Written by Cuckace

1 Jan 2014

I think most men who like watching their wife being fucked by other men would say that they are totally in love with them. I know that I am. I totally love my wife, Sue and what’s not to love? She’s in her mid thirties and looks fantastic. She is a curvy size 12 with 36d breasts and a lovely peachy bum. She has beautiful, big, brown eyes and long brown hair. I think she’s sexy as hell.

I know other men find her attractive as well as I catch them looking at her all the time. I’ve always encouraged her to dress to show off her figure and whenever possible I talk her into going braless. I love watching men look at her large juggling breasts and I know the attention turns Sue on to. As after a day where she’s been noticed she always wants to fuck.

After a few years together I started to fantasise what it would be like to see Sue with another man. Then there was a drunken night when she flashed her tits at one of my friends and the fantasy started to become an obsession.

However whenever I suggested it Sue she wasn’t interested. She said that she could never cheat on me and that she didn’t want to have another man. No matter how I explained that I wanted to see it, no matter how much I said it wouldn’t be cheating she just didn’t want to do it. Or so she said.

It went on like this for a couple of years. Every now and then I bring it up but every time Sue said no. Then last Christmas we were invited to a party at a house owned by some of Sue’s workmates. It was a large house with a conservatory and plenty of bedrooms. We arrived about 10pm and the party was in full swing. Music was blaring and there were lots of people drinking and dancing. It was all my wife’s workmates and I didn’t really know anyone so I spent most of the time standing by my wife as she chatted with her friends and feeling like a spare part. We’d been there around an hour and quite a few of the guests were clearly getting quite drunk. One girl was dancing in just her bra and skirt sandwiched between two men whilst others were kissing in corners and a few were even disappearing upstairs. I was a little shocked at the behaviour of the guests but Sue just laughed it off saying that they were just letting off a bit of steam and that it was a party after all.

Then the parties host came over to us and asked if we were drinking. I wasn’t as I was driving and the host asked if I could take one of the guests home as she was worse for wear. I really didn’t want to do it but Sue said I would and a few moments later I was bundling a woman of about 20 in a very short skirt into my car. She was very drunk and she lounged in my passenger seat barely conscious and showing a lot of her long legs. I was given her address and off we went into the night. I got lost a couple of times and the drunken but rather tasty girl at the side of me was no help. Eventually though we found her flat and I had to help her up to her flat with her leaning on me as I virtually carried her.

I bundled her into her flat after having to rummage in her bag for her keys and as we got through the door she collapsed legs wide apart flashing a pair of tiny panties beneath her skirt. I picked her up and I confess I had a crafty feel of her bum as I did. Then we found her bedroom and I dropped her onto her bed. The buttons on her blouse had popped open and one of her tits was spilling out of her bra. I looked at her nipple and I thought about undressing her but then I thought better of it and locked up and pushed her keys through the door and made my way back to the party.

God knows how long I’d been but it was gone midnight when I got back. The party was if anything even wilder. Almost everyone was staggering drunk , heavy petting was happening everywhere and one couple looked like they were even fucking on one of the sofa’s as the man’s arse bucked with his jeans down to his knees and a fat woman squirmed beneath him. I couldn’t see Sue anywhere though. I searched the kitchen, lounge, conservatory and I realised that she was nowhere downstairs and a chill started to run down my spine as I realised that if she was upstairs there was only one reason.

I tentatively made my way upstairs popped my head in the first room I came to and there were a couple having sex. A skinny blond woman was in the doggy position while a naked hairy man with a beer gut fucked her. He glanced over his shoulder and looked and me and said,

“This one’s taken mate” and with that he carried on fucking the skinny blond.

As I left the room I bumped into a drunken man staggering along the corridor. I was about to apologise when he said,

“Are you looking for some pussy mate?” Then before I could even answer he said,

“End room there’s a proper slag taking on all comers. She’s just given me a fucking great blow job.”

And with that he chuckled to himself and made his way downstairs. It couldn’t be Sue could it? Not my wife I’d offered her other men and she’d said no. But I had to look. I pushed open the door and a woman was being fucked. A man was holding her legs wide apart as he rammed his cock into her cunt. There were three other men in the room. One was in the act of dressing and two others were naked but sleeping, oblivious to the woman being fucked. The man finished dressing and then noticing me said,

“Don’t worry mate, Mike will be finished and then you can fuck the bitch. I hope you have some energy though she’s already worn these fuckers out.”

And with that he left. I looked at the women her face was hidden by the man fucking her but she was a brunette like Sue. Then I glanced at the naked men one of whom had a massive dick even in its flaccid state it was very impressive. I wondered just how big it had been when fully hard. As I was musing the Mike grunted and emptied his balls into the woman beneath him and collapsed on top of her. A few seconds later he was snoring. He was a chubby guy and the woman was struggling to get out from under him. So being a gentleman I rolled him off her and looked down into Sues face.

I was angry, jealous and confused but god she looked sexy with that just fucked flush on her face. She looked back at me shock all over her face and all she could stammer was,


“Get dressed Sue if you can find your knickers we’re leaving.” And I glanced once more at the massive cock on the snoring man and wondered how much he’d enjoyed fucking my wife.

She had barely finished dressing when I took her arm and dragged her from the party. By the time we were at the car she was sobbing.

Back at home I poured myself a large drink. Sue was tired out and wanted to go to bed but I wanted information. So I sat her in a chair and told her if there was any hope for us I wanted the truth why? Who? And how many?

She explained that after I’d left she’d been chatted up by a couple of men she know from work. They’d plied her with drinks and she’d ended up kissing each one in turn. Then she had realised that each one was feeling her tits whilst the other kissed her. She admitted she’d enjoyed their attention and didn’t stop them. The next thing she knew their hands were on her naked tits inside her bra. She had wanted to stop things but said she couldn’t she was lost in pleasure. I was turned on by these revelations and I undid my trousers and took out my hard cock and started to masturbate.

“Then what?” I commanded.

She told me that before she knew it one of the men was feeling her tits while the other was fingering her and both kissed and nuzzled her.

“Then I asked them to take me upstairs” she said.

“You wanted them both to fuck you?” I asked

“Yes” she said in a quiet voice.

They had taken her upstairs and she admitted that she had sucked both their cocks and then they had taken turns to fuck her. Both men had filled her cunt with their seed.

“You didn’t tell them you’re not on the pill?” I said quietly

“No. Not in the heat of the moment” she sobbed.

“How many men came inside you tonight?” I asked

“Four in my pussy” she said

“And in your mouth?” I pushed

“Two” she said flushing bright red. I realised I was wanking hard and calmed myself down.

“Why the rest of the men? Why were you a slut for them?”

“The first two didn’t satisfy me” she said apologetically “and then the second one finished and another was inside me before I knew it. And then I just wanted more.”

“What about the guy with the massive cock did he satisfy you?” I said as I wanked hard again.

“Yes” she gasped “He made me cum and....” she hesitated

“Well” I demanded

“And he nearly choked me when he fucked my mouth....and yen I swallowed every drop of his spunk, before you ask”

“Kneel in front of me you fucking whore” I almost shouted.

She did as she was told and I ejaculated into her upturned face. I looked at her as my sperm started dripping in sticky strands from her face onto her party clothes and I know I’d never leave her.

“I love you Sue” I said

“I know” she said looking up at me covered in my sticky mess.

What happened next? Well nine months later she gave birth to a son. I’ve no idea if he’s mine or one of four random men who fucked her that night. But tonight I’m looking after him while she is taken out and fucked by one of her regular boyfriends. Later tonight she’ll come in smelling of sex and covered in another man’s seed and I’ll wank or fuck her as she tells me what she’s done. Or she’ll bring him home and fuck him while I watch. She has four regular men and any number of random encounters and I know she’s a whore but nothing turns me on like watching my whore fuck another man.