Written by lee sands

14 May 2016

My wife and l recently attended the wedding of a mutual friend of ours in Dublin.. My wife is 35, a very shapely size 8 with 36d tits. My wife claims she was a virgin when we met but, over the years, has developed into a very sexual person. We fantasise, when watching porn, about her acting out the scenes with someone we know who she finds attractive. This leads to great sex and arouses her no end. But she always said it would never happen in real like, until now. The wedding had been a good day and all had went well and now it was down to the fun part, the wedding party and plenty of drinking. There was a guy at the wedding called Stuart, who we had met at a previous wedding about a year ago. My wife had attended that wedding with her cousin, with me only being able to attend the night party, and the whole day Stuart had paid my wife lots of attention thinking she was single. When l arrived that night he realised she was spoken for and backed off. But later on that night, when drunk, he keep telling me how lucky l was and wished he could get a girlfriend just like her. He had developed into one of the guys we would mention when we watched porn together. However, back to the current wedding. As the drinks flowed and everyone started to get wasted, he came and sat at out table and we bought each other drinks and chatted and became quite friendly. He got my wife up for a few dances, but behaved and kept his hands to himself. Later on the 3 of us had consumed a good few shots and were very merry, at this point l decided to go and speak to the newly weds and wish them well. When l returned to our table there was no sign of Stuart or my wife so, thinking nothing of it, l went outside to get a breath of fresh air and try to sober up, and that's when l saw them, up against a wall at the side of the hotel kissing. So l stepped back into the shadows so they couldn't see me. As they kissed Stuart moved his hands down my wifes back and unto her ass, then back up her body slidding his hands round until he cupped both her breasts. I thought, she,ll stop him now, but no, she kissed him more and more passionately. He then slid his hands back down to her ass and gave her butt cheeks a good squeeze, before moving his hands down to the bottom of her dress and slidding her dress up over her hips exposing her little white thong. I could see his hand slip in between her legs and start rubbing her pussy through her thong, before disappearing down the front of her pants and unto her bare pussy. I could see her buckle with pleasure as he fingered her pussy which lm sure was soaking. I could see him fumbling with his free hand undoing his zip and taking out his cock. He then took my wifes hand and placed on his erection. She started to jerk his manhood getting faster and faster with each stroke as he continued to finger fuck her love hole. Suddenly she stopped, and to my surprise, dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck it like she hadn't had one in years. He leaned his head back in pleasure as she took the full length of his cock in her mouth. After about 5 minutes of this, she stood up and Stuart pulled down her thong, hitched up her dress over her hips and slipped his cock in and started fucking her pussy. The 2 of them were going at it like mad and were clearly enjoying every minute of it, when Stuart pulled his cock out and pointed it away from my wife, obviously he didn't want to cum all over her dress and make a mess. My Wife immediately placed her hand on his cock and started wanking him off again until he emptied his load all over the hotel wall. As they started to fix themselves up, l slipped back to the wedding party and acted as if nothing had happened. And when they returned they acted the same and we continued to party the night away. You could tell the next morning that my wife was feeling, not just hung over, but guilty as hell. She treated me like a king for about a month after that, until I confessed that l had seen everything. She was furious with me and asked if l was not angry with her. I said no, it was the horniest thing l,d ever seen in my life and would forward to it happening again.