Written by Albert Dock 8791

21 Dec 2015

Not really a follow up from earlier account of how I managed too get my wife into trying other guys for sex, however, it was very good unexpected happening so here goes.

Saturday 12/12/2015 wife had a Christmas do at a very nice Indian restaraunt in Manchesters curry mile, she is the boss at work so had to organise everything with the restaraunt for the gathering of 12 to 15 ladies with one or two men only!

She kept letting me know the owner of the place kept calling her and sending messages on her mobile so she said I bet he is going to make a pass at me on the night!!

I said I hoped he did and she allowed his advances as it would be good for me to think of her being played with with all her sexy Christmas gear on and how I would reward her when I picked her up later!!

She wore a knee length cut away down one side black silky dress with a red low v neck and plunging back to show off her petite but ample charms, I said, if doesn't try it on he is mad, as I wanted her from when she walked into the lounge to say she was ready to go. Underneath she said, I have knickers on, although string so might as well not bothered also the lady had crotch less tights on so I was very impressed when she got in the car to see a lot of leg on my side!!!!

I dropped her off with some other of her friends around 7-30 with a agreement to pick up when she calls me around twelve as she said it won't be too late as the place shuts at twelve anyway.

I thought if she would play if the guy, or for that matter any other guy chances his arm with her all night until the phone rang at 12-15, she sounded drunk and the voice was a bit muffled, turned out the owner was fingering her and sticking his fingers in her mouth to taste her juice as she tried to talk to me, I gathered something was amiss and asked her are you playing as we talk, she said yes, I have no choice, he is all over me, been like it all night, also wants me to stay later as he has a couple of friends coming to meet me, although he said to fuck me with him, I'm just being polite!!! Nervous laugh from her,she then said, he wants you to watch, will you?

I said I am on my way after agreeing to pick her up at side road to restaraunt for some reason.

When I pulled up I say why, she was stood at the open doors of a Range Rover with the owner of the restaraunt and two very much younger Asian lads, as I stopped she waved and turned to face away from me, as she did one of the lads lifted her dress to show me her arse cheeks wobbling like crazy as he was fingering my wifelike mad, as I walked towards them I saw her legs start to give way as she came and left a massive puddle underneath her as she could not stop herself squirting her juice everywhere!!

The three of them laughed as she came to me and said take me home now, talk later, they have all fucked me had my arse everything!!

I will continue later as have a urgent appointment that has just shot up!!!