Written by Paulio

8 Jun 2014

Apologies for breaking off I had to deal with something unexpectedly. I must just add at this point that this account is full of I said, she, he said quotes, as you can imagine it's difficult to recollect word for word but these are roughly accurate. Anyway back to what happened next and this brings you right up to date. So after Paul had asked her out the next stage of the plan was started, I told him that after two more visits he was to tell her that he was being moved to cover a different area and that he probably wouldn't see her again, in the meantime I teased her about her 'boyfriend' and to be fair she took it in good heart, I think the attention had really boosted her ego. Paul called me on the second Wednesday and said he had told her, I asked her reaction and he said she looked really sad and actually looked a bit emotional. That night she arrived home, she was certainly a bit quiet, "is there something wrong love?" I asked, "oh no, not really it's just that Paul told me today he wouldn't be visiting again as he was being moved to a new area, I just felt a bit sad you know joking apart he is really nice" "bloody hell" I said dramatically, "you've blown the chance of a threesome, I had high hopes for him" I said jokingly, "well if I ever did do anything like that he would be the sort of person I'd do it with" she replied, this was music to my ears! after years of 'no' we now had an 'if'. The following day I called Paul and told him what she had said, I told him that in a couple of weeks it was Karen's birthday and that I was going to arrange a night away at a nice hotel in Leeds not far from where Paul lived, and she could do some present shopping. The next part of the plan was arranged over the next few days, on day one we would go shopping, eat out at teatime and then return to the hotel, get ready and hit the town...except if all went to plan we wouldn't get any further than the hotel bar.

I told her about the trip the week before and she seemed excited and it lifted her mood as she was a bit glum after the Paul news. The day came and away we went, out shopping spoiled her rotten, and myself as she bought a sexy black lace bodystocking with an open crotch, out for tea, back to the hotel, bathed, changed and down to the bar. She looked stunning in her new dress, made up, hair done, gorgeous. I got the drinks and we sat in a quiet corner chatting, suddenly she said in a high voice "Paul", "what, what" I said looking startled, "not you, him" she said, as I looked over and saw Paul striding towards us, she stood and they greeted with a handshake and a kiss on each cheek, "Paul this is Paul and Paul this is Paul" we shook hands, all laughed and sat down, "What are you doing here?" he said, she told him about her birthday treat, "What about you Paul why are you in here?" she asked, "Well it's a bit embarrassing really, I'm supposed to be out on a first date, we were meeting in here and she's just text to blow me out" he said convincingly, "Aw what a shame the stupid woman! you stay and have a drink with us" she said, "No, no I don't want to impose" he replied, "Nonsense, I insist" I said, "Ok well let me get us all a drink" Paul said, "What are you having?" we gave him our requests and off he went. "Bless him, poor bloke and he's so nice too" she said. I paused for a minute, "Well dear, you could turn his bad night into a good night", "How's that?" she replied, I bit the bullet, months of meticulous planning hinged on this moment, I leaned across and whispered in her ear, "You thought you wouldn't see him again, you said if you did ever have a threesome it would be with someone like him, let him fuck you" I said, she looked at me and stared eyes wide, but said nothing, which was strange, but I got the vibe that she was up for this. Paul returned and we chatted and chatted drinking several rounds, a couple of hours past and I said, "So, you were going to ask my missus out then", Paul said "Yea, am sorry about that but you know, well look at her wouldn't you have been the same if you were in my shoes", Karen was blushing now as well as looking a bit flushed from the alcohol, I leaned over and said quietly "Well tonight is your lucky night because I'm going to let you fuck her", Paul put on his best surprised look and a crimson Karen grabbed her bag and bolted, "I'm just off to the ladies", she said as she scurried off, me and Paul laughed loudly. "What do you think?" he said, "She's up for it, I can tell" I replied, Paul got up to go to the bar as Karen returned, "Where's Paul, what did he say when I went? I could hardly walk my legs were like jelly" she said, "He's gone for some drinks, and he said he'd really love to fuck you, if you wanted to", I replied. "Ok, you only live once" she said, I looked at her and grinned, she smiled back almost shyly, "Why don't you go up to the room and put on that sexy little number you bought today, I'll get a few more drinks with Paul and we'll be up in ten", she got up and went to leave, but paused and looked at me, "You sure about this?" she said, "Oh yes" I replied, she pursed her lips at me with a grin and left.

I went to Paul at the bar, "Lets get a couple more rounds and a tray, she's gone up, this is going to happen", I said, "Sweet" he replied. We made our way up, I opened the door and we went in, the bathroom door was closed, "We're here bearing drinks" I shouted, "Ok won't be a minute" Karen said from behind the door, Paul put the tray on the table and we sat on the sofa kicking our shoes off. We sat with a drink in hand looking at each other expectantly, with that the door opened and she emerged, "Wow, what a sight", Paul said, I had to agree, there she was in the figure hugging bodystocking, her big boobs could be seen through it, she had her high heels on, and had tidied her make up and hair, oh and she had a lace fronted black thong covering the crotchless opening to the front.

"Is there a drink for me then?" she said, Paul passed her a drink, "You can have anything you want tonight", he said, she stood there and in two gulps downed a Bacardi and coke, she put the glass down, "Right, if I can have anything I want tonight I'll have a kiss then", she said, Paul stood up, in her heels she was about his height, they moved together, embraced and kissed, now this was a very odd feeling seeing this for the first time, and I would be interested to hear comments from those who have experience of it, but overwhelmingly it was a feeling of being turned on as my cock immediately hardened. They stood kissing, Paul's hands squeezing her arse cheeks, hers moving slowly up and down his back, his hands moved to her boobs and he popped them over the low cleavage and started to fondle them, her nipples were like bullets, she sort of staggered back the few feet to the bed and dropped to sit on the edge of it her hands finding their way to the front of Paul's trousers, she paused a little rubbing his cock through the material, I could see the shape as she traced up and down with both hands, she undid the button and fly and they slid down his legs onto the floor closely followed by his boxers, 'fuck' she whispered as the full extent of his cock emerged, it was all of a good 2-3 inches longer than mine and as thick as fuck! Beneath hung a pair of large heavy looking balls, though Paul is of mixed race and fairly light skinned his tackle seemed quite dark, at this point I had dispensed with my trousers as my cock was throbbing hard, she bobbed her head down and started to lick and suck his cock, wanking the shaft with one hand and cupping and massaging his balls with the other, his head lolled back and he moaned in approval. I sat watching this amazing show for a few minutes, Karen shifted from sitting on the edge of the bed to kneeling on the bed with her arse up in the air, I got up and walked over and as I put my hand to her arse she kind of 'flopped over' onto one side as if to deny any access to getting her pants off, although she didn't break away from Pauls helmet that was well in her mouth. "Up" I said, tapping her side, which she slowly did, I tugged the thong down to her knees and pushed my hand between her cheeks sliding a finger into her slit from behind, she was dripping wet, "Lie on your back" I said taking control as she did I slid the thong off one leg leaving it hanging round the top of her other shoe, I find that kinda sexy! Her knees were up and together as if still wanting to resist what was about to happen, Paul was still at the edge of the bed with his cock stuck out in front looking ready for action, now naked as he had discarded his shirt, I took hold of each of Karen's legs just above the knee and parted them, this she allowed easily, exposing her neatly trimmed bush and her glistening labia, "Fuck her" I said as Paul knelt on the bed and positioned himself between her thighs, he leaned forward a hand to her side supporting his weight and the other holding his cock and rubbing his helmet up and down her lips parting them, she was trembling and moaning as Paul pushed his cock into her "Oh, ah ah ah" she moaned as he started to thrust into her, I moved around to look from the rear, what a sight! He was thrusting in and out up to the hilt in her, her lips stretching round his shaft, his heavy balls slapping against her arse cheeks, the whole area wet and shiny, with that a loud scream as she orgasmed and that triggered Paul as he held himself balls deep grunting as those big balls emptied their load into my wife her legs now wrapped around the small of his back, I watched closely as the span between his cock and balls pulsed as the cum was being pumped into Karen, then stillness as he flopped onto her, the silence only broken by their subsiding panting. After a couple of minutes Paul knelt lifting himself off her his soft but still substantial cock sliding out of her vagina followed by a creamy stream which flowed down the crack of her arse. He lay beside her on the bed, as soon as he had vacated I mounted her, I slid my cock into the warm creamy mush and shot as soon as it was up her, she gave a little moan, embracing and kissing me passionately, "This is the best birthday ever" she said, smiling from ear to ear.

For the next three or four hours we fucked Karen in ever position imaginable, with her coming multiple times and us another twice each. We woke the next morning and showered separately, all freshened up we got back on the bed and pumped another load each into her, her pussy was looking very raw by then though.

We said our goodbyes and exchanged contact details with Paul, as if I didn't know already! On the way home Karen slept the whole journey, and that night we discussed what had happened, she said she couldn't believe how we had bumped into him and what had unfolded, I asked her what it had been like taking another mans much bigger cock, she said it felt good and she could feel his cum really strongly when he came in her, but reassuringly she said "I wouldn't swap for yours though, it's just nice now and again", "Now and again?" I said, "So you want more?!" "Well we have got his number, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity, that's if it's ok with you" she said, "Oh it's ok with me, I'll call him tomorrow" I replied. Which I did, I asked him if he had had a good night, he said it was great and would really like to repeat it, Paul is coming to stay over next week, I wonder what that will bring?