Written by Sexylegs62

23 May 2015

Hi all, well I thought I would tell you about the fun my wife and me have had ofer the years, I have always fantasiesed about my wife being chatted up by men, well one night we went out Dogging in kent and was sitting in the car when we was approached By some men looking in the car, so we was playing with each other for some time, and there was some cars pulling in to the lay-by, one was a bit suss so we got dressed and drove off and pulled in down the road to sort ourselves out when a car pulled up behind us, a man walked down and started talking to us through the window. After a short time we exchanged Phone numbers and got on our way. Got a call two days later to meet up for a drink, and that we did. We ended going back to his place and he started playing with my wife, and I was loving him doing the things to her that he was doing. We had a fantastic evening all three of us, and as time went on we got more and more involved in our meetings. So when I got to trust him he started taking my wife out on weekends, I love the thought of the wife going out with someone else and me waiting at home for her to report home with what had been going on. He would take her out to pubs and chat then on the way home stop and start kissing and playing with each other, and after a time they would fuck in the car and on the grass till about 01.00 in the morning then he would bring her home and drop her off, where she would tell me what she had been up to. We would fuck for ages as she would tell me of what had been going on that evening. I love the smell of my wife when she gets home after strange sex with some on.. I look forward to this sort of thing happening again soonnnnn. Nick.