Written by Jason

13 Mar 2015

My 40 year old wife has been playing with her fuck buddy (FB) for some time now. She is 5'10, size 8, light brown bobbed hair, great arse, large cunt (three children), likes anal every now and then and at 40 she is a horny slut. She is quite plain and for some reason gets off on being a proper slut every now and then with other men when the mood takes her (I do encourage her). We have been together for about 15 years and in that time she has never let me cum in her mouth, never mind swallowing my cum. She told me she swallowed her first boyfriends cum regularly when she was young and used to swallow her partners cum when they lived together before me but I think that was to try to get his attention (idiot). Anyway we had a naughty weekend away and I was pestering her for more details about her antics with her FB and asking her "there must be some details you've not told me?" She turned to me and said "actually there is something!" Very eagerly I said "what". She replied "you know when I told you the other week when FB had popped in on the off chance of a fuck, but I just sucked him off for 30 seconds and sent him packing?" "Yes I remember" I replied (I remember everything!) She then said "it didn't quiet end like I told you. I was on my knees in the lounge giving him a blow job, massaging his bollocks and wanking his 8 1/2" cock into my mouth, well after five minutes of this he said I'm gona cum, where do you want it!" I said "well what did you say to him?" My wife replied "nothing, I just kept wanking and sucking his cock as he erupted in my mouth, I then swallowed his load without spilling a drop, cleaned up his cock so his wife wouldn't notice, stood up, gave him a snog with tongues and sent him packing". I have been wanking over this episode most days since. When she is giving me a blow job I regularly ask her for if I can cum in her mouth, her reply "no, you don't meet the criteria!" Secretly I like the fact that she doesn't let me.