5 Jan 2018

My wife’s surprise for me.

Hi all, like every man I’ve fantasised about seeing my wife get fucked by another man and luckily she has gifted this to me a few times, as well as listening on the phone whilst she is getting fucked whilst I’m wanking furiously in my truck.

Since the birth of my youngest she has become very self conscious and doesn’t like her body and complains her boobs are too small.

Now I love her body and her tits,

Candi is 5ft 5 and 34 b tits and is normally trimmed (until I have my way and shave her completely).

Since we 1st spoke about fantasy and stuff I’ve always wanted her to go out and pull someone then tell me all about it when she gets home,

All of which she would always say I’d never cheat on you it wouldn’t be right blah blah blah lol.

Now she has a few mates that she has opened up to about our threesomes and her having a fuck buddy and some have looked at her in a disapproving way and others have said she is a lucky bitch.

Well this wonderful night started as a normal night out with her mates to a local bar then onto a club and this is what she told me happened.

In the club they had the typical youngsters trying to pull a milf and they don’t do nothing for Candi,

As she was dancing with a group of friends a woman bumps into her and Candi spins around to see who was that clumsy, the woman apologises, next to her is an old boyfriend of candi’s and he introduces the woman as Laura his wife.

He asks Candi if she would like a drink and leaves Candi and Laura talking which was when Candi dropped the bombshell that she is James ex girlfriend.

When James comes back from the bar Laura has a go at James calling him all the names going and storms off, leaving him and Candi behind.

He sits down to ask what did you say to her, Candi replies she asked how I knew you so I told her we used to go out together and Laura asked if we ever had sex so I told her yes he took my virginity and we would fuck at least twice a day.

After about 30 or 40 mins he had started to calm down and they were getting on like old times drinking and laughing,

When the club started to close they left together still talking about old times he asked if she wanted to share a taxi and Candi replied sure sounds good.

The wait for the taxi was about 25 mins and while they were waiting for the taxi he leaned in and kissed her, not tongues just a long lingering kiss on the lips.

He quickly pulled away and apologised saying he was just caught up in the moment.

Little did he know he just made her pussy soaked with 1 kiss.

In the taxi their sitting in the back together not saying anything just looking at each other and he slowly leans in again this time Candi leans forward and they start to kiss and letting their tongues touch for the 1st time in 16 years,

She rests her hand on his thigh and he takes this as an invite and starts to rub and caress her thigh through her skirt which was mid thigh in length creeping his hand higher and higher every rub.

James gets to the point and rubs his finger over the front of her soaked thong making Candi moan whilst kissing him,

She opens her legs some more allowing him further access and he slides her thong to one side and rubs his finger in between her pussy lips and up over her clit.

The taxi driver has clicked on and has adjusted his rear view mirror so he can see her pussy,

He hasn’t even slipped a finger in and already she is close to cumming and James knows she is by the moaning and heavy breathing he whispers to her ”I’ve missed making you cum” then at that point she does a loud groan and cums on his hand and squirts on the back seat.

She sits there leaning and holding onto James arm coming down from a major climax while James just sensitively rubs her outer pussy lips rubbing her juices all around them,

The taxi driver chirps up that their near the 1st drop of and James asks Candi would you like to come in and freshen up, she accepts as her skirt, thong and thighs are soaked.

Once inside he tells her the bathroom is upstairs on the left, Candi asks where Laura is and he replies probably sleeping at a mates to calm down.

Candi made her way upstairs and into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror her face flushed with what just happened,

She gets a flannel and starts to wipe her thighs and was about to wash her pussy then thinks she will leave it til she gets home to me I can lick her clean as she thought that was it for the night.

As she leaves the bathroom James is standing outside and again he apologises for what happened in the taxi and Candi tells him it’s fine and she could off stopped it if she wanted to.

James asks her does she regret it and she replies no she loved it,

With that he reaches his hand out which without even thinking she takes, he leads her to his bedroom, she sits on the edge off the bed as he unzips his jeans and drops them to the floor his cock that she loved being fucked so hard by and had exploded in her pussy countless times stood proud and hard in front of her about 6 inches from her face,

She reaches her hand out and gently grasps his cock and slides the foreskin back over his helmet and smiles when she sees the big blob off precum ooze out,(she loves licking precum but won’t taste proper cum) lol,

She pulls him by his cock and sticks her tongue out she lets the precum dribble onto her tongue.

Candi opens her mouth, lets his cock slip in between her lips as she starts to let him do the slow motions off fucking her mouth which she gropes his balls as if to massage them,

She can feel his precum leaking in her mouth making her pussy tingle with anticipation,

James tells her she is getting him close to cumming so she stops sucking and leans back to take her top off,

After she is naked waist up he lays her back, pushes her skirt up round her waist and spreads her legs,

James leans down and licks her pussy through her thong, (he used to do it when they were younger) seeing her squirm as he teased her, he reaches up with 1 hand and starts to caress and play with her tit then moving for the nipple he starts to pinch and pull on it making Candi groan out loud.

With his other hand he slips the thong to one side and licks her soaked pussy lips running his tongue up and down her defined soaked thong, then poking it hard into her clit making her jump and beg to be fucked.

He then pushes his lips over her swollen clit making the hood slide back even further and starts to suck her clit as if to give it a blowjob, and within seconds she is squirting in his mouth and over his face.

His pulls his head up while she is gasping for breath and kisses up her tummy to her tits and takes his time to lick and nibble both nipples and then kisses her hard making her taste her own juices.

With her thong stuck to one side because of Candi being sooo wet and her lips being swollen from being so turned on, the tip of his cock is resting on the outer of her pussy and Candi can feel herself lifting her hips trying to get it in her .

He looks at her deep in the eyes and slowly slides his cock into her waiting wet pussy sliding all the way in till his balls are resting on her bum cheeks making Candi grip him so hard her nails dig into his arms,

They start to move in rhythm as he pulls out she lifts waiting to feel the full penetration again “oh my fucking God “ she thinks to herself, she has missed this beautiful cock the feeling of it being gripped by her pussy walls,

It felt like it did all them years ago after their 1st time together,

He was becoming more and more vigorous with each thrust that she told him she needs to ride him.

Without even pulling his cock out they rolled over and she is leaning forward on him lifting her pussy up and down in slow strokes ( now if you’ve ever watched your wife fuck another man then you know this is the money shot seeing a cock in a pussy a pussy that is yours but is now being shared wow that’s a sight ),

Kissing her he grabs her hips and starts to lift her up and down more forcefully so Candi decided to take back control and sits up but doesn’t allow his cock to fully penetrate as if to tease him.

She looks at him sexually and slams down taking in all his length causing her to scream in pleasure and him to groan like an animal.(candi’s downside to riding a cock is it starts her off and she cums loads and quickly) which James already knew from the past,

The more she shoved down on him, as if to try to get more off his cock in her the closer she got,

She could feel her pussy start to tingle and was leaking pussy juice all over James cock and with a final hard push down her orgasm tore through her body, her pussy gripping James cock making him scream his coming as he wasn’t sure where to cum and Candi didn’t moving but just used her pussy walls to extract his cum and when she felt him erupt in her it made her orgasm last longer and seemed to be even stronger,

She collapsed on top of James feeling his cum trying to trickle out round his cock which she was very surprised it hadn’t started to go soft and she looked up at him and they started to passionately kiss while he gently rocked her on his cock,

He told her to get on all 4s which she loves it as it goes really deep he gets behind her and looks at her pussy which is gaping open and leaking cum and he lines his cock up and pushes it in and pulls it looking at his cock with his and candi’s cum covering his cock then sliding it back in but more forceful grabbing at her hips he is plunging his cock harder and deeper making Candi scream as loud as possible begging him to fuck her harder,

She can feel herself on the verge of cumming again she screams IMMMM CUMMMMMING making James pound her harder and faster as he feels her pussy contract round his cock he starts to unload for the 2nd time inside her causing her to squirt on his balls and bedding.

Candi slumps her hand into the pillow her breathing slowing down as her orgasm comes to an end with James cock still inside her pussy slowly going limp, he releases his grip on her hips and his cock falls out with a loud plop and moves my thong back in place and slumps down next to me and we lay there cuddling for what seems like hours but in reality was more like 30 minutes and he leans in and kisses her softly letting the tips of their tongues touch.

Candi then says she really has to go and sits up to get dressed and just as she finishes putting her clothes on, James mobile starts ringing and it’s his wife she is sobbing and apologising for running off and that she is on her way home,

He tells her don’t worry his home waiting for her and I start to feel a little guilty over what happened and then looked at his limp cock covered in cum and jump back to reality and think stuff it I’ve missed that cock,

I walk over to him and kiss him hard while his on the phone and he gives me that scared but evil look as I stand and say goodbye.

On her way home she is running things over in her head as to how tonight happened and how was she gonna tell me what she did,

Then as she walks through the door and up to our bedroom where I’m fast asleep she undressed apart from her thongs and climbs into bed and plays with my cock waking me up.

She says to me babes I’ve gotta tell you something please don’t be made and she starts to recall all what I’ve wrote here and at the end she asks are you mad.

My response was are you still full of cum and she said she was do I want her to go shower and I told her no I want her to suck my cock and I’ll lick her pussy clean,

She was a little taken back by that but she went to remove her thong I said no leave it where it is and she squated over my face and I could see his cum and it had gone all foamy in her thong and I started licking like a man possessed then I pulled her thong to the side and stuck my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy and wow it was like heaven to taste her and him at once.

I could feel myself close to cumming so I got her to sit on my cock but to face away so I could see what was left of their cum on my cock as it slid in and out.

Well that did it for me and I unloaded the 3rd lot of cum into her well used pussy.

We both fell asleep shortly after at about 4.30 am but I awoke at 8 to find her still asleep and as I recapped what she told me I slid down and licked her pussy clean once more and made her have a little cum whilst she slept.

It’s safe to say I’ve got the best wife ever.