Written by roger

11 Dec 2017

the story I am a about to tell you happened in 1974 just a year into our marriage my wife was 19 I was 26 , being bisexual I had been visiting public toilets for sex for at least 10 years so I knew almost every one in the northwest me being a lorry driver, I had already got my wife into a little bit of flashing , she took to it like a duck to water , so when we were having sex I would tell her about the toilets and what went on in them through the hole in the wall she was fascinated and very interested , so l said to her would you like to visit one some time , she said she would but how would she get into a mans toilet in broad daylight , so l told her about one in our local park which was behind the bowling green and surrounded by trees and bushes , she said o k but can we go and have a look first , I said yes so Saturday morning about 11 a m we drove to the park and we sat on a bench just watching how many guys went in and out we sat for about forty minutes watching guys coming and going , by now I was feeling very horny as was pam , then out of the blue she said to me I bet you would love to go in there and let a guy suck you off , I just laughed but then a few minutes later she said it again and l said would you like that she said yes but l will wait here , the toilets had been quiet for about ten minutes and then a van pulled up and a guy in his thirties went in, so l left pam sitting on the bench and followed him in, there were three cubicles and four urinals the middle cubicle door was closed so l went into the end one l dropped my jeans sat down and looked through the hole in the wall , the guy was standing up wanking quite a large thick cock I put my finger through the hole to show my interest and he pushed his cock through , l licked the big red bell end and then started to suck it it was twitching and I could feel the head swelling then after only about a minute he shot his load the first lot hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it then three more it tasted lovely l swallowed every drop he didn't withdraw it so l just kept licking and sucking it until eventually it started to go down and he withdrew it , l expected him to leave but he put his finger through the hole so l stood up and pushed my very hard and throbbing cock through, it felt a warm around my cock and he started to suck me , l was standing with my stomach flat against the wall and then l felt my thrill starting to cum and l just shot my load right down his throat my legs were like jelly, it was one of the best cums l had ever had , l then withdrew and l heard him leave and then l went and rejoined pam waiting patiently on the bench . l told her all about it when we got home as we had a lovely slow fuck she came over and over as l told her all about it , on the Monday morning just after we had a shag she said she would like to see what went on in there for herself so we planned it for the next Saturday , all week l was thinking about what would we do so l asked pam did she want to go into a cubicle and have some fun she said yes she would , so Saturday came pam got up earlly had a shower and came down wearing one of her short skirts and a white blouse she lifted her skirt to reveal no knickers and pussy neatly shaved, when we got to the toilets we sat on the bench outside and l said to pam l will go and see if it is empty which it was so l waved pam over and she went into the middle cubicle and locked the door and l went into the end one , each wall had a hole in it just big enough to slide a cock through, l slid my cock through and pam started to suck me , just then l heard someone come in and enter the cubicle on the other end and shut the door pam stopped sucking me and sat down when l looked through the hole pam had taken her blouse off and was sitting there naked from the waist up her big tits looked lovely through that hole , l could see the guy in the end cubicle looking through and then he stood up and pushed his cock through pam took hold of it and started wanking him slowly , all the doors had little holes in so it was possible to look in from the urinals ,just then l heard another person come in so l looked through the hole it was the guy who l had the fun with the week before , l decided to leave my cubicle and see if he went in so l opened the door and walked out and went over to the bench and sat down for a minute , then another guy went in, so l waited a minute and then walked back in , he was looking into the middle cubicle and wanking his very large cock he was about sixty he whispered to me theres a bird in there I bent down to look through and pam was sucking one guy off and the other guy had his cock sticking through the hole and she was wanking it , l then heard a long muffled moan and the guy had cum in pams mouth , l got my cock out and the guy watching with me started sucking me off l then heard the other guy cum and that pushed me over the edge and l shot my load in the old guys mouth , pam slid the bolt back and opened the door just as l was shooting in the guys mouth , and that was just as it happened we had lots of other sexy times in different toilets around the northwest , l will post some more on here soon , roger&pam.