Written by Albert dock8791

8 Dec 2015

This all started a couple of years ago when I decided I wanted to watch my wife being screwed and taken hard by another man. Whilst having the thought for a number of years I have never tried to arrange anything knowing it would be a waste of time as my wife does not show any interest in swinging lifestyle at all, all was to change!!

I joined another web site as a couple and awaited any requests to meet and looked at potential guys who I felt were suitable for the task!!

I approached an ex soldier fit as a flee and not far off our ages, although 10 years younger, we are both 58. My wife is 5" 2" brunette size 10/12 with very ample breasts 36cc she has a very narrow back so she is all front end!!!

The gent agreed it would be a long process and agreed to try his luck at several pre arranged meetings, the first being at a hotel we go to in Harrogate which has a spa inside with sauna steam room and a hot tub.

We met as agreed without the wifes knowledge just stating a conversation and things went well as he made plenty of comments about my wife and how sexy she looked and how he wished she was with him, he even tried touching her legs above the knee, however, she got a little freaked at that and left the sauna to go into the steam room, looking at me with an amazed look on her face that another man would try it on with her in front of me!!!!

I let the guy, T follow her into the steam room and went in a couple of minutes later, she was right in the corner with her legs up to her chest, ha ha, he had tried to touch her higher up and told me later he had felt her tits and said. He would love to make love to her then apologised saying she is beautiful and she should enjoy herself!!!

T then left us after saying he would meet us in the local weatherspoons later that night if it was ok, my wife said yes straight away so that was a big plus!! When he left she told me what he had done, and that she felt odd as it turned her on but she also knew she would not allow him to do a thin to her!

We met again in the pub where he continued to touch and try and get my wife to allow him to go further, she would not allow this and we returned to the hotel leaving T as he went off to his hotel, not before grabbing her, kissing her and grabbing her arse in front of me saying u are one sexy woman and God I want you!!

We met again at our house where he had fun with her but not getting her to play just touching her tits, arse and kissing her, she was annoyed at me leaving the room a lot!!!

I kept on at her that T really liked her and I would love her to have fun with him if she wanted it. She reluctantly, her words!! Agreed to meet at the hotel in Harrogate and this was the first experience of her having another man other than me since 1978!!

She agreed that she would meet and have sex but it had to be alone as she could not face having sex in front of me with T.

He told me later after that she was very nervous to start with but he soon had her sucking his large manhood and fucked her hard as she likes it for around one and a half hours whilst I was in the spa!!!

He said he could do as he wanted with her and she got so wet as he started to finger her, he said she enjoyed it and that he wanted her again as she was the hardest fuck he had had and he wanted to make her pay!

I went to the room where she was on the bed naked, and she looked like she had been well and truly fucked senseless, she was full with his cum and her pussy was soaking wet, and very open, she said he has a massive cock, about 50% bigger than me and a lot fatter, I'm regulation 6inch so I gathered he was around 9inches, which I later saw at the next meet, and I then knew at that meet she was hooked as he fucked her senseless in front of me, told her to come on his cock which she did every time she was told, he made her squirt as I had never seen before to that extent, he had total control of my wife and she enjoys every meet she has had with him.

She has bought loads of sexy gear and wears it for him as he says, he has fucked her at a well known services near Manchester on the M61 a motel which is well known as a meeting point for this!! For that meet she had full basque stockings six inch heels on, she messaged us to go to the room a she was ready for action, God she was a slut, my married butter wouldn't melt lady wife was now a wanton slut for this guy.

To date, last meet August this year, she has seen her fuck buddy around a dozen times, usually every three months, so we're due one soon!!! She has had a couple of other meets of the site and has been fucked by one other guy to date, she is due to meet a new guy soon and that should be good as he is bigger again then her FB and will fuck her harder still as he has had verifications to that end on his profile.

I do get the rewards seeing the wife fucked good, as she would say"getting what she needs" I take pictures videos and then join in, so I have no complaints plus she is also a wanton anal lover now, and she swallows cum like it is going out of service, so some plus points!!!

How she found out about the site and what it was all about is another, boring story, all that needs to be said, is that she now loves other cock and long may that continue!!!! Keep you posted on forthcoming meets ?