Written by Phen

8 Nov 2013

It has taken my wife the best part of twenty years to confess to what really happened while I was away from home and a friend of ours called in to say he was emigrating. She has gradually told me more each time the subject came up, and to my surprise I have found it an amazing turn on. When I say he was a friend of ours, I had only met him a few times but Jane used to work at Paul's stables and saw him almost daily before we had moved away. As I said, I was away on a course when Paul had rung to say he was going to be in the area and could he call in. What happened next is how Jane has explained it.

Excited that Paul was going to call in Jane made sure the house was in good order, the guest room sorted out and a good meal prepared. She was surprised to find herself getting nervous about Paul coming round, she knew she had fancied him when in the stables, but had not given it any more thought. Now however she was going to be alone with him and realised she should make a bit of an effort to look better than she would have done in the stables. Again Jane found this surprisingly arousing, although she had no intention of acting on it but she said she was flattered he was taking the trouble to say goodbye.

Jane said they had a very pleasant evening, Paul had enjoyed the meal and between them they had a few glasses of wine before calling it a day. They headed off to their respective rooms and prepared for bed. Jane said that Paul had come in to ask her something just as she was stepping out of her dress. Left with the choice of pulling it back up or trying to be calm and not over react to his presence she continued and was as a result stood in front of him in just her knickers. At this moment the atmosphere changed and suddenly it was charged with sexual excitement. Looking her in the eye Paul closed in and before she could react he kissed her. Not a peck on the cheek, but a full on lip locking passionate kiss. Jane said her resistance melted with that kiss and she responded, returning it and pulling him to her.

Their embrace led to his hands caressing her all over, particularly her naked breasts and hard erect nipples. She said she could feel his erection pressing against her through his trousers. As they kissed he manoeuvred her towards the bed and when she felt the mattress against the back of her knees she let herself be lowered down onto the bed. Paul now standing between her thighs leaned over her and kissed his way down over her throat and boobs, pausing only to suck on her nipples before continuing down her stomach towards her knickers.

Numb with shock, anxiety and arousal Jane let him continue until he was pressing his mouth through her knickers against her pussy. She responded by pushing her hips up to meet his pressure. Parting her thighs further he brought his hands up pressing the wet material against her clit and then as her hips rolled with his thumb's movement he used his left hand to pull her knickers to the side. Jane almost fainted with pleasure as his tongue touched her naked pussy's lips and she found herself powerless to resist as he lapped and probed at her. In next to no time she was holding the back of his head in both hands and grinding her pussy against him as her orgasm built. Gasping, moaning and crying out yes, yes, yes!" Jane had a massive orgasm. The first from another man in the 7 years she had been married to me.

As her orgasm passed she pulled him up from kneeling between her thighs so he was lying on her. Kissing him passionately she reached down and rubbed his rock hard shaft through his trousers. Still kissing she undid his belt, button and zip so she could slip her hand into his boxer shorts and feel the intense heat radiating from his cock. As she gripped it she could feel the pre-cum wet and slippery against her hand.

Releasing him momentarily she quickly brought her hands up to undo his shirt and as he momentarily pushed himself up off her she pushed his trousers down. Desperate to feel his prick inside her she pulled him back down on to and into her. She said it felt really good, total passion without a single thought for consequences. Once in her Paul thrust hard and fast, with the natural strength of a horse rider. Jane felt herself cumming again as she clawed at his back and pushed her hips up to meet his thrusting hips. Paul was grunting, eyes shut tight and driving hard into her when he exploded filling her with his cum and tipping her over the edge once more.

Jane said it was a fuck like no other she had ever had, the urgency and the desperation were pure animal lust. Made even more intense by the guilt of the infidelity they were committing. Jane said after a short while Paul slipped out of her, and with hardly a word picked up his clothes and went to his own room. She thought he was probably feeling as shocked and as guilty as she was. Despite her guilt, Jane said she was so physically relaxed that she had no trouble getting to sleep with Paul's sticky cum seeping from her.

The next morning Jane got up determined to behave as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. She dressed for work and headed to Paul's room to wish him all the best in Australia and to say he should let himself out when he was done. This she managed and she was in the car when she decided to go back inside. She would give him one last kiss to say thank you but as she did so her resolve broke and one kiss became two, then three, then more. She allowed herself to settle firstly on the duvet, then she slipped under it. Pressed against his broad back she reached round to embrace him and found her hand once more closing around his hard, erection.

Her gentle strokes became firmer and faster as he rolled onto his back. With the duvet thrown back Jane had her head on his chest and was looking down his flat stomach to his rigid cock. She was instantly drawn towards it and pausing her hand she tentatively closed her mouth around him. She could still taste herself from the night before. Last night's passion fired through her as she sucked and licked Paul's cock. Fondling his balls she said they changed from the heavy and loose then started tightening as his orgasm built. He came so quickly it took her by surprise and she almost gagged as his cum shot into her mouth. She had to swallow quickly as he jerked and twitched as his spasming balls fired more and more cum into her mouth. Once he had stopped she kept him in her mouth as his prick softened.

Jane has told me she took the rest of the day off work and they spent the morning in bed together. Paul gradually stripping her of her clothes and fucking her in a variety of positions. She said he came twice more, the first time after teasing her clit to the point of orgasm he took her from behind as she knelt on the bed with her head in the pillows. Then after another rest he pulled her to the edge of the bed and kneeling between her thighs he fucked her to an orgasm before pulling out and coming over her stomach and boobs.

He eventually left in the middle of the afternoon and we got a card from him in Australia. In it he thanked Jane for such a good send off.