time to take a break. My wife had to use the bathroom, and it was a very sexy sight seeing her walk off into the 3rd floor bar wearing only her heels. She eventually came back and slipped on her dress, but still super hot.

I chatted a bit with Rachael and Tony while my wife was in the bathroom, and then I said my goodbyes and went looking for her. We found that it was pretty late and we had an early morning, so we called it a night. I have been waiting to watch my wife explore another woman like that for about 20 years, so this was definitely a night of firsts and a night to fondly remember.

If you are ever looking for a place to explore new things and find like-minded people to do it with, I would recommend Club Privata. It was a very hot night in a very cool club and I looking forward to going back and trying some new firsts. They have group sex bed and a gang bang night coming up and it would be good to get an invite.