Written by tim

17 Oct 2010

We moved to our villa in quite area near the sea in Valencia three months ago. The weather has been great so I suggested to my wife one day that we should become nudists. The following day I went into the garden and my wife who is 41 years old and called Pat was hanging out the washing in the nude she looked lovely apart from your pubic hair. I walked over to her and we kissed I put my hands on her lovely arse and work my finger into her pussy she was wet very wet. I asked her how she was so wet she replied just being nude makes me wet and the possibility of someone seeing me from the house on the hill above. I stripped of and suggested going inside to fuck but pat said. I want to screw here in the garden. What if anyone sees us i said. Fuck Them I am so horny I do not care I have never before heard Pat speak like that. I was getting very horny too so we fucked next to pool it was the best we have ever had. Lying there in the sun just fondling each other I told pat I was going to shave her pussy. NO your cunt I repeated Pat I tell was starting to get very aroused with the tone of my conversation. You mean like a sl a,Like slave girl Pat muttered. When will you do it she asked now I answered so I went indoors got the necessary kit. On my return I found Pat spred out on a lounger leg wide open. I applied the shaving cream started to shave her. She was obviously enjoying it. She looked up to me and said can I go to the nudist beach tomorrow MY MASTER your slave is so looking forward to being completely nude for you master. I finnished shave Pat and rubbed some cream to sooth her skin. We decided later to go to the village for a drink on condition Pat did not wear any underwear so Ias her master could easly fuck her on the way home. YES YES MASTER I am just your fuck slave.