Written by Dave

10 May 2008

Well a week later and we were back, a couple of guys were stood outside the toilet block, I recognised the older one with a beer belly from last time, the other one a younger stud in his early 20's. She looked hot in her red tartan mini, black fishnets, black knee length boots, low cut black top with her tits spilling out all over. She looked over and then at me, 'I'll text you when I'm ready' and off she went.

She passed the guys and went in, beer belly followed her in almost straight away, young stud lit a ciggy and smoked it before going in, I checked the time on my mobile, she must have been in there 10 minutes now, no message yet. Another 5 minutes went by, no message, so I went over, in the doorway I could hear her squeals of delight, a banging cubicle door, a guy grunting and another guy calling her a dirty slut whore.

I listened outside the cubicle for a moment, she was in there with both of them the other cubicle was empty, I pushed open the door and sat on the toilet. Halfway down the wall between the 2 cubicles was the hole, I bent down to look through, saw my wifes leg lifted up, she was sat on young stud, with her back to him, he was thrusting hard into her, beer belly was playing with her tits as she sucked his cock and squeazed his balls. I unzipped mine and started wanking it, I shoved it through the filthy hole, not knowing what was going to happen, nothing at first. Then a hand grabbed it pulling on it, wanking me, I groaned, was it her? I had no idea, then a warm wet sensation as a tongue and mouth went to work on it. I was flat to the wall pushing my whole length through finding it hard to keep balance, I gripped the top of the wall to steady myself as the sucking became more intense. I hoped it was her but I couldn't be sure, the sucking stopped and there was some shifting around next door, then a hand seemed to be guiding me, my bell end was pressed against something, it felt like her cunt, I heard her groan as it slipped in, her ass slapping the wall as we fucked through the hole.

She pulled away just as I was about to cum! I peered through she was bent down sucking young stud while beer belly fucked her from behind, pounding away inside her, his fat belly resting on her ass every so often. I poked my cock through again a hand grabbed it, started wanking shot my load and pulled out. Peered through again to see beer belly dumping his balls in her as she sucked cock, it wasn't long before she was taking a mouthful of cum, she tried to swallow it all but left loads running down his cock, she went back down cleaning it all up. Beer belly was groping her all over, squeazing her tits, rubbing his soft cock on her ass, his hand was a blur as he fingered her cunt, bent over clinging to the toilet she came, her legs shaking as she cried out.

The door opened, I zipped up, unlocked the door to find my wife getting dressed, I kissed her tasting the cum in her mouth, her tongue slipped into my mouth and I felt her pushing the cum into my mouth, I sucked on her tongue, my cock started to throb and swell as I tasted the cum, I pulled her toward me, turned her round, she bent over the sink, lifting her skirt over her ass I slammed into her cum filled cunt banging away till my balls were empty.