Written by Civic7559

9 Jan 2009

Hey guys the story below are 2nd part of incident we had on a vacation with our friend GG.

The next morning after coming 3 times into Jessie that night, I was exhausted and told them I wanted to rest, so the girls got along their way and the whole afternoon I spend recovering my stamina, about late noon I got up and went for a shower.

I was about to go in, it seems that the girls was back and were in the shower, I got in hopping to catch them naked together. To my disappointment GG was already finished hers and was drying her hair.

She saw me and smile “rough night??” “Yes very rough” I manage to say it without bursting out laughing. “So where is Jessie??” “She went for a manicure, and will be back in an hour or so” “so why did you got back?” I asked again. “I though Jessie told you??” “I complaint to her yesterday night that I need to get a good massage, she then told me that you are one hell of a master and ask you to help me out”.

I had a hard on again, knowing Jessie had arrange this feast for me, then I told her I am going to take a shower then we starts, which she said ok. It took me few minutes to get rid of my hard on with cool water.

When I got out, GG was on the bed waiting, warping herself with a towel. I then ask her to relax and down and took off the towel. I was surprised she was wearing a thin tank top and normal panty. I then told her “In the event of this session, I might be touching you in some places and positioning you in some position that might felt embarrassing to you and if you felt uncomfortable I can stop immediately, is it alright??” I then told her I hate oils on my cloths so I strip to my boxes short.

I took out the massage table which I bring where ever I went (I am a professional massage therapist, I work with allot of pro and semi pro athletics both men and women dealing with muscle problems) The session took it course for an hour, a usual routine I gave to every one, but GG was no normal client, so I did provide something special to her.

While she was on her back “I am going to remove the top, if it is fine with you?” she didn’t hesitated and I took it off brushing pass her nipple again. While working at her back slowly towards her buttock, I knew if I am going to take advantage of this situation I need her to take off her panty.

Her butt was firm and round, without asking her I slowly pull down her panty all the way out “You do this to all your clients??” “Err… only special clients” I said. The plan took off, GG now are at my disposal, naked and with me & my hard on. The boxer I am wearing no longer hide the bulge inside and GG seems to notice it too.

With both my hands I pushed away her butt cheek reveling her ass hole, stoking, pushing (add pressure) and open up her ass hole was the few things I did for a couple of minutes, GG was moaning with pleasure. Now for the first time I can see that she had wet herself again. I stop for a minutes and told her “Now I want you to turn over, I will help you cover yourself with some towels”

“Can you look the other way, I am kind of embarrassed” I then look away knowing well that the towel will go off sooner or later. “I am going to take some more towels” After that I sat down next to her. “This is where I start to touch each and every part of your body, tell me to stop if you don’t like it ok” I said.

There was no answer, which proms me to further my advances, I then took off her towel pretending to fold it and for the first time I saw her tits and her pussy was clean shaved, it lasted only a few second and I cover GG tits with one and her lower region with the other one. I now know she will not reject me if the request is not too much.

Slowly from her stomach I move to tip of her tits massaging the rim of her tits without touching her nipple, she is now biting her lips and the moaning sounds starts again. From there I move down to her stomach to her lower region pushing away the towel little by little to reveal parts of her tits and her clean shaved camel toe. This went for a few minutes and one of her tits is already revealed and GG is not protesting.

“I am going to closed you eyes with this towel” after that I started to massage her tits slowly taking off the towel, her tits were very perky, even while laying down it remains still and her nipple was not as pinkish as Jessie but very inviting.

Then I took some oil onto my hands and it slips, pouring some onto my boxer, normally would have change to another one but I keep on with my task, now only the towel separate me from seeing GG’s pussy, without saying anything I pull clear off her and starts to massage her thighs before she protested, to my surprised she didn’t even move a finger.

Then suddenly she took off the towel covering her eyes, looking at me and smile “It is nice, can you keep on doing it to me” Smiling at me and was eyeing the bulge inside my boxer which no longer hide my cock, the tip of my cock was showing. “Hey Danny, why not take off your boxer since you don’t want it touching the oil” “And it is only fair to me, as you have seen everything”

Without saying a work, my boxer was drop to the floor, showing it to GG, I am 6 feet tall, medium build and my cock measured 6 inch and very thick on the grid. I heard a gasp sound from her.

“Can I touch it??” GG asked “It is only fair to let you” smiling at her and pushed my hips towards her face. GG now opening her mouth after stroking my cock with her both hands. I though here goes come suck my cock. “You guys having fun!!!” Jessie was back and was holding a camcorder “SMILE” she let out a laugh and did her trade mark smile…to be continue